Thursday, September 19, 2013

McQ Alexander McQueen spring 2014

                    McQ is the ready to wear version of Alexander McQueen. Think Marc by Marc Jacobs, that sort of thing. Still very well made, but not couture. McQueen couture is out of the best dream you could ever have, but McQ has never really been all that exciting. It did get a little more exciting with this collection, surprisingly.
                The first few looks were boring. 4 had a creepy vampire/zombie comic book rabbit on it. Not my style. When we finally hit 10, things get interesting. The pattern of the pants and skirt reminded me of 70's church windows. 11's printed jumpsuit was a perfect homage of something you could truly see McQueen himself designing. Wild yet subtle, a perfect melding of animal print and color. Unfortunately, there are only 13 looks in this collection ;(((( Paris Fashion week is coming super soon, so hopefully I'll have tons of McQueen COUTURE to review for you all.

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