Friday, December 26, 2014

Grunge Baby

                               Hello fashion...people...whatever... During break I've been descending even further into my Nirvana/Hole obsession. It also works because I think, no matter what music period I'm into, I've had a mire grunge style; the torn jeans, fuzzy sweater, messy hair.

                                     I made this vest also by myself! Yay! I was inspired by my new love and the punk book I just got. because its hand made. Basically. :P

                                 I have so much love for this book; the vintage pictures of the movement are absolutely gorgeous, despite being almost exclusively in black and white; my favorite modern, inspired looks are the ones by Rodarte and Margiela.
                                  I got this vintage coat today at the Village Discount. I managed to look beyond the horrifying Mount Everest of self help books and find it. The jacket is faded pink leopard print.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Me, Poetry, and A Seriously Wacky Hat

                            I feel terrible for how ''often'' I update this blog, which isn't that much. I've just been studying a ton lately, and I'm homeschooled, so most of my school assignments are online, which makes any extra use of the computer feel like my eyes are melting out of my head. And lets face it; Shake It Up reruns are totally worth 2 hours of your life.
                        I spent today with my mom, Christmas shopping and seeing David Bowie Is (my second time, her first). I also got my first Betsey Johnson piece, this hat:

                                Collage is my new favorite craft; this one is of roadies and musicians from a torn up Creem magazine. Oh, and Snuffalopagus and Twiggy.

                                  Me as a stick figure having one of my ever frequent bouts of nausea"

                                  I just made this one tonight. Its a collage of all my favorite models, such as Twiggy, Lauren Hutton, and Veruschka. I put a poem in the middle of it:
                                     I am
                                    the girl you know
                                    blazing me through the pages
                                    of fancy free
                                    woosh and swing
                                    clean and fresh
                                    or POP
                                    and happening.
                                    You see me,
                                    never, ever to understand me.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Clothesclothesclothesssssssssss! Bee-oo-tiful clothes! I haven't done a clothing post in such a long time, so I have three outfits to catch up with, and some new designs I sketched up (now i want to be a designer! yay career confusion!). Here's an old dress of my mom's that had lived on various closet shelves for over 20 years because no one realized how easy it was to repair! And, yes, I did the repair!

                               This is an Emmanuel Ungaro 80's dress, with some fabulous shoulder pads. I think the pads are subtle enough to not look too SUPER CAREER WOMAN POWER SUUUUUUUUUIT!!!

                                   This is a gor-juice flