Friday, March 28, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Haute Couture

                        Now I have finally gotten to this review! Hooray! I can't believe I've waited this long already! Well, I better get to it now; couture waits for no one.
                          Look 1 was boring, just plain white, with an almost invisible flower pattern. I loved 2's skirt and metallic color, but I hate super short tops. It looks like your wearing a kid's shirt, with really long sleeves. 3 was very elegant and spring-like. Though the flowers were subtle, but you could see them. They reminded me of baby's breath flowers. When looking at 4, the first thing that comes to mind is, EW. Did they original have a jumpsuit, but cut it right in the middle? 5's beauty came from its simplicity; the skirt mysteriously slips right into the top, and the way the skirt is buttoned together gave it a very relaxed look. 6 was filler, with some soccer/robot gear added.
                      Look 7 was another example of filler. Plain beige, with the top being split up into strange triangular shapes. And what's with the fanny pack? I think they get their fabric from Claire's cloth refuse. Then we had more half shirts. 10 was very pretty and ''spring'', but it just seemed like another random Chanel look. Soft gray print, with some color sprinkled around. How many times has that been done before? (many). Look 12 was beautifully textured in a snow colored flurry of glitter. Not very spring like, but certainly a chic exception. 13 reminded me a lot of Mugler, in a very bad, cliched way. If you look at just 5 pictures of Mugler's work from the 80's and 90's, you'd think, ''Oh, he just does a ton of robot clothes!". Which, duh, is wrong. But this was made out of that idea. 16 was an overpowering flurry of rainbow pastels. I just love couture inspired by 60's remake shirts from Gap Kids. Seriously. (Not).
                      Too many of the looks were filler. Just pink, gray, and silver too-small tops and suctioned in waists. Blah. And the printed ones were far too ''hotel curtain.'' 26 was frightening in an odd way; it reminded me of something I'd wear when I don't feel like getting all glammed up. Couture is about the fantasy, and for those who can afford it, a fantasy turned reality. If your going to make normal clothes, then make them radically cheaper. 27 was actually pretty cute, with the very light pink shade and thin sparkly metallic stripes. And 28 had light, multicolored stripes. I also loved how the shape of the jacket lightly hugged the hips... hmmmm... maybe this collections merits come from the ''light'' looks? Anyway, it  certainly was  a highlight. 29, again, wonderful! Finally! The only problem was the addition of a belt, which gave an unflattering shape in the middle. The tan-ish shade, pleats, and collar were so elegant and cute. And I have no problem calling something cute. Cute is awesome and powerful. 30 elicited a significant amount of tears; all these fab looks, and then the sheer (ha) horror of 30? NOOOOOOO!
                         Next we had more sheer looks, but 35's blue was perfectly spring, and though being sheer, I'd love it with a slip underneath. The blue shade was so light, and floral. It actually looked like a plant color. In my mind at least. 37 was another favorite; it had many of the aspects of a gown, but it was a short dress. The blue and red specks were glittery, and the white sash made it gorgeously formal. Totally unique. I'd never really seen anything like it. 38 was rather terrible and childish. Blue and red didn't work this time, and again: what is with the short shirts? They just look too small, not stylish! 39's fabric looked cheap and plastic. Many of the next looks were boring, with prints like cheap swim team bathing suits. But in 44, I saw some very subtle inspiration from the last Gaultier couture show. This was not butterfly themed, but the lush and feathery texture was very similar. The deep blue metallics were fantastic, and the dress was so cool and casual, at the same time. 45 was a super punked up version of 44. I wish it were from the past, because it would've looked great in the Chaos to Couture exhibit! The middle especially reminded of Gaultier's butterfly corset, in the shape and shade.
                    Look 46 was a more dark and detailed version of 45. And yet again: I love love love feathery looks. Especially this one, with the gothic black color, drama, and shape. Drama is a positive in reality TV, and in couture! Oh the coincidence. One thing I really appreciated about this collection was the spring aspect. I hate spring/summer collections that have jumbo fur coats or heavy wool. 48 was very spring, especially with the feathery blue skirt. And yes, the top was sheer, but it was so pretty that with a slip, it would look fine. 52 repeated the infamous robot shape, this time more sheer and glittery. I didn't like the shapelessness. It reminded me of a sack of potatoes! 54's top was very pretty; I really loved the mix of light blue and green, and the wrap aspect. But the skirt reminded me of that board at a hard ware store, with all the paint options on tiny cards. Couture is elegant and light asa feather. No tools or ''tough'' stuff please! 55 was one of my most favorites. This collection is also summer, and this was the most ''summer'' of them all. The dress perfectly hugged the middle , and I can only imagine how soft the orange, purple, and white fuzzy skirt was. 56 expanded on 55, but the brown and yellow was more fall, and not very appealing.
