Friday, February 28, 2014

Lanvin Fall 2014

                         Yay Paris Fashion Week! The fact that there is a new Dior collection floating around that I have yet to see is literally painful. But I haven't had too much time to review, considering that my 16th birthday was this past wednesday and I have no lack of homework to complete! But I'll start with Lanvin, one of my favorites.
                        Look 1 was too wide. It looked like a Chewbacka jacket. 2 was shaggy but really pretty, with an almost Chanel look. It was so stylish and fashionable, but it was still relaxed with it's lopsided look. And the shade was an almost pale black? I don't know how to describe it. But it worked! 3's skirt looked a little torn, and the jacket had too many ruffled lines. 5 was, again, looking torn up. The plaid/hounds tooth print wasn't that exciting either. 6 was so sloppy! The neck line looked stretched, and it looked old,  not in a vintage way; more like a dry clean only outfit that came out of a normal washer. I don't think 8 took much thought. It was basically a black sheet put around the model. With a belt. I liked 10. Very stylish; I loved the shimmery black look. The folds in the skirt almost looked like fringe, and reminded me of Proenza Schouler. 12's fur was typical, and let's face it, too much fur! How much more silver tinged fur does the world need?
                       15 was a depressing filler piece. Black dress. Very long. Yay. On the other hand, 17 was a simple gray/army green fall coat. The small half mini cape gave it that designer touch. It also had shape, which this collection has not had much of, at least so far. 20's satin was baggy (and certainly not flattering), although the little white circular details were really cute and unique. Many of these looks had way too much fur, or just fur in the wrong places. Right down the middle? Across the middle? Or like in 27, where the fur pops out of the chest in silver, and then brown fur across the collar and down the sleeves? It just looks awkward and strange. 30 didn't have any fur, but was boring. It looked like it was buttoned in the wrong places, with no shape. I know clothes can be artfully ''messy'' or ''ripped''. But this didn't seem Comme des Garcons esque, McQueen esque, or anything. It just looked bad. I didn't see the point of making it look lazy, in the way I do see the point of making flowers on a McQueen dress look slightly wilted.
                        31-35 were these terrible shirts, skirts, and dresses that were silky, but unflatteringly shapeless in probably the worst way possible. 36 was nice, though, with it's simple black and white floral/vine print. I loved how it came together almost like a jacket, very long but then coming together at the side in an upward sweep. 37 had a pretty black and white paisley print. The way the shorter skirt twisted into the top part at the waist gave it a  perfect shape. 40 and 41 had awkward pops of puffy fringe at the middle. 43 was definitely my favorite look; It had everything I love in a dress: shine, sparkle, fluff, rich color, and shape. It was a gorgeous, super dark blue, and feathery dress. Very Lanvin, with it's dark shade and shine. I also loved how this outfit contrasted with the sparse lighting on the runway. It really brought out the dress's merits. 44 was all fringe, so it looked like a costume. 47 was another beautiful look. Darker blue mini dress, with uneven fringe in dark blue, light blue, and gray. Unique and artistic. The last look, 48, was an army green shirt and skirt pair, with dark and salmon pink fringe on the top, and dark blue fringe on the sleeve. The same dark blue was on the skirt's fringe. I definitely liked other looks better than this one, but it was a good finish.
                     This collection was not the best, and the biggest problems were the misplaced fur, damaged looking satin looks, and filler. But 43 was so beautiful!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 Review

