Sunday, May 10, 2015

Playing Good With Kurt and Tweety

      Kurt Cobain+Tweety bird+David Bowie = REALLY LAME YET IRONICALLY CUTE TITLE!
I've been wanting overall shorts (is that what there called?!) for the longest time. I think Alexa Chung wears them pretty well. These overalls are actually official Looney Tunes merchandise, which is pretty cute. Mine have Tweety bird on them. I paired the outfit with my new Kurt Cobain shirt from 1997. I really like this one. At first the weird wavy details seemed cheap and dorky, but I realized their actually supposed to be the kinds of trees that you would see in the Pacific Northwest (where my wonderful Kurt is from).

            I had been trying to keep this pimple on my forehead out of the picture, but Kurt said that pimples are beauty marks, so there.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Assortment of Assorted Things

Jello! These are some of the outfits I have been wearing. I wore the first one to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, last sunday. I know, not a glamorous moment at all, but I felt like it. The pictures really didn't capture how sparkly the tights are, but their very disco-queen. I love them to death. They remind me of something Edie Sedgwick would wear.
Here I am in my favorite flannel shirt and Jean Paul Gaultier Homme pants. When they aren't as baggy as Justin Bieber's pants, they actually look attractive and stylish. When they're not pulled up, they look pretty bad. As if the Bieber reference didn't drive that point home enough.
This is a really cool FFA (Future Farmers of America) jacket my dad gave me. Its actually really warm and has the coolest patch on it. It also makes people think my name is Jean! (the name on the jacket, OBVI)(oh i love sounding like a little obnoxious twit).

I love my new cat eye sunglasses! They make me look like that secretary or whatever character from Pink Flamingoes. I'm a total John Waters poser (haven't seen any of his movie...yes, shame me), but I love that aesthetic. It fits my creepy-clean neighborhood swimmingly. It also kinda makes me look like Tiger Morse from her Andy Warhol movie. YES I AM THIS WEIRD.

    These are posters I got for Easter. Jesus celebrates his resurrection by giving me rock posters.

Mom says this one makes Johnny look "deep."
I absolutely adore this record; it comes with a photo album, and makes an awesome presentation for a book shelf. It also looks like a really bro-y rock shrine. At least I don't have a Led Zeppelin poster yet.
My paintings. This one is of Nancy Spungen.
Kurt in a dress.
A self portrait of myself at my 5th birthday. I actually did look that moody. I probably didn't get a pony or something.
I used a ''how to draw houses" book for this one, so its pretty much a copy. But it gave me a lot to learn about perspective and shading.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Don't Do the Dishes, I Just Throw Them In The Sink

I know I have posted this dress before, but never really in this way.  This is my Live Through This look.

   This is my favorite selfie I have ever taken:

Cheerleader socks! (okay, actually Dollar Tree socks)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Collage Worrrk

I havent't been posting on here in so long, and yet I've been making  lot more stuff than usual. Here is a zine I recently made, along with pages.
    Grunge romance:

      I put the Sex Pistols anti abortion lyrics with a typical
     "hot chick" image. Kind of a commentary on oppression
     and the desecration of bodies being masked as liberation.
    This is a zine of all my favorite things!

    These are a few random collages I've been making. This
     is like a celebration of spring and grunge and Kate Moss.

   This is all about the commercialization of "rebels" and
   rebellion as a look, not an action.
    And my cat Mabel is too cute. Deal with it.
   Kitty Kisses!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Velvet and Hotel Wallpaper; a Simone Rocha Fall 2015 Collection

                      Simone Rocha's designs are always unique, but I love the common thread they all have of this dark, feminine style that's innately modern. Here is my review of her most recent collection:
                       Look 1 seemed more like a wearable sculpture piece, with two giant stuffed black flowers forming the ''top'', and a matching skirt with the same flowers, but with more abstract shapes. I didn't think it was very practical, simply because this is a fall collection and fall tends not to be the warmest; but I do respect it as an individual piece for special events or whenever the heck someone wants to wear it. It looked beautiful. 2 had the same black velvet as 1. I loved the skirt and how it came together like a puzzle, also reminding me a bit of how the pieces of a skull fit together. The jacket looked too haphazard. Short sleeve, and then a long one? 3 was just too wrinkled. Velvet is my favorite fabric besides wool, but when its wrinkled it looks terrible and old in a bad, worn down way. Until 13 there were some particularly ugly filler pieces, especially the ones with hotel wallpaper prints. What is with those patterns in fashion collections? I come across that all the time in my reviews!
                   Thankfully 13's lacy bodysuit was a favorite; it had an elegant Baroque/Rococo pattern, all in black lace, with ruffles on the sides. 16's unlikely combination was exciting; a baggy black and white plaid dress, with half of the top cut off with semi sheer white fabric. Seeing strange but stylish combinations is always a plus in a collection. It shows the designer's talents as an innovator. Look 18 was kind of ruined by the oddly placed ruffles on the skirt. After this, there were way too many ''wide armed'' jackets and worn out lace nighties. With 26, we moved away from that trend, but instead got a particularly frightening look; white and sheer with floral ruffles on the sides...and then blonde hair growing out of the side of the skirt and bodice? Blech! Luckily I enjoyed 28's pretty, sheer with a slip white dress, and little matching flowers scattered all over. So delicate and soft. The rest of this collection was more misplaced ruffles and shapes, and some of those ever delightful wallpaper patterns.
                 I was pretty disappointed with this collection. I was expecting more outfits in Rocha's innovative, modern style; but it seemed to just fall back on old standbys (wide sleeves, wallpaper), and filler. I would take the time to look over it for some of the black velvet looks, though.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to Moi

Yesterday I turned 17! Isn't that exciting? I'm the age of one my favorite magazines! I spent my birthday walking through the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, visiting places like Myopic Books, Reckless Records, and Native Foods. These are some of the gifts from my parents and things I purchased on our outing. The first one is an issue of THE FACE with King Kurt on the cover.
These are some of the gifts from my parents and things I purchased on our outing. The first one is an issue of THE FACE King Kurt on the cover.

This is a stop sign shaped greatest hits compilation from the Stones. I love how they always have interesting album art, even on compilations.

This other greatest hits album is one of my favorite albums, since it has a book of about five pages of band pictures right when you open it.

This is a book of David Bowie's album art done by Brian Duffy, a photographer he worked with a lot. The behind the scenes images and story about how the Ashes to Ashes video was cast out of the Blitz club in London are my favorite parts

I know the picture is blurry, but I find it artsy. Shove it. Anyway, its my Sonic Youth hat.

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This is Kim Gordon's new memoir, which I was going to have signed by her yesterday at a talk + signing at the Music Box Theater, but unfortunately the tickets sold out. Regardless, I love it.