                     Look 57 seemed like filler, and a copy of all of the sparkly low cut Marc Jacobs gowns. I love a lot Marc's work, but not copies  from other labels. I found a favorite in 59; admittedly it was very winter-y, but in the best Chanel-snow princess way. Subtle sparkle, long, thin, and feathery at the bottom. 61 looked just like plastic! I'm going to assume the fabric is expensive... so why make it  appear cheap? Expensive-mirage is everywhere... but cheap-mirage? Please stop! 64 was presented as a wedding dress (with the little boy carrying the train), but it didn't have any... um... pizzazz?The plainness just made the casualness even more obvious.
                    This was one of my favorite couture collections; the biggest merits were good use of color and texture, and (when used!) good shape. The negatives would have to be some filler, especially in the long sparkly dress department. Now if only I could afford all this!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pop The Polka Dot

              This is my new favorite dress. I don't know FOR SURE if it's from the 60's or 70's, but it is certainly is in the 60's style. I've always adored polka dots, in both modern and vintage versions. I've lately been over indulging  in pictures of Edie Sedgwick and Jane Birkin, and listening to The Velvet Underground and 60's Rolling Stones (which is the best Rolling Stones, in my opinion). So this is the perfect dress for the upcoming spring season and my latest stylish mood.

                         This is not a picture of me with One Direction. It's five chipmunks in super cute guy suits. I promise.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Miu Miu Fall 2014

                   I have been busy beyond belief lately, and some upcoming tests are seriously freaking me out! But today I'll keep the PFW reviews coming, and later today or tomorrow I'll have a photo post up, for a 60's summer dress I just picked up.For now though I will review the latest Miu Miu collection (hopefully not starring Kendall Jenner).
                  The first few looks were really awesome early spring looks; pastel blue, pinks, and light white jackets. I can totally see these still being in street style blogs in spring 2015. But they just didn't look warm enough for winter, or fall in some places (HELLO, CHICAGO!). Despite this, they were beautiful despite some skepticism about their seasonal wear -ability. And the good thing is that they have multiple uses: if the fall/winter weather where you live isn't frigid, their fine, and pretty much anywhere they can be worn in spring. They have range. 6 seemed like a copy of all those big, bulky ''fur rug'' coats I've seen lately. Very Cruella Deville with the dalmatian spots. 7 was confusing with it's color, stripes, and quilting. It looked very summer sportswear. It seemed like a jogging dress, if there's such a thing. Not fall at all. 8 was very manly and cumbersome. Utilitarian. Until 13 the looks felt like filler, just nothing stood out or seemed terribly exciting. 13's vest didn't look very elegant or feminine by itself, but with a long sleeve shirt or something it would follow the vest trend street style blogs have been stuck to. Do you remember those Proenza Schouler vests? They were everywhere! Dark red and dark blue are very fall colors also.
             17 was a beautiful pink sweater with white at the top and sheer above the chest. Pink, simple, and stylish. So Miu Miu! 18 was a cool street look. A leopard print coat, with a matching mini skirt and 80's style puffy red and striped jacket underneath. The layering of the coat made it especially warm! 19's jacket was a gorgeous, short brocade in cobalt blue with two stripes of animal print at the top. The dark color was very winter. Why do we associate blue with winter so much? Snow is white, sludge is gray, the sky is usually overcast... but I still get a winter-y feeling from blue.
              I really didn't like 24. It looked way too long to me, and the colors were kind of dark and depressing, like winter itself. Fashion serves a fantastical purpose too! Not JUST realism! The print of the dress underneath was boring, like a toned down art deco hotel. That's what they look like in movies anyway. 25 didn't improve from 24 much, considering that it was GRAY. And gray like a gray crayon,  not silvery, or one of the very few pleasing gray shades. 26 was completely different; this was the best jacket in the collection so far. Pink metallic, with a paisley pattern and silver stripes. Absolutely beautiful. I am a bit confused with the ''spring'' -ness of this collection, though. But again, you don't have to throw it away after the winter! 28 was styled in a really cute way, but the separates didn't look very unique on their own. Red and blue sweater? Seen it before! Again with 29, the sweater looked typical. Like any random winter sweater print. And why was the dress so rectangular?
                30 was a shorter Cruella coat. 31 was really artsy and cool, especially with the knitted, spiky texture. But it would never look right by itself, obviously. What if you drop something? I'm pretty sure its supposed to be just  a top though.  Its all good. 32 was a bit odd, especially with the ringed shower curtain peeking out as a skirt. The red sweater did have a really cool eyelet pattern though. I love the sweater as a separate. 33 was a complete Proenza Schouler copy! Ugh! After this we have a lot more Schouler references, but more inspired by  street style pictures, I think. They didn't look like total copies. The rain coats weren't that exciting though. How hard is it, honestly, to get a tinted clear rain coat? 39 was super cute, like a 60's Edie Sedgwick dress. Simply stylish. I loved the sheer collar  above the chest in dark yellow, and the silvery pink paisley print with the beading at the top. The last look was fabulous, especially the dress underneath. White with swipes of tan and yellow, with little sequin-y beads at the bottom.
                 This was a really beautiful collection, if not a a bit confusing, seasonally.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 review (Ready to Wear)

                           Yesterday I was scrolling through the pit of copyright infringing One Direction pics that is called my Facebook newsfeed, and then I saw ELLE and Teen Vogue posting about the Chanel collection and how OMG, IT'S STAGED IN AN IMAGINARY SUPERMARKET, WITH FOOD LABELED CHANEL?! And then I saw Cara Delevingne in a shopping cart. How could I not review it?! (I would anyway but the superest supermodel on earth in said cart sealed the deal)
                        I wasn't that into the first look (which the superest supermodel on earth was wearing). The  ripped-up exercise suit looked junky, and the coat was too gray, long, and bulky. On the other hand, the way 2's separates were styled was perfect; purple sparkly top and pants, with a perfect, striped fall coat. And the coat's sparkle was so pretty! The orange and brown shades were just so stylish. 3 was kind of an eyesore for me; the color reminded me of old moldy oatmeal, it was way too long, and the shoulders were not elegant at all. This is womenswear! It's supposed to be feminine! 4 was beautiful; the white color had super small speckles of red and blues, and the wool looked so warm. And the dress underneath was well fitted and complimented the wearer's shape. I thought 5's shape overly accentuated curves; it looked unrealistic, as if the model had no ribs. 6 confirmed one thing for me: I hope construction worker apparel never comes back to runways. That or lumberjack looks.
                        10 was really ugly, like hotel wallpaper or a bad windbreaker. Not ladylike either. 11 was pink filler. 12 continued the Gap Kids yoga wear theme, from 10. Those just look childish, and not at all special. 13 was actually really stylish, but simple. The dark purple/light pink criss crosses were a nice touch, and the sweater looks sooooo warm. One really good thing about this collection is the how realistic it is, weather wise. I hate  fall/winter collections that are all sheer and cut outs. The next few looks felt like silver filler to me, and not all that different from other Chanel collections I've seen. I loved 21's jacket though. The little white puffs were like clouds, or snow. I've never seen a more subtle winter look. There isn't actual snow flakes on the jacket, but you know it's snow. 22-24 felt too modern to me, especially with such a classic brand like Chanel. And orange-ish beige is never good. Ever. 25's gold spots reminded me of fall leaves. I loved how they puffed out too. It gave the outfit a fashionable texture. My favorite part of every Chanel collection are the new takes on the classic suit, and 27's was yet another favorite. Tan skirt suit, lined with maroon and gold. Tan is a perfect medium between pure white and ugly gray, and it's not too washed out to not fit in fall.
