Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interview with Mary of Kaleidoscope Eyes!

                Ta da! Shebang! Kapow, bam, and zap! Another interview, with another fantabulous style blogger. Mary is a blogger from Germany who is a lover of all things Led Zeppelin (has a crush on Robert Plant! but not judging!), David Bowie, and like all teenagers the world over- pizza. She also wears the galaxy print well. Without looking like a boring modern mall rat. Anyways, my interview with Mary of Kaleidoscope eyes.

1.) Who is your favorite designer?

Um. I have to say, I'm not that interested in runway fashion - I just wear whatever I want, without thinking about if it's trendy or not. But I LOVE Meadham Kirchhoff. Their collections are absolutely brilliant and awesome. It's real art.

2.) What is fashion like in Germany? Do you have a favorite German designer?

It really depends on where you live! If you're living on the countryside like me, fashion is more like "it's cold today and it's too damn early to even think and I'm going to wear that sweater and a pair of bluejeans". There are not many people here who are really interested in fashion, I guess. However, in bigger Towns like Würzburg, fashion is just, like, a code. Everybody looks, like, exactly the same! Straightened hair, bluejeans, bright top and a necklace. Believe me, it's almost scary! You feel like you're in a dollhouse full of barbies and you're the only "real" person. That's fashion in medium-size cities. In the capital of Germany, in Berlin, fashion is the way it should be. There are many different styles and stores, people think about what they wear more but aren't judging you in a negative way (if you're surrounded by a nice crowd, of course. again, it depends!). Berlin is probably the best town in Germany if you're interested in fashion.

3.) I'm always surprised how every country has it's own movie stars, singers, magazines,etc that aren't too famous in other places. Who should us non-German citizens know about, art/music/film/fashion wise?

Um... eh... Well... As I am more interested in, like, other countries than Germany, I don't know much about Germany. But there are some nice magazines here! There's one called "Galore", they specialize on interviews. And those interviews are awesome, believe me. Art-wise, there's the documenta, a huge art fair in Kassel every four or five years. But I guess it's quite famous, Idk :D It's amazing! I went there once and I was totally stunned by all the contemporary art. I don't know more, I'm sorry - music-wise, I only listen to 70s rock and art-wise, I love Frida Kahlo and some performance artists.

4.) If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who would would it be?

I CAN'T DECIDE!!! I would LOVE to meet Frida Kahlo, or Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, or Tavi Gevinson or David Bowie or Jim Morrison or anybody who was at Woodstock or the guy who invented pizza or - God, there are so much more! Don't make me decide. I love meeting people who know about things I don't know much about, and I love meeting people with whom you can talk for hours. Looooong conversations are the best thing ever. I don't know. I'm not good at this interview thing.

Check Mary's blog out here!


  1. yo, its led zeppelin. you put "lep" other than that c00l interview

    1. omg yeah i read the interview and was on my way to fixing it and then I saw your comment- thanks for catching it!