Monday, September 30, 2013

On a Happy Cloud

              Firstly, before I bore I bore you into brain mush, with yet another review, I am going to meet TAVI GEVINSON tomorrow!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Tavi is from Oak Park Il, right outside Chicago ( where I live) and she's having a book signing and Q&A thingy. I can't wait to read the book (600+ times), and meet other fashion nerds! I will totally have tons of pics and stuff, and I just got the most fabulouis (one direction humor) sweater EVER. Like, if you thought my tropical fish one was good, you have no idea. Anyways, I have more reviews to get to. Some of the really popular shows, like Givenchy or Balenciaga, I won't be reviewing, just because their so boring and I don't want to post ''Ew another gray jacket'' over and over. Well, did that serve as a good review? I guess. Well, now I will review Yves Saint Laurent:
           Boring, boring, then look 11. A simple hot pink sparkly dress with a well designed flair. Dance party! Look 13 reminded me a little too much of a Lisa Frank folder. Pink stripes...with cheetah/tiger print? Ick. Some of these sheer pieces were so irritating. Like, it's gone past the immodest point, and into unoriginal territory. Can we please start making some CLOTHES for once? 18's fire print top was too much like a deer hunting print that would be on one of those hideous orange hats.
         Once thing I absolutely loved about this collection was the shoes! Kitten heels, with glossy black or red colors, and a little bow tie at the tip. Very Dorothy-meets-Vara. Look 20 was from Wet Seal bargain rack. 26's jacket was one of the very few looks in this collection that I really liked. A glittery mix of gold and silver. Kind of Marc Jacobs. So many of these looks were just so boring. I mean, compared to greats like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen... geez. The runway show wasn't exciting at ALL, and everything was just monotonous sameness. And badly made prom dresses are not stylish! 42 was my favorite, a short black single strap dress, with the single strap being a gigantic layered fluffy tulle thingy. I loved it.
         This was probably the worst look of Paris Fashion week. Aside from 42, everything was so unoriginal, boring, bland, just dumb.


  1. jealous of you meeting Tavi, love her!

  2. You're so lucky to be meeting Tavi! please post about it!