                        My favorite part of this collection was the glitter, especially in 30. The tights and the dress in dark purple, with a little silver. And the bumpy detailing just made the look even more thick and warm-looking. This is the most fall I've seen this whole month! And it's so beautiful. I love how it's not exactly red carpet style, but a bit more street, and it's still chic enough to not be plain. 31 reminded me too much of the last Prada collection and Celine. Enough with the ''modern art'' style! Yesterday Rookie put up pictures from the last Meadham Kircchoff collection, and Edward Meadham was complaining about the recent need for labels to collaborate with fine artists, as if fashion isn't art in itself, and needs ''real'' art to feel verified. I agree. The occasional art-and-fashion collection is okay, like Diane von Furstenberg and Andy Warhol, but that made sense because they actually were friends, and Warhol had done portraits of Diane. But this Chanel jacket's lining was just a stereotypical abstract look. 34's shirt had beautiful rainbow  beading, and I loved how the beads grouped together in the sleeve. Look 37 was horrifying and slobbish. A hideous gray/black poncho/coat with leather that looked like garbage bag plastic.
                         Look 38 had too much going on; the tiny gum ball beads on the sleeves, then the straight lines at the top, then the wavy pattern on the skirt...AND THEN the colorful print on the whole dress? Overcompensation for a simple dress. 41 looked really hip and artistic, but the holes looked a bit too real? I actually loved the look, but the holes were too realistic for me. I have complicated feelings about this one. After this we have a bunch of navy blue and gray/black looks, which are filler. 47's pink skirt suit is beautiful and classic Chanel, with the pearls and tweed. Chanel does pink so well. But why was there a dude in a normal black suit next to the model? I mean, this suit had nothing special. Almost like a prop, not even filler. 51 was way too plasticated. It literally could have been made from a garbage bag! 53's velvet was beautiful and plush, and the model's curves are accentuated perfectly, but it would have worked even better if the bottom were pants, not a skirt. The skirt is too overbearing and long. After we pushed through more filler, came look 60. SO UGLY. LIKE SERIOUSLY, EW! Missmatched blue print lines, and four patches of gray rug? Blech!!!! Other worldly, and in a very bad way. 61's dress was really pretty. I've always loved feathery looks, especially in darker pastels.
                     Look 67's dress was too tin-foil-y. 69 had an awesome tough girl look, with the corseted middle, and the frills looked a bit faux-ripped. The glow stick pattern was a nice touch (I kind of know they weren't glow sticks, but that's what it looked liked). 71 was a more upscale version of 69, with the little cape. Very stylish. It was fascinating how these colors aren't typical fall colors, but with the way they were toned down, and with the black background, the were very fall. 72 was too cutesy, and the puffiness made it look washed-the-wrong-way. I wholeheartedly adored 75. It looked like a late summer sky, and the garden Dorothy and her friends fell asleep in, on their journey to Oz. I did not like 77's netting, and the details looked like a board of paint colors at the hardware store.
                   I loved this collection, and the theme of a supermarket was so fun, especially when you see the models at the end perusing the shop. The clothing was well thought out, and the theme was perfect. The main problems I had were just the regular ones, like the occasional filler piece and too much silver.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Christian Dior Fall 2014

                  I was a bit shocked when I started going through the slide show for this collection. Everything was so...boring. Slouchy jackets, shapeless suits (AT DIOR?! Seriously- of all labels, Dior?), and boring colors. Pastel is not for fall.
                Finally with look 11, it was a bit interesting. A white mini dress, with a hot pink scarf. But then the scarf melds into the frilly skirt. Unique and stylish. Very simple but at the same time fashionable; I love looks that are just at the precipice of normal and unique. 12 and 13's extra side ruffles were unnecessary. Yet another last minute attempt at looking fun. 14 and 15's quilted patterns were horrible; it looked very utilitarian, like a skiing liner. I honestly can't believe how shapeless they made the jackets in this collection. Could you imagine Dior himself making something that plain? 18 was a total copy of the Miu Miu and Prada spring/summer collections, with the low neckline and rectangular shape. Was the brooch at the side supposed to differentiate it? Well, it didn't work. 19 and 20 were just terrible; where do they get their clothes dye- Crayola? The dresses were so plain, and the detachment at the side? Seriously? 22 wasn't as bad, but the short length and the way the skirt popped out was very childish.
