Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Are My Flower/You Are My Power


                               On a more serious note, these are perfection. Honestly, who hasn't heard about the 60's trend? No one. And it's not  just a trend; the 60's were when rock music became the still listened to tunes we all know, some fifty-odd years later. And  we met singers who were both talented and celebrities (listening to Between The Buttons or Let It Bleed seriously makes you question why you ever listen to dub step-laced tunes about getting fro-yo while toting fake glasses with plastic mustaches hanging off of them). The clothes were equally world changing, also. Boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip introduced us to men's clothing that is both stylish, not a costume, and still unusually and weirdly fantastic. And, um, DIANA VREELAND AT VOGUE!

                              I got this great necklace from the garage sale my favorite vintage shop+cafe had, Kouk's:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marchesa Resort 2015 Review

                                  This collection is pretty small (17 looks) but it still feels daunting; I mean, most of the clothes were so gorgeous! How am I to properly explain them? I certainly hope you always actually look at collections before/after reading reviews, but especially do so for this one; it will renew hope in the use of pastel yet mature outfits (and dark/feminine fashions).
                   1 was simply a dream; straight out of Maleficent or  from a Pixar created fairy land. Iridescent pinks, yellows, and greens (and some blues) were sweepingly arrayed all over the dress. Another favorite part was the black lace middle. 2 was a much more toned down look, more for a younger lady; it was very pretty (I want it!) but just not very ''grown up.'' 3 was a very pale pink, almost white, with a twisted, circular sculptural right shoulder. I don't really think the middle worked; the point towards the right was in an odd place. 4 was a dead ringer for Beyonce's dress at the Met Gala 2013 (for Chaos to Couture); lush train, texture, and gothic lace. But more modest. Perfect dress for a dark fairy emerging from her lair. 5 was too stereotypically girlish; not even prom, but 8th grade dance. Look 6 was really confusing; the side rose (or folded circle?) just didn't go at all. No more last minute ''interesting'' attempts, PLEASE!
                     Look 7's shirt was silky and gothic, like a Balenciaga perfume ad I remember from 2 years ago. Mysteriously feminine. Look 8 was botanical without being super ''juicy'' or lush. It had a dash of darkness too. 10 was a total diva dress. One sleeve, slit down the skirt- BAM. But it also wasn't a typical ''diva'' dress; like so many of the looks in this collections, it was  dark and feminine. Extremely mature and for  a woman. 11 unfortunately was very plain and prom. Unlike 10, it was for a girl (and not a sophisticated, Manhattinite like moi)(only true in my mind); it was not womanly or mature at all. I loved the way 15 shimmered. It was not a loud look. The print was exceedingly understated and simple, but created a beautiful shimmer that accentuated the wearer's self and style. 17, the final look, was quite Betsey Johnson -esque. Girly/tough.
          This collection gave a darkness to the uber feminine genre of fashion, and the good looks far outweighed the boring (or too girly).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interview with Mary of Kaleidoscope Eyes!

                Ta da! Shebang! Kapow, bam, and zap! Another interview, with another fantabulous style blogger. Mary is a blogger from Germany who is a lover of all things Led Zeppelin (has a crush on Robert Plant! but not judging!), David Bowie, and like all teenagers the world over- pizza. She also wears the galaxy print well. Without looking like a boring modern mall rat. Anyways, my interview with Mary of Kaleidoscope eyes.

1.) Who is your favorite designer?

Um. I have to say, I'm not that interested in runway fashion - I just wear whatever I want, without thinking about if it's trendy or not. But I LOVE Meadham Kirchhoff. Their collections are absolutely brilliant and awesome. It's real art.

2.) What is fashion like in Germany? Do you have a favorite German designer?

It really depends on where you live! If you're living on the countryside like me, fashion is more like "it's cold today and it's too damn early to even think and I'm going to wear that sweater and a pair of bluejeans". There are not many people here who are really interested in fashion, I guess. However, in bigger Towns like W├╝rzburg, fashion is just, like, a code. Everybody looks, like, exactly the same! Straightened hair, bluejeans, bright top and a necklace. Believe me, it's almost scary! You feel like you're in a dollhouse full of barbies and you're the only "real" person. That's fashion in medium-size cities. In the capital of Germany, in Berlin, fashion is the way it should be. There are many different styles and stores, people think about what they wear more but aren't judging you in a negative way (if you're surrounded by a nice crowd, of course. again, it depends!). Berlin is probably the best town in Germany if you're interested in fashion.

