Thursday, June 5, 2014

Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 Review

                First: This collection was a HUGE improvement from the last one; it actually involved clothes, not a lack thereof! It was colorful (and not some nauseating shade of brown), feminine, and SO Marc Jacobs.
                 Our first look was a suit with skinny pants and a lush, piled on pattern of big yellow flowers. Bright and cheerful. 2, and I don't know if this makes sense...reminded of  The Fault In Our Stars? If I were Shailene Woodley, I would wear this to the premiere, and I'm pretty sure everyone would get the connection: the flowers look so much like the clouds on the book cover! Anyways, the jacket is the same as look 1's but in dark blue. 3 had the same kind of flowers, but was a tiny 60's style coat with a tiny, sharp collar, in red and pink. Very pretty and cute. 4's top was rouched into wrinkling, and did the pants really need an extra flap on the model's right leg? Look 5 resembled typical issue eighth grade graduation garb. 7 was a very funny look; it seemed to combine the theme of a 20's flapper dress, while still resembling a beach cover up. And it looked pretty nice! 10-13 were too Juicy Couture for me. Glossy cat prints. 14 was a glamorous black velvet mini dress, with a low neckline of big ''diamonds.'' A perfect look for when your in a rush getting ready for a party.
                 Look 15 was one of my favorite outfits from all the 2015 Resort collections. Gorgeously plush red velvet, and sleeveless with a tiny collar of, again, ''diamonds.'' Be still my Edie Sedgwick loving heart! I didn't get the spots on 18's skirt. 21 was another favorite; this time it was a black ''Edie'' dress, with a sparkly bottom half and teeny tiny holes. The fabulous finishing touch was the sparkling bow for a collar. 24 was pretty ugly. Childish, garish, and basically a costume. The giant, white velvet bow was just too much. 30 seemed sloppy to me. The neckline wasn't only revealing, but it looked ripped and out of place. Look 31 had a lush, marbled look, in a beautifully wrinkled hot pink brocade fabric. 32 was another favorite, a Christmas-red dress with a pink bow at the waist. 33 was okay, but to me it looked a bit old in a bad way, with the droopy bow.
            This collection did have some ugly jumbo bows, and the eighth grade dance bandage dresses were boring. But all of the great looks had me wishing I had more money to spend on a dress for my End of Year homeschool dance!

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