                    Part of the reason I am so excited for this review is because my city, Chicago, is getting a Dolce & Gabbana store soon! How cool will it be to see the stuff in these collections, in person? Super cool, my friend! And this collection looks pretty interesting, so let's get started!
                Look 1 was a maroon poncho with felt-like floral patches, and one apple at the top. How much more fall can you get, with an apple? The silvery black snood was perfect for the weather. I could actually imagine feeling warm in this outfit, which is unusual for fashion collections nowadays. 2 was more of an early fall dress, dark black with Andy Warhol-style flowers. 3 was even better, with the Little Red Ridinghood cape, also with a woodland scene on the front. Beautifully designed, artistic, and so ''fall'' it hurts. In a good way. 6 was way too furry for me. The shade of red was gorgeous, but the brown fur on the pockets was  odd. It doesn't have to be super artsy in order to be beautiful. Super artsy is a great way to go a lot of the time, but not always. 7 looked cheap. Gray (my least favorite color, at least in these recent fashion month collections), with... keys? Seriously? No thought went into this.
           Until 12, it was more keys and filler. 12 had a slight artistic lean, but it was too revealing, which for this season goes beyond any personal preference. It's cold, to put it plainly. 14 was the worst of the key looks. It reminded me of an Ed Hardy shirt! The keys, the flowers, the white squiggleys... And the colors were too dark. It also looked like a scrap booking table at Michael's. 17 was much different; it wasn't the world's most ''fall'' look, but it was so beautiful and free. Light blue maxi dress, with lush pink roses. I think it's more of an end of summer look, very September. 18 was the final product of the scrap booking table; far too childish, and this is coming from someone who loved the spongebob and McDonald's themed Moschino collections (only a few I didn't prefer).21's patches were out of place; Very out of place. 27's patches didn't work either, and many of the looks since 21 were filler. Why make a collection with 70+ pieces and put in so much filler? You could easily have a 30, maybe even 40 piece collection (the usual size, I may add) if you subtract the filler. 28 was much different; very beautiful, with it's purple fur, gold, and jewels. Regal, but not necessarily baroque. 34 was plain and a complete copy of the red suit in the last Dior ready to wear collection, despite being black. That's how similar the shape was.
               I loved 38; Marc Jacobs-style metal sparkle, with velvety flowers in brown, yellow, white, and red. The coats in this collection have been perfect for fall so far! 42 was just depressing. You can't even give your filler buttons? At least give us some buttons! 43 was another look with way too much going on, and the gray, white, and black resembled sludge. Sludge, with little keys scattered around. Like a bad windbreaker pattern. 45's patched flowers, again, out of place.48 was way too scrapbook. Say no to scrapbook! 52 was pure Medieval costume, with the metallic snood. Costumes are not outfits. I love costumes, but not in shows of outfits. 58 was a bit Medieval themed as well, but like an outfit also. The red, sheer-ish shade was beautiful, and the corseted waist accentuated the curves wonderfully. High fashion but peasant style. 62 was a definite favorite, with the chick yellow, brown branches, and pink blossoms. The shorter length of the dress was very 60's, and perfect for those days when summer break is over, but not necessarily the warm weather.
                 I thought 65's collar was too dramatic and sharp. 67 had the corseted waist of 58, but in aquamarine. I didn't like this one because the skirt was too restrictive. 58 was free flowing, and this was more like a wrap. 70, the last, was also the best. A fitted top billows out into a deep, lush red dress of owls, branches, and flowers. It also had a cape, which enhanced the gorgeous drama even more. Beautiful pieces like the last one made this collection special, but so much filler, keys (oh how I detest those hideous keys!) and childish scrapbook style patches made it quite tedious to sort through.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prada Fall 2014 Review

                       Has anyone recovered from the awesomeness of the last Prada collection? No? Well this collection is also pretty good. The first few looks weren't super exciting, and the black jackets were too big and bulky. But later on there was a ton of lush colors.
                    8 was when the looks started getting interesting; a black sheer dress, with another dress underneath; and orange fuzz lining  around the dress and pockets. Perfect detailing. 9 was a too-bulky look, and the fuzzy lining was overbearing. 11's dark blue color didn't work with the yellow and white fur; it came across as dirty to me? But 12 was super cool, and the red and yellow reminded me of last collection. Very artsy, very Prada. 13 was filler. I loved 14's print. It was yellow and black, in a futuristic/art deco print. Very 20's. 15's dress had the same print, but in red and black, and was equally delightful. Red and black is a perfect combo. I once had red and black braces. But the sweater's neckline was so low, that it looked stretched out, and not on purpose. Which, um, it actually was. Look 17 reminded me of some of the dresses from the last Miu Miu collection, with the long neckline illusion. The combo of the futuristic/art deco print (in black and white), and black and green satin at the top went together so well.
                       18's jacket was really boring, and not at all ''fall'', contrasting with the previous looks. It reminded me of a bubbly-print shower curtain. 20 seemed a little artistic, but the way it's only sheer at the waist? Dumb. Why do we need to see someone's under wear? Very childish. 21 was almost worse; if you look up ''fashion show filler'' in the dictionary, this plain, boring, horrific, bulky, bland gray coat would come up. 22's jacket, again, bulky. 23 was yet more filler, and 24's sweater was super slouchy. Overstretched necklines do not look good! 27 on the other hand was a perfect fall look. Brown, fuzzy fur around the edges with red, orange, and black scalloped prints. Very 60's, and perfect for it's season.
                          The next few looks were too Lisa Frank, and, ugh, MORE FILLER IN 30! Men's clothes in a women's wear collection is the worst kind of filler. Until 36 it's really just shower curtain prints and menswear. But 36's jacket was another perfect fall look, like 27. Light brown and black futuristic print. The brown was just the right mix of dark and light to not veer too far from ''fall.'' I liked 41 as a museum piece. As a piece of clothing by itself it's pretty cool, but it was too costume to be an everyday, or even party outfit. 42 was an annoying revealing look, and the red lines and black color were boring. 45, by far, was the worst look. Who needs to see your full frontal underwear and stomach in public? And how is this beautiful? The point of fashion week, Bergdorf's, all these innumerable style clothes, right? Or is it one big ''how revealing can you go?'' contest? I know a lot of people try to make some artsy/political argument about these clothes, claiming their liberating (you need help if your ONLY source of empowerment is revealing clothes),  but these looks aren't clothes. Their pieces of fabric connected together. And with many brands that are designed by men (not Prada) it's men who think they know what women want, or just make clothes men want. Isn't it crafty how ''liberation'' can become a veil for exploitation?
                  47 was horrendous for a different reason; it looked like a shopping bag! The sleeves were the handles, and the dress was a big, baggy bag with a too-wide top. Completely un-elegant. 49's dress under the jacket looked interesting, with the light orange and pink fur, but I couldn't see it. The rest were bulky jackets and sheer dresses. I loved the futuristic/art deco prints of this collection. I also loved how excellently ''fall'' many of the looks were. But it was not perfect.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Moschino Fall 2014