3.) I'm always surprised how every country has it's own movie stars, singers, magazines,etc that aren't too famous in other places. Who should us non-German citizens know about, art/music/film/fashion wise?

Um... eh... Well... As I am more interested in, like, other countries than Germany, I don't know much about Germany. But there are some nice magazines here! There's one called "Galore", they specialize on interviews. And those interviews are awesome, believe me. Art-wise, there's the documenta, a huge art fair in Kassel every four or five years. But I guess it's quite famous, Idk :D It's amazing! I went there once and I was totally stunned by all the contemporary art. I don't know more, I'm sorry - music-wise, I only listen to 70s rock and art-wise, I love Frida Kahlo and some performance artists.

4.) If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who would would it be?

I CAN'T DECIDE!!! I would LOVE to meet Frida Kahlo, or Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, or Tavi Gevinson or David Bowie or Jim Morrison or anybody who was at Woodstock or the guy who invented pizza or - God, there are so much more! Don't make me decide. I love meeting people who know about things I don't know much about, and I love meeting people with whom you can talk for hours. Looooong conversations are the best thing ever. I don't know. I'm not good at this interview thing.

Check Mary's blog out here!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seeing Dots

             YAY POLKA DOTS! I just can't get enough of this print! And their are so many varieties! Today I wore this when I went to see Maleficent with my mom (which she pronounced malfeasance), a movie that is actually pretty awesome. It also has an unlikely (clue: doesn't involve dating), Tale of Two Cities esque ending (though no beheading, fortunately!). And Elle Fanning is pretty and girlish without being weak or naive. And in real life she wears Miu Miu and Prada. Thus being an awesome person.

                                   I look so short in this one!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2015 Review

                              Diane Von Furstenberg has always been someone I really admire; along with all her designing, her life has involved  portraits by Warhol, parties at Studio 54, and so much more.The thing I admire the most about her, though, is her ability to come up with beautiful, colorful dresses collection after collection, and even still make different versions of her famed wrap dress.
                         Look 1 was, yes, a wrap dress. I loved the tropical, Hawaiian shirt aspect, but with unlikely colors, like dark purple and red. I adored 3's jacket. The giant flowers and dusty shades were so pretty. It also looked very mature, and not prissy or ''girly.'' 5 had a great print, but it seemed too long to me. I just really love shoes, so an outfit that can't really show my shoes off feels odd. I could see Miu Miu's influence on 6. The simple shape, with lines in the same color. Very 60's, just like the recent Miu Miu collection. 7 seemed too manly and shapeless to me. The middle was too wide. 8 and 9 seemed  usual and cheap. Especially 9, the blue jacket. I think I've seen it on the bus when my local high school gets on (except their's has an Abercrombie and Fitch tag on it)! 10's sleeve were extremely out of place. A plain, simple dress, and then BAM! Super printed sleeves with all different colors! Its bad enough when people don't match separates, but an outfit all in one piece?
                         12, on a much more positive note, was fab. A sweater, with Diane herself drawn on the front? Awesome. I hate clothes with giant logos or advertisements, but this one was artistic and fun. 14's shirt seemed a bit Target Girls. I mean, what person, who once was a girl in middle school, hasn't worn this? Very few. 15's stripe pattern kept coming up. I didn't like it. It was very boring and typical.16's soup of shapes and stripes was really nice. It really worked well, and very creative; it wasn't random, but it definitely didn't follow any pattern or rules. 17 looked like a strange 80's ''power suit.'' The last look, 20, was a favorite. Very simple, but the wide legged black slacks looked so smooth and modern. And from the side view, the jacket became very artistic with a unique shape.
                   Some parts of this collection were disappointing, with typical prints and strange patterns. But others were elegant, fun, and feminine, which are the best aspects of Diane's designs.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 Review