                  On go the boring jackets. 27 was one I liked. Simple, but with that artfully messed up look. I also liked how wispy it looked. Fairy-esque. I really did not appreciate the lace-up looks. It didn't work well, and they seemed like lame efforts to differentiate the outfits from any random black dress. 31 continued the annoying quilted style in the skirt, and the top reminded me of a fake designer bag, with the fake pressed leather. 33 was my least favorite color, gray, and seemed like something from a mass produced sci fi film. 34 was plain sad; pink is the least fall color on earth! And again, no shape! Who would pay $2,000+ for something this boring? 37 was a complete Miu Miu copy. Have you seen those advertisements? 38 and 39 were hideous; where did the print come from- a mattress? 40 and 41 looked like they were made of the cheapest plastic possible. 42 and 43 did the scarf+skirt thing again, and I liked 43. The silky sky blue went nicely with the black. A modern but stylish piece. 44 and 45 were pure, colored filler. Shapeless, not elegant, not feminine, just gross. Next we had a lot of filler and repeats from the first few looks.
                 Why do so many of the fabrics in this collection look like plastic? Even if they are expensive, they look terrible! 53 was so plain, and the glitter looked like glue mixed with glitter. I have doubts about how warm for fall 54 would be, considering it doesn't even have short sleeves and is completely sheer. 55, the last look, was plain, baggy, and had glitter for an attempt at sticking out. I was very disappointed with this collection. This is not Gap or Forever 21. Fashion is constantly being criticized for selling everyday clothes...for outrageous prices. I definitely believe many clothes are worth a lot of money, but when you make things as bland as this collection, their not worth it.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Givenchy Fall 2014 Review

                  I feel horrible for how behind I am with this blog. School work just keeps piling up. Anyhow...I am sneaking in a few minutes to write about my favorite subject: fashion shows! Here is my review of Givenchy Fall 2014:
                  Looks 1 and 2 were fascinating; the way they looked like snake skin was awesome. And the way the brown and orange shades mixed together looked like a leaf pile. I have seen a lot of looks that are not ''fall'' at all this fashion month, but the one's that are seasonal are fantastic. 4, 5, and 6 were boring, the jackets especially. And the pants were just black pants with a red attachment. 7 was beautiful. A leopard print jacket, with a red and blue speckled butterfly formed out of the collar and on the skirt. The black at the bottom of the jacket was a nice touch also. The colors were fall like, and the combo of butterfly and leopard was so unique. 8 continued the butterfly theme, but this time the dress was a flowing beige dress, with small butterflies scattered around. Yet again, so fall! I also loved the baggy pockets. 9's gray snake print was ugly, and very Michael Kors. 11 was another Michael Kors-esque look, in butterscotch. Blah. All of the fur looks felt tedious. 17's jacket was especially bad; very small jacket, with jumbo furry sleeves. How is that attractive? It's not feminine, elegant, or even artistic!
                 19 had too much going on, and the detached look of the sleeves made it look broken. And cumbersome! 20 was filler, with four buttons to make it look quirky. 22 was so strange. Very sloppy, and a total copy of Mary Katrantzou. Next we have some military style filler and a very odd leopard jacket with two red upward stripes. Not creative at all. The flowing paint splotch dresses are okay, but that trend is a bit over done, and the shades are not particularly fun. 31-33's random stripes on skirts and jackets is lame.34's skirt was really artistic. Very sculptural, and the black really made the white pop. 35 was very McQueen esque, with the super magnified butterfly print. It also reminded me of marbaled  paper. I just loved the color so much. The best part of the butterfly theme looks in this collection is that yes, the idea probably came from the last Gaultier couture collection, but it did not copy at all. This collection was much more dark and nature-y.
                  Look 36 was pretty strange. I have no idea what the print was, and the random white shape on the skirt was odd. 40 was so beautiful, in the simplest way; extremely long, dark, and gothic. Riccardo Tisci does dark and gothic very well. The slightly lighter brown shade of the top part made it ''fall.'' 42 unfortunately was quite horrendous. All fur top with cut off sleeves? Blech! Is this from the Flint Stones movie wardrobe department?! I kind of liked 44, but more of as an art piece, and not something I'd like to wear. The skirt's print was too literal. I like subtle references to butterflies, not full on Audobon illustration, when it comes to clothes. I loved 47's festive look, especially since the colors fit in with the season. Festive looks are usually more summer, but this worked nicely.
                 I enjoyed this collection, and especially the butterfly parts. The biggest problems were filler I think. And too much fur. Minus the filler and too much fur, any collections can be fabulous.