             Moschino is, like, the best, 'kay? I am serious though. The blend of street style, high fashion, and just crazy outfits is incredible. The main (and quite obvious reference) of this collection is definitely junk food, in all it's various forms. The references are subtle references... but the M on the back? Not so much. But a brand like Moschino doesn't have one subtle bone in it's body, and  there's nothing wrong with that!
                 1 is a very ''super classic'' Chanel-like look, but in, yes, McDonald's colors. The colors pop out so much, which is probably why Ronald's advertisers have used it for so long. 2 isn't super Mickey D's, but had a more Versace 80's look. 3 was the most obvious McDonald's outfit, with it's heart shaped yellow M and bright red top and skirt. I don't really mind such obvious references, because the colors are perfect and I hate McDonald's, so if they complain about copyright they can shove it. And these looks are so stylish! 5 was another very Chanel look with the yellow and red. 6's cow dress wasn't so great, and the jacket seemed to be just a Chanel copy without the red and yellow. But on the back the words ''DRINK MOSCHINO'' were printed. <3 LOVE <3 Food themes are the best themes. 8 wasn't so fantastic, but I seriously want that purse. 9 had a cool, almost Gaultier feel with the printed words around the jacket and at the bottom of the skirt.
                     After 9, so many of the looks were weird rapper outfits, 90's Chanel looks, fake denim, and plastic coats. One of the most heinous ones was literally just a big white fur coat. 31's purses were super cool, especially with the bumble bee color polka  dots. And everyone loves Spongebob! But with 32, I mean... everyone loves Spongebob, but not necessarily Claire's sweaters? It just looked very cheap. 33's coat looked like pure, tacky plastic. But the leggings were fantastic. Polka dots, again: FABULOUS! 34 was a very annoying filler piece. 38 was a beautiful, regal red and white dress made of liquor ad prints. It was very couture to me, despite being ready to wear. Could you imagine how incredible Moschino couture would be? 40 was a favorite. The folds, colors, and structure were done so well that you almost don't realize the fabric is a fruit loops ad! 42 was even better! Lemon candy yellow with gummy bears! The cape in the back just increased the perfection. I can tell Katy Perry will be wearing this soon!
                          43 looked too much like a food add, and the brownish orange colors were kind of ugly, almost like dog food. 44's cape(?) had the prettiest orange, white, and blue shade; and the whole ''back of the box'' view was really cool. 46 wasn't a favorite. Again, the colors in the advertisement just didn't work. Too much like an advertisement. It didn't have that artistic element. The last look, 48, was one of the best of the collection. A white, billowing wedding dress covered in Nutrition Facts. As with the bests of the collection, the prints weren't overpowering, and didn't hide the dress. It looked like a dress, not a food chart. This collection had such a fun theme, the colors were lush, and the beautiful looks certainly dominated the boring.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meadham Kirchoff Fall 2014

                     Colors, circus, stripes..these are the themes of the latest Meadham Kirchoff collection. A few times they have strayed away from their colorful smiley faces, hearts, and checkers, but this collection brought back the fun spirit of this label.
                   Look 1 was very stylish. A classic Chanel-like jacket, beautiful pale pink top... and the dress's skirt was cute too. 2 wasn't that exciting, but the shoes were incredible. Glossy rainbow colors stacked on top of each other with one blue bow at the bottom. So fun! I'd love to wear it with my Hudson Bay coat. 3's jacket was too much like a night robe. The color was pretty, but it was usual. 4 was just perfection; A skirt and jacket combo, in red and yellow checker print. I loved how the jacket got a little snug at the middle. 5 was a bit strange to me. Why do we need a sheer top...if we already have a normal top underneath? And the skirt was just a white skirt. Yay. 8 looked so sloppy! Blah! I can get white footie pajamas without the feet anywhere! I couldn't imagine wearing this out in public. 10 on the other hand was perfection; Dark purple and dark pink, in a skirt and jacket combo. Unusual tweed colors are the spice of life! The shirt was a perfect shade of pink too. 11 was just horrendous. It kind of makes me sick that such an ugly outfit can cost so much. Why would I want a purple jacket and skirt that's meant to look likes its 12 sizes too big for me?
                      Look 13 had a very bohemian look. The grape purple top was gorgeous; the sleeves were especially shiny and lacy. The black part took up a lot of the outfit, but it made the purple pop out even more.I didn't really understand 15... a veil, and then a huge black tent? 16 was pretty ugly. It wasn't cat print, or paisley, or anything really. Just shiny/mesh/sheer/weirdness. 17 was much different; it was so glossy and glamorous, and had subtle leopard prints. It flowed beautifully, like liquid medal. 18 was rather odd; I hated the top (sheer!) but I loved the pants. My bell bottom Lee's are incredible, though certainly not THIS wide. If the pants came separately, I would love it. 19 was a pretty, understated slip dress. Black velvet, with gold lining the bottom and detailing the top. The gold reminded me of moss.
                     23 was so beautiful. Pale pink is the greatest color for sheer-ish fabrics (along with red omg). This dress was very ballet-meets-Rochas. 24's skirt was too metallic for me, but that shirt! I adored the 3-D flowers on the sleeves. This is some of the best detailing I have ever seen. A perfect peasant-style fall look. 25 was just a ridiculously inappropriate wedding dress. 26 was the complete opposite; A ridiculously unique, beautiful, fun, PERFECT wedding dress (and veil!). Flow, soft pink lace, pants under skirt, gothic...this had everything needed for a dramatic, incredible dress. One of my favorite looks of this fashion month. 29's shape was quite odd. The hips start right above the knee? And the color was a little to bright for a more casual dress. 30's varying shades of blue in a velvet dress was perfect, and I loved the abstract element of the skirt, which appeared to be a wilted flower (a pretty one). 31 was very clownish.
                  32 was another delightful dress, this time in pink, red, black, and white velvet. Artistic shapes and the mini dress aspect gave off a very 60's feel. 33 appeared very beat up. Vintage is nice, but not when you don't take care of it! 34 looked too much like stacked lace curtains, not clothes. 35 on the other hand had an elegant vintage art deco look; dark and black. 36 was too baby-doll like, with the frills and pale blues and pinks. This is women's clothes, not Victorian era baby apparel! The last 3 looks were just long coats, black sheer,  one very Lisa Frank/meets Juicy Couture dress, and a dumb looking jumbo skirt suit. Despite ending on a negative note, this was one of my favorite collections ever, and a huge step-up from the last Kirchoff collections. I just wish I could afford it all!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Erdem Fall 2014 Review

                Finally I get to these darned London Fashion Week collections! Erdem is one of my favorites; detailing, prints, and fit are just a few of the expertise this label has. And I finally feel like I've caught up with the collections better than before. Although, of course, that Chanel Couture show is still floating around. I have celebrities to spam post about on Facebook, okay?
               This collection was very velvet-y and lacy. The first look was pitch black and baroque style, and the slits at the shoulders  were a nice touch. 2 was kinda horrible, with a velvet harness coming from the skirt. It did not look right. 3 was incredibly elegant. A black velvet cape, frilly collar, and lace pattern at the bottom. Very Valentino. 4...again with the harness, but this time in white and gold. Another attempt at being ''artsy'', whatever the heck that means. 5 was much better than before, but it reminded me of a table cloth. The lace was not airy enough. 7's lace did not look like anything from the high end brand it actually came from. It looked like a T.J. Maxx spring dress.
                     9 was a favorite. The black was sleek as a seal, and the white at the very top had that awesome wrap-thing. 10 was even better. The black tops and flowing skirt gave it a more casual feel, but the colorful splotches, like I've said about other looks, brought it out of  ''normal clothes'' mode. 11 was not a favorite. The fur was too much like a shag rug, and it reminded me of really early Meadham Kirchoff collections. Those collections are awesome, but they were very eccentric and kitschy (in a good way!) so someone copying that is more likely to have the piece be pure kitsch. Until 15, the looks were kind of boring, sleek black looks. Fall has color, people!!!!! 15 was a silky gold above knee dress, with subtle flowers. Karla Martinez de Salas, W magazine's Fashion Market and Accessories Director predicted that the next big thing would be, instead of little black dresses, little gold dresses. I certainly hope so, if they all look like this one!
                  16 was the same print and color as 15, but with no sleeves. Too boxy and not elegant. It just didn't seem feminine. 17's color reminded me of galaxy print, and the jacket was an exact copy of Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. 18 and 19's outfits had splotches that made the clothes look dirty. And 20 was a copy of the Marc Jacobs dress Miley Cyrus wore to the Met Costume Gala for Punk: Chaos to Couture. They just added some sparkles. 22 was rather horrendous. I can safely say that I officially hate gray looks for fall. It is the most un-fall color on earth. What about the orange, red, green, and yellow leaves? Brown acorns? Where does sludge come in? Along with being gray, this look had cut outs at the elbow. Was that supposed to make it interesting? Apparently they also forgot that fall is cold! 23 wasn't all that exciting, but I loved 24. Very colorful, almost like those fall leaves I was talking about. The print also reminded me of the Vivian Girls, the outsider artist Henry Darger's characters living in a world of militant young girls fighting armies of men. I have a feeling this dress was more inspired by Asian art, but that's what it did for me.
                  25 had the same print, but seriously...we still aren't over obnoxious cleavage dresses? 26's dress was a perfect sheer/black piece, obviously inspired by Oscar de La Renta and Valentino. 28 was such a copy of the last Louis Vuitton collection. Ridiculous! 30 on the other hand was very elegant. The brocade-like black fabric was so pretty, and the tiny rosettes gave it that high fashion touch. 31's shorts jumpsuit was gorgeous and velvet-y, with a fabulous baroque touch. I saw some recent Chanel inspiration, but it was inspiration, not copying, thank goodness. Look 32 had one of my favorite trends, the sheer part at the collar and above the chest. Love, love, love. The red wine shade gave it the perfect mix of subtle and glamorous. 33 reminded me too much of hotel wall paper. Man, I have seen a lot of that in clothes! It must be all that traveling these designers do. The last two looks of this collection were very spring like, with the blues and reds. The last one was a hotel wall paper print dress. Again. 
              This collection had a few copies, filler pieces, and just disappointing looks. But as with many collections, the standouts made it worth it. And there was quite a few of those.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

                Marc by Marc Jacobs is known as Marc Jacob's ''cheaper'' brand, but honestly? This collection was far, far better than the Marc Jacobs collection. Kendall Jenner was there to be obnoxious and exhibitionist, and it was just a cult of sheer tops and boring colors. Blah, boring, nasty. I hated it, to say the least. This review, on the other hand, will be a positive one.
                  Look 1 was a dark minimalist jumpsuit, with a chunky belt. Part school uniform/ part Rick Owens look. 2 had an obvious race car suit similarity, but instead of advertising Tide or Pepsi, this one advertised Revolution (which is not a cologne...I think). I'm not sure if I, personally would wear it, but it looked awesome on the model. I have no qualms about liking something I myself may not choose. 3 was a delight to the eyes. Quirky for lack of better words (and this outfit certainly is deserving). Red and black top, with gray wool overalls. 5's pants were not of my taste at all. The flaps were too abrupt. No last minute ''interesting'' parts, please! 7 was too masculine and boxy. I loved how 10's patched pants went with the chic jacket. The dark blue collar pulled the outfit out of that ''normal clothes'' mode. 12 was too boring and boxy. Gray is not an easy color to work with. But it also isn't fitting for fall, either. Maybe winter, when the sludge comes in, though.
              15's pants weren't anything exciting, but the shiny, sleek striped top was cool. In 17, again, we have that shiny, almost plastic look, but in the skirt. It also went perfectly with the plaid top. Look 19 was much different from the other; red/black plaid on the skirt and jacket, but the top of the jacket explodes into a puffy ribbon. For an ''off-brand'', this look is pretty amazing! I still can't believe how different this collection is from the Marc Jacobs one. 21 had another ribbon, but on a mini cape and in black and white plaid. I wasn't all that pleased with 23; It did have the ''puff'' at the top, but it was shapeless. And the pants reminded me of those gross looking basket ball shorts middle school boys wear. 25 didn't work either. Boring gray, with a black ribbon in the middle... it didn't look right. 27 was a definite favorite. The jacket was kind of military style, but the green was just emerald enough to not look too Army Surplus. Patches are a nice touch too.
           What's with 28's Justin Bieber face mask? At the tail end of my horrific Bieber phase, he wore a face mask with a skull on it. Skulls are fine on clothes, but how does making yourself look like your not even wearing skin fit into fashion, which is clothes? 29 had too much labeling. I know it wasn't marketing Marc Jacobs, but it was overwhelming. 30 had a delightful sci-fi element. And the blue satin worked well. 32, another favorite, was a satin mini dress with a bright red and labeled puffy bow. It's so unique, fun, and fashionable. 35's skirt was much better than 33 and 34; those were a little boring and predictable. But this one's top layer was cut unevenly, and that gave it an edge. Gray/silver and a stripe of black was the coloring. 36's bow was way too big. Obnoxious, even. It just didn't look like clothes. The skirt was okay, but it's a dress so you have to work with the bow.
           Looks 37 and 38 were a good finish. 37's bow was bright red and the dress was nice and snug. I loved the wrap dress part. A bit Rick Owens. 38's skirt was a bit bulky and uneven, but the sweater was nice and silver-y.
         This collection was my favorite of  NY fashion week. Very few filler pieces, and plenty of color. You will certainly stand out, in the best way, in this collection.

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's a Cosby Sweater! It's Pee Wee's Playhouse! No-It's a Sweater!

               Many of my sartorial tastes are eons from my price range (and by that I mean that quarter that's always floating around my wallet), but I love 80's sweaters, and they happen to be super cheap, so why not purchase as many as humanly possible? And despite my rather ironic tone, they are truly making a come back (I loved them all along, just as Edie always loved her jumbo earrings, before every woman of the 60's caught on). Just go in Topshop. This one reminds me of an Interview magazine cover.

