Monday, October 22, 2012

srry the first link didn't work ;(

Chanel With Just A Usual Extremely Amazing outfit

The outfit in the pic for this article is like the epitomy of gorgeousness.....omg!!!! i love it!!!!

threadless t-shirts!!!!!

so Threadless T shirts is like the greatest thing ever!!! they have all of these super cool shirts. Every design on the shirts is by an artist, so anyone can submit a design. I just love their shirts so much because, well, i've always loved fashion and vintage and chanel, but some days you just want to throw on jeans and a tee and watch Adventure Time re runs. *lumpy space princess is my favorite ever* But you also don't want to wear something un-cool. These just kind of give you something fashionable and quirky and interesting to wear, without all the fuss. here's a pic of my latest shirt from Threadless i bought *btw, at the Threadless store on Broadway in Chicago their selling halloween themed tees for only $10* :

Sunday, October 21, 2012


that really tricky thing called eyeliner

i tried eyeliner yesterday and it was not very good. i thought that whole cat eye thing would look cute. but my dad said ''oh vampire don't bite me!''. Not exactly what i was looking for. it really is hard. most of the time I just go without makeup, cause i'm afraid i'll look crazy. i really can't stand being stared at. or talked about. OR NOTICED!
    but i really want to try it. so i will. i asked for a ton of makeup from bobbi brown and chanel for christmas from my parents. so i will try it. i will. i hope. gold eye shadow, hopefully here i come. that's my mostly one direction themed and a dash of fashion themed tumblr. it's mostly 1D though xXD

so basically i'm moving

so basically, i am moving. to a new place. and we might get a dog. but my whole family wants the types of dogs i don't want. I really am not all that crazy about dogs. i don't hate them, and i love them actually. their just not like myself all that much. they just kind of are too crazy for me. and yeah, i can be crazy. but most of the time i like sitting around pretending i'm hopeless, trying to be, so that i don't expect great stuff to happen. which i really suck at, because naturally i always am like ''U WILL WIN THAT CONTEST!''. so yeah. anyway....cats are just more my style, ya' know? they're calm and collected and don't ask for much. u don't have to walk them, and your dad can just clean up their mess in the litter box.
    A perk about this move is that I will finally have my own room *yes!!!* i am totally going to turn it into like, a mecca of all my interests and obsessions (One Direction, couture fashion, Chanel, Dior, cats,  pink, music, Cher Lloyd.....).
           so basically i'm moving