                First: This collection was a HUGE improvement from the last one; it actually involved clothes, not a lack thereof! It was colorful (and not some nauseating shade of brown), feminine, and SO Marc Jacobs.
                 Our first look was a suit with skinny pants and a lush, piled on pattern of big yellow flowers. Bright and cheerful. 2, and I don't know if this makes sense...reminded of  The Fault In Our Stars? If I were Shailene Woodley, I would wear this to the premiere, and I'm pretty sure everyone would get the connection: the flowers look so much like the clouds on the book cover! Anyways, the jacket is the same as look 1's but in dark blue. 3 had the same kind of flowers, but was a tiny 60's style coat with a tiny, sharp collar, in red and pink. Very pretty and cute. 4's top was rouched into wrinkling, and did the pants really need an extra flap on the model's right leg? Look 5 resembled typical issue eighth grade graduation garb. 7 was a very funny look; it seemed to combine the theme of a 20's flapper dress, while still resembling a beach cover up. And it looked pretty nice! 10-13 were too Juicy Couture for me. Glossy cat prints. 14 was a glamorous black velvet mini dress, with a low neckline of big ''diamonds.'' A perfect look for when your in a rush getting ready for a party.
                 Look 15 was one of my favorite outfits from all the 2015 Resort collections. Gorgeously plush red velvet, and sleeveless with a tiny collar of, again, ''diamonds.'' Be still my Edie Sedgwick loving heart! I didn't get the spots on 18's skirt. 21 was another favorite; this time it was a black ''Edie'' dress, with a sparkly bottom half and teeny tiny holes. The fabulous finishing touch was the sparkling bow for a collar. 24 was pretty ugly. Childish, garish, and basically a costume. The giant, white velvet bow was just too much. 30 seemed sloppy to me. The neckline wasn't only revealing, but it looked ripped and out of place. Look 31 had a lush, marbled look, in a beautifully wrinkled hot pink brocade fabric. 32 was another favorite, a Christmas-red dress with a pink bow at the waist. 33 was okay, but to me it looked a bit old in a bad way, with the droopy bow.
            This collection did have some ugly jumbo bows, and the eighth grade dance bandage dresses were boring. But all of the great looks had me wishing I had more money to spend on a dress for my End of Year homeschool dance!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 Review

                    I really wish I had heard about Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier before. Luella Bartley even had her own brand, until  2009 when the recession forced her to close her business. Anyway, these two ladies are doing a fabulous job at the Marc by Marc label, and their work is so diverse (which is quite rare) and fun, while not being childish or stupid. As Yves Saint Laurent said, ''I hate seeing women, rendered pathetic, by fashion.''
                   Look 1 of this collection was black pants, with a horizontal strap across the shirt, with artistically misplaced pockets; very Comme des Garcons. While it didn't scream lady like, it was very feminine; stylish, but not in a ''pleasing others'' way. 2's long white shirt with an image of what looked like standing on the moon and looking at a ring-less saturn, looked so comfy. 3 was military inspired, with an army green shirt (again with those funny pockets) and a black skirt with the strap from look 1. I adore how these looks are so fun and artsy, but still casual. Their not obnoxious or precocious. They have style. If it is possible to pick bests in this collection (um no) I would be forced to say 7 is one of them. The moon shirt works so well with the lima bean pants, AND our friend the strap. Very utilitarian and freeing. I love how many of the latest collections are focused on wearability, following in the steps of the famous Le Smoking suit and Bar suit. Look 8 put the stylish in coat, which is super difficult when a designer differentiates from the wool norm while designing a coat. Silky and simple.
                Look 9 was a fabulously spunky dress, very tomboy. For a lady who has something important to do but still wants to embrace her girly side, while still wearing navy blue and not, like, hot pink. 11 was one look I found a tiny bit questionable; the straps on the top were too gear-ish for clothing. Look 13 did the same thing; what, are we going sky diving or something? Fortunately 15 was another spunky dress, this time in black with a rouched cloth belt, and sporty with the zipper in the front. 16's sweatshirt was slightly wall paper-y, but the skirt's whirly computer screen saver-esque 3-D skirt was rad, in dark blue and black. It reminded me of all the blue butterflies in Gaultier's last couture collection. 18 reminded me of sheer lip gloss. This dress was downright pretty. The whole shade with light sparkly pink, like the inside of a shell.I loved the casual-cool of 19; the gray actually looked good! Gray is so hard to work with, especially if its a priority to make the outfit look good! The fabric looked almost like T shirt, and the strappy sleeves were subtle enough not to look like sky diving gear. In look 20, the last look, we got to see the sparkly blue 3-D ''skirt'' from 16 in full form as a dress. It was quite a surprisingly look, because so many outfits in this collection were very casual and relaxed; this was fancy and sleek, almost couture looking! The best part was the ''space adventure'' element.''
            This is my favorite collection so far for Resort 2015. Almost every look I adored, and I can't wait to see the next collection for Fashion Month in september!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Louis Vuitton resort 2015 Review

                  The first look I really liked from this collection was the top in look 2; the shimmery blue branches were celestial and nature-y at the same time. 3 and 4 were quite odd; random stripes don't make anything better, and the skirts...meh. Look 5's high waisted yellow pants and polka dot sweater had style. The smooth pants went with the potentially (but totally not) immature polka dot sweater. 7 was super fun and glittery, and very mature; I couldn't see any teenager wearing this (besides Elle Fanning, duh); and the embroidery on the shoulder was very Miu Miu, minus faces. 12's jacket was a favorite, with the orange leather being shimmery without looking plastic, and the peplum wasn't too pronounced to look ''trendy.'' 14 was too plain. So much is done in fashion, why not jazz it up? Wide stripes have between done before, I can assure you. Look 15's furry jacket was too much of a copy of the recent Miu Miu jackets, but the skirt's print was majorly cute. The patterns (circles, straight lines, diagonal lines) could be seen as random, but it reminded me of Ossie Clark + Celia Birtwell.
               While 15's skirt was prettily mismatched, 17 was random. Stripes... and checkers...and orange stripes underneath? Too much. 19 was a perfect representation of the strength in femininity. Armor-like leather top with a swishy black skirt. Fitness and sportswear has been a big trend lately, especially in Celine and Stella McCartney; 21 followed this. 22 was a favorite, orange branches, blue leaves, and white flowers on a black velvety jacket. It was chic yet rustic at the same time. 26 was awesome because if there is one color I ADORE, it's sparkly black. Especially in such a sharp, ladylike coat as this one; One of those outfits you just want to touch, so much. 27 was a bit absurd looking, and I think the problem was that it seemed to not fit the model. It looked baggy, and the lopsided lace at the top was dumb. I liked 28 a lot; it was the same idea as 27, but better and with deep orange/red shades sprinkled all over the dress. Quite sleek.
             Look 30's top was ugly. Holes with hideous gray sludge marbling? Ick! Look 32 was far better; it was an elegant and stylish take on the women's suit; pastel pink and skinny, with the pockets, legs, and straps over the belt outlined in what looked like, but wasn't, pencil. Yves's (hey that sounds like Yeezus oh my) Le Smoking put the bar pretty high for women's suits, but this was a great interpretation. But OH MY GOSH look 34! Fab! Shiny yellow jacket, with a super spring/Marimekko inspired print. It was modern and beautiful, a look that gives me hope in 21st century style (not nostalgia of another era). 36's print seemed kind of cheap to me. Very 70's Thanksgiving decorations. 37 had the flower print I know and love from this collection (such as in 34), but I think the pieces would look better as  separates. The print is just too loud with both pants AND a jacket. 39's top was a predictable white and black striped shirt with a random hole (ooh! now its interesting!) but the mini skirt was dark and almost scary (in a good, McQueen-esque ''I want my clothes to make women scary'' way), with its blood red dots and black background, and the pointiness at the bottom of the skirt. 40 had a very run-of-the-mill department store print, and the sleeveless- and sidelessness made it look homemade in a bad way. The skirt on the other hand was very dark and scary, like 39, with its fiery orange branches creating a fire all up the skirt.
            Look 43 was a relaxed, almost wrap dress with pastel sparkly branches reaching all around it. Quite girly and feminine. 45 was pretty, but less exciting and mysterious than the other ''branched'' looks, with its pale blue. I adored the standouts in this collection, and the biggest positive would be the flexibility and great wearability of these outfits. And there wasn't too much filler, either. I just really don't like gray sludge or super loud prints in suits.