Zac Posen Fall 2014

                   This collection surprised me. When I think of Zac Posen, I usually think big gowns, that are also subtle. But in this collection, we got to see more office wear, and at the end some gowns. Many designs do almost all-gown collections (which are incredible), but even if you can afford that gown, you can't wear it everywhere! Work wear is important!
                   I loved 1's sharp shoulders and fitted waist. Brown and tan work well together as a shade. 3  wasn't a favorite; gray is so BORING!  4 wasn't terribly exciting, but 5 was fabulous. The black, the wide sleeves, the smoothness... It was just wonderful. This is a top for that woman who doesn't wear wacky out their clothes, but clothes that are right at the tip of stylish and fashionable. Fashionable just enough to escape blending in.7's color was beautiful, but the rectangle shape of the skirt went too far from a person's natural shape. Outfits that exaggerate natural shape (Mugler, McQueen, Vivienne Westwood) are fabulous, but when it completely goes against it? Not so much. Look 9 was a plain black dress, that makes you notice it just from the cleavage. I didn't like 10 at all. It looked sloppy, boring, and not glamorous at all. Even the color just felt dead.
              12 was elegant and glamorous; Gray is best in satin. We also had some good inspiration going on, with the chest. Gaultier Fall 2014 Couture, anyone? 13's cape was an attempt at being exciting, but the bland shade and no detail whatsoever didn't help it's case. No structure, either! 15 was just boring. 16's collar was way too big; but if the collar can be folded, it's a gorgeous silver ball gown. 17 reminded me so much of a Thierry Mugler look; I keep seeing outfits inspired by him; it's so cool! The peach shade was very fall-leaf, and the sleeves gave it that otherworldly look. Tiny trains are another trend I like, on this dress especially. I felt like 18's mermaid skirt was too unwieldy. I can totally picture myself tripping over it. And it looked bulky, which doesn't look good on any dress. 19's orange shade was far too florescent for me, and wrinkles...ick.
              20 had a little bit of the wrinkles, but this gown was so dramatic, dark, and mysterious. The wrinkles actually looked okay! They were used as details. I can't wait to see this on some movie stars. 21 is the outfit the wearer of 20 would put on when it's time to dance; dramatic, dark, myserious, AND flexible. The black was as sleek as a seal, and the cape made it even better. If 20 was dramatic, 22 is a soap opera star. Aquamarine, jumbo skirt, and the skirt was folded into columns. It was almost bridal. Look 24 was yet another dark and mysterious look, but this one showed half the leg and puffed out even more. The subtle lines at the bottom of the skirt were a nice touch. 25, the last look, unfortunately had a pretty boring color and was too wrinkled.
            Some outfits were disappointing, but the beautiful looks made it completely worth it. With the dramatic shades and shapes of the gowns, I can easily see Posen pursuing couture someday.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rodarte Fall 2014

                I'm sorry I've been a bit lazy with posting; I started the couture show reviews late (and still haven't gotten around to Chanel!) and the NY shows keep multiplying like rabbits. I'll definitely do the Chanel show when I'm done with the rest of fashion month.
               I have been waiting anxiously for the Rodarte show. Rodarte always looks different from all the other shows. Look 1 was awesome; the nerdy little beret was very fancy, and the bright gold sash was superb. The rest of the look, especially pants, also: AWESOME! 2 was a copy of Chanel dresses from the Fall 2013 couture collection, in tan. 3 was different, and beautiful. Soft yellow, frills, bee hive columns on the top.... 5 was a blue dress in the same kind of style, but the skirt and top were way to long and wide. Lazy. Look 7 was just ugly, and casually boring. Wow, I can't believe it... a red sweater...and ooohhh, a vest. So ''exciting.'' 8's sleeveless coat on the other hand was interesting, in the way a Comme Des Garcons look is; beauty in it's mis -shapenness, and missing parts. 9 was so sloppy and unappealing! Yuck! It reminded me of the way some of the teenagers (yes I am one but I precociously consider myself stylish ;) )  where I live dress, and that is never a good thing to be reminded of.
              At first 10 excited me; It looks modern, cool, and inspired by art... just like the previous Prada collection. I hate copying in design, art, music... it's bad all around. On a much different note, I loved look 11. Again it had that torn-up-but-not-quite look. Cut off sleeves, dark blue and brown. The top was pretty ugly though. Like a robot top. 13 was not a very notable piece, more filler. Plaid, fluffy collar, striped shirt. And shimmery gray pants. Should I pretend to be excited? There were more looks that copied of Prada, which irks me. Inspiration (even from a fellow designer) is fine. But when it's that overt? Please. Be original! If you can't come up with enough ideas, have a small collection! Five gorgeous looks are better than hundreds of boring ones. Luckily for me, I liked 17. This was an example of inspiration, not copying. It would be easy to just name Garcons as an inspiration (it looks torn up! It drapes!) but I saw more of McQueen's suits, with the plunging and curved neck line.
            19 was beautiful. The metallic blue shade looked like a sky, and the collar's fluff was subtle. 20 was basically a Lisa Frank folder as clothing (my sister does have a Lisa Frank coat...)21 was the best coat. It combined the glitter, cut off sleeves, and furry collar of all the other coats excellently. 22 was okay, but it came across as a stereotypical-Madonna style-80's look, but under stated. You either do 80's or you don't. Make up your mind! The next few looks are boring copies of 22. 26 was downright ugly. Way too long, ugly, plain...the lace and print were terrible. 29 was different; it had so much going on: sheer skirt with daisies, gold glitter, black/orange fabric, bare shoulder top... I adored it. I don't know how all this went together, but it did and looked fabulous. 30 was even better. Same style, but in emerald green with a silver mini under the sheer part.
             32 was a dark black, edgy dress. Glitter, velvet(?) and semi sheer black skirt. I loved it because it was gorgeous, but not obnoxious. It speaks for itself and the wearer. It's so good, it doesn't need cut outs (which, let's face it, is just a method of using less fabric) or SUPER BLING. 34, another favorite, had a relaxed black top with a pale purple/pink skirt that also had two jumbo white polka dots. Polka dots have always been a favorite of mine (especially in the case of Yayoi Kusama's work) for their artistic element mixed with playfulness.
              35 most certainly was not a favorite of mine whatsoever. It isn't a dress, it's a Star Wars fan dress for Comic Con! Unless you like Star Wars, how are you going to wear this? I really disliked the other Star Wars themed dresses. Like I said, if your not a fan, how would you wear it? Over all this was a great collection, and my favorite Rodarte collection so far.

