Friday, April 24, 2015

Assortment of Assorted Things

Jello! These are some of the outfits I have been wearing. I wore the first one to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, last sunday. I know, not a glamorous moment at all, but I felt like it. The pictures really didn't capture how sparkly the tights are, but their very disco-queen. I love them to death. They remind me of something Edie Sedgwick would wear.
Here I am in my favorite flannel shirt and Jean Paul Gaultier Homme pants. When they aren't as baggy as Justin Bieber's pants, they actually look attractive and stylish. When they're not pulled up, they look pretty bad. As if the Bieber reference didn't drive that point home enough.
This is a really cool FFA (Future Farmers of America) jacket my dad gave me. Its actually really warm and has the coolest patch on it. It also makes people think my name is Jean! (the name on the jacket, OBVI)(oh i love sounding like a little obnoxious twit).

I love my new cat eye sunglasses! They make me look like that secretary or whatever character from Pink Flamingoes. I'm a total John Waters poser (haven't seen any of his movie...yes, shame me), but I love that aesthetic. It fits my creepy-clean neighborhood swimmingly. It also kinda makes me look like Tiger Morse from her Andy Warhol movie. YES I AM THIS WEIRD.

    These are posters I got for Easter. Jesus celebrates his resurrection by giving me rock posters.

Mom says this one makes Johnny look "deep."
I absolutely adore this record; it comes with a photo album, and makes an awesome presentation for a book shelf. It also looks like a really bro-y rock shrine. At least I don't have a Led Zeppelin poster yet.
My paintings. This one is of Nancy Spungen.
Kurt in a dress.
A self portrait of myself at my 5th birthday. I actually did look that moody. I probably didn't get a pony or something.
I used a ''how to draw houses" book for this one, so its pretty much a copy. But it gave me a lot to learn about perspective and shading.


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