Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Are My Flower/You Are My Power


                               On a more serious note, these are perfection. Honestly, who hasn't heard about the 60's trend? No one. And it's not  just a trend; the 60's were when rock music became the still listened to tunes we all know, some fifty-odd years later. And  we met singers who were both talented and celebrities (listening to Between The Buttons or Let It Bleed seriously makes you question why you ever listen to dub step-laced tunes about getting fro-yo while toting fake glasses with plastic mustaches hanging off of them). The clothes were equally world changing, also. Boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip introduced us to men's clothing that is both stylish, not a costume, and still unusually and weirdly fantastic. And, um, DIANA VREELAND AT VOGUE!

                              I got this great necklace from the garage sale my favorite vintage shop+cafe had, Kouk's:

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