Prabal Gurung Fall 2014

                   Finally....I get to these NY fashion week shows! I will start with Prabal Gurung.
                The first three weren't favorites. I just don't like fur, and even if it's fake, the super fuzzy fur looks can look so obnoxious. I really liked four, though. Deep red and browns gave it a rustic, and very fall look. 5's fur jacket was pretty terrible. Fall is brown leaves and sunsets, squirrels and geese flying away. Not sludge. Look 7 was much better, like sherbet ice cream. Outfits with wraps or really big scarves can sometimes look like sheets or quilts, but this wrap was just small enough to not be overwhelming. 8's colors went together well... but it reminded of a camouflage outfit for hunting. I once wore a hunting hat, and actually thought it looked good. No, it did not. 9's jacket was way too bulky ( and furry) but I simply adored the pants. The mix of colors, prints, and splotches were fun.
              10 was the ugliest fur jacket on earth. The fur  was in all the wrong places, and gray/silver is a horrible shade for fall, mostly because fall, again, usually doesn't involve sludge, at least in it's most beautiful form.12 was a favorite; Again and again I criticize shirts or dresses that are also wraps, but this top was relaxed, chic, and unique. Not everyone walking down the street will be wearing this top, for sure. I didn't see the point in 13's shapes, print, and extra fabric. It looked haphazard and sloppy. After this, a lot of the looks are also boring and sloppy. 18's coat was especially terrible. If your going to do fur, or fake fur, at least attempt to make it look real. This looked like a Gap Kid's coat, one of those coats that a little kids gets dust and gummy bears stuck in it. The cheapness was overwhelming (and I am not referring to the price).
                19 was a modern, interesting one sleeve shirt. The orange and black sparkly stripes reminded me of some of Tom Ford's recent work, with the animal prints and fur. 20 was just the bestest, the same stripes but in the form of 12. Look 21, was the best women's suit I have ever seen, besides a Dior suit. Crimson red is a classic color, and with the silky red collar ( and ruched stripes on the side) was a work of (modern) art. 23, on the other hand, was quite ugly. Gray, when not used correctly, can be the most boring color on earth. It's the color of factories, dental offices, and rainy sidewalks. All happy things, right? Extra silver satin did not help this look's case either. 24 looked ripped up to me. 26 was okay, but the wrapped up top only really looks good with prints. Without it it looks like a sash.
               Look 29, officially, is my favorite. Rich red satin, white/red ostriche feather skirt, tulle sash off to the side....This design could easily masquerade as a couture look. I'm glad ready to wear can be so exciting. Until 33 it was just cleavage tops and dresses. 33's top part was nice, but the way the skirt cutoff and then connected at the very end was not flattering. A quick, sloppy attempt to make it ''interesting''. Look 35 was, sadly, a prom dress. And the cut outs didn't differentiate it either, considering that it's a prerogative for a prom dress to have cut outs nowadays. 36 was different; cut outs were there, but modestly and not overbearing. The shade of red was just right. I loved the almost prickly texture of the sleeves and top. With 37, I would probably get a matching red slip to cover my stomach, just so I could wear it. Colors are excellent, and the texture simply fabulous. Look 38 ended the show on a good note, a similar dress to the previous but very dark blue with the same texture mentioned above. It would also be easier to wear, with it's complete lack of cot outs. YAY!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 Review

