Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Louis Vuitton resort 2015 Review

                  The first look I really liked from this collection was the top in look 2; the shimmery blue branches were celestial and nature-y at the same time. 3 and 4 were quite odd; random stripes don't make anything better, and the skirts...meh. Look 5's high waisted yellow pants and polka dot sweater had style. The smooth pants went with the potentially (but totally not) immature polka dot sweater. 7 was super fun and glittery, and very mature; I couldn't see any teenager wearing this (besides Elle Fanning, duh); and the embroidery on the shoulder was very Miu Miu, minus faces. 12's jacket was a favorite, with the orange leather being shimmery without looking plastic, and the peplum wasn't too pronounced to look ''trendy.'' 14 was too plain. So much is done in fashion, why not jazz it up? Wide stripes have between done before, I can assure you. Look 15's furry jacket was too much of a copy of the recent Miu Miu jackets, but the skirt's print was majorly cute. The patterns (circles, straight lines, diagonal lines) could be seen as random, but it reminded me of Ossie Clark + Celia Birtwell.
               While 15's skirt was prettily mismatched, 17 was random. Stripes... and checkers...and orange stripes underneath? Too much. 19 was a perfect representation of the strength in femininity. Armor-like leather top with a swishy black skirt. Fitness and sportswear has been a big trend lately, especially in Celine and Stella McCartney; 21 followed this. 22 was a favorite, orange branches, blue leaves, and white flowers on a black velvety jacket. It was chic yet rustic at the same time. 26 was awesome because if there is one color I ADORE, it's sparkly black. Especially in such a sharp, ladylike coat as this one; One of those outfits you just want to touch, so much. 27 was a bit absurd looking, and I think the problem was that it seemed to not fit the model. It looked baggy, and the lopsided lace at the top was dumb. I liked 28 a lot; it was the same idea as 27, but better and with deep orange/red shades sprinkled all over the dress. Quite sleek.
             Look 30's top was ugly. Holes with hideous gray sludge marbling? Ick! Look 32 was far better; it was an elegant and stylish take on the women's suit; pastel pink and skinny, with the pockets, legs, and straps over the belt outlined in what looked like, but wasn't, pencil. Yves's (hey that sounds like Yeezus oh my) Le Smoking put the bar pretty high for women's suits, but this was a great interpretation. But OH MY GOSH look 34! Fab! Shiny yellow jacket, with a super spring/Marimekko inspired print. It was modern and beautiful, a look that gives me hope in 21st century style (not nostalgia of another era). 36's print seemed kind of cheap to me. Very 70's Thanksgiving decorations. 37 had the flower print I know and love from this collection (such as in 34), but I think the pieces would look better as  separates. The print is just too loud with both pants AND a jacket. 39's top was a predictable white and black striped shirt with a random hole (ooh! now its interesting!) but the mini skirt was dark and almost scary (in a good, McQueen-esque ''I want my clothes to make women scary'' way), with its blood red dots and black background, and the pointiness at the bottom of the skirt. 40 had a very run-of-the-mill department store print, and the sleeveless- and sidelessness made it look homemade in a bad way. The skirt on the other hand was very dark and scary, like 39, with its fiery orange branches creating a fire all up the skirt.
            Look 43 was a relaxed, almost wrap dress with pastel sparkly branches reaching all around it. Quite girly and feminine. 45 was pretty, but less exciting and mysterious than the other ''branched'' looks, with its pale blue. I adored the standouts in this collection, and the biggest positive would be the flexibility and great wearability of these outfits. And there wasn't too much filler, either. I just really don't like gray sludge or super loud prints in suits.

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