                     Elie Saab's work is pure couture. Nothing is garish, over the top, or boring. His designs are some of the most beautiful lace creations I have ever seen. Since lace is such a fixture in all of his shows, one would assume they start getting boring and predictable. While not every single look is perfect, every collection breaths new, artistic light into his work.
                Look 1 was a bit too sheer for me, and not enough dress. Look 2, on the other hand, was just plain gorgeous. Pink in it's most elegant and beautiful form. The beading, the light pink on the skirt, the little four petal flowers at the skirt. The skirt, also, was layered and flowed  well. 3's skirt was too wide. It made the top disappear. 5 was another creation made in heaven. The hips of the skirt were very structured, and jutted out in both directions. The skirt had the palest pink, with equally pink lush roses going down the skirt. This was art. Look 8 reminded me too much of a Balmain look, or a Miley Cyrus.
                    10's white beading was shiny and glittery in an incredible way. Of course the top was too sheer, but the jacket was perfection. 11 was an angel dress, with a floating white back. 12 reminded me of a toned down, but still wonderful Thierry Mugler look, with it's unusually structured and floral dress. I didn't think 13's skirt was very manageable. The front looked bulkier than the back!
                   An iconic part of Saab's shows is how the looks follow a strict phase of colors. First the whites, than the reds, than the blacks, and occasionally some green. Look 16 was a tad prom-dress-y, but it was chic enough to be red carpet ready, for any style minded starlet (why don't more of them wear Saab? Jennifer Lawrence would look incredible in a red look!). Maybe a New York City debutante ball? Sheer looks that are covered up by embroidered flowers or leaves are one of my favorite fashion-things. 18 did this expertly. Layered red flowers on the top, and red strips making up the skirt. 20's skirt was far too huge for my liking. The top almost didn't exist! Is it extinct?
                 The first few yellow looks weren't quite exciting for me, but 25 was the prettiest little dress I ever did see! Haha. Gold/yellow, with simple beading. 28, the first blue look, was so pure and, um, SPRING?! The sheer blue peplum top turns into a smooth flowing skirt. 29 was just sheer lace. 30 was a very basic bridesmaid dress. The next few were a little boring, but 33 and 34 were beautiful dark blue dresses, with a mix of thick, dark blue flowers and sheer. 35 was way too much lace. Look 36 was pretty, but it looked too ready to wear for me.
                 With 37, I saw something that I haven't seen in many Saab shows: Multi color outfits. 37's (again :/) skirt was way too big. It's overwhelming and strange! 38 was a lot better; the black, red, and blues were sprinkled all over the top and skirt. 39 was just boring. 40, on the other hand, was incredible. Black/sheer tops dissolves into pink and orange shades, like when you see all of the shades that go into a black pen ink. 43 was luxe, dark, and mysterious. A darkest shade of black turns into white at the very end. Good couture is known for either being very eccentric, or uber-elegant (which eccentric can also be, but in a different form), and this look was a perfect example of a more elegant look.
             For the rest of the looks, they were either too sheer or had jumbo skirts.But this collection was one of my favorites, and was an almost all-standout collection.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Schiaparelli Spring 2014 Haute Couture

                 This collection was disappointing. It wasn't horrible, and as with most collections it had it's highlights, but considering that Schiaparelli had been dormant for so long, and now has a new designer...wouldn't they try to make it a little bit more exciting? I don't mean provoking to provoke, or ridiculous cleavage dresses, but something fun! Something Elsa would do herself.
                The first look was pretty horrible. A sheet folded into a dress. The print looked like something a Whole Food's water bottle would have. 2 was just a sloppy Celine suit clone. 3 was okay, but it doesn't belong in a Schiaparelli show; It belongs in Dolce and Gabbana! Look 4 luckily brought something interesting. The slightly off-white dress flowed and looked so smooth, with a fluffy flower(?) holding up the skirt. I loved the white metallic jacket and it's ruffles, too. What was 5 supposed to be? A wrap dress put on the wrong way? Look 6 had a 70's/techno thing. The stripes and colors went together perfectly, but the dress had no shape! You have to wonder how something is ''made to meaaure'' when it has to be that wide.The dress of look 7 was nothing to squeal over (that is what fashion is for, after all!), but the jacket was fabulous. A white cropped jacket, with huge circular puffs at the end of the sleeves. This is something I could actually see Schiaparelli her self doing, or at least liking.
              Look 8 was much better than some of the looks, and had a nostalgic early 80's Oscar De La Renta look, with the polka dots and puffy sleeves. Pastel colors for the dots reminded me of a clown, and Schiaparelli did have a circus themed show back in her day. Look 11 was  a favorite. The print of children looked like a 30's-40's kid wall paper (and that is a compliment!). I really didn't like 12. Colors didn't work, and it looked like cheap replica Baroque decorations. I won't even go into how much 14 copied the Dior wedding dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscar's. We are paying tribute to SUCH an iconic couture house, one which has, may I mention again, been dormant for years. Is it pushing it too hard to expect pieces that are for the house, and not copies of others? Look 15's pants and top had a hotel-wallpaper print, and the sleeves were so garish.
              I really liked 16. A fitted pale blue dress with a leaf(?) print, and a full layer of black tulle over it. The best part was the skirt. It flowed perfectly. 17's blue jacket was fun (and very luxurious), but the shorts were typical and the top was, yes, another copy of another designer, in my opinion Comme Des Garcon, with the folds and twists. Look 18 was one of the better looks; it reminded me of something Carolina Herrera would do. I love Carolina Herrera's designs, but she's a ready to wear designer, and this is a couture show! For lack of better words, could we have something just a little, I don't know...CRAZY? One of the things I highly disagree with is the overwhelming effort to defend boring couture shows. Everyone knows it's bland and stupid when a designer sends models down the runway in a denim dress, or just black suits, but they still defend it and give it some ''artsy'' and precocious argument.
                The last look, 20, was disappointing. The only thing that made it bridal was the veil, which can be bought anywhere else (and for much cheaper). The tropical embroidery at the bottom of the jacket looked like souvenir jewelry from a trip to Florida. Schiaparelli's reopening was something I really anticipated. I  (and I'm sure many others) expected iconic Schiap pieces, colors, and avant garde outfits. If you believe that all clothing has to fit into the rigid standards of wear -ability our society has, then you really don't like Schiaparelli.
             On a more blog-ish note, New York Fashion Week/Fashion Month is starting today. I will start putting out my reviews for those, but I will have a review of the Chanel Haute Couture show soon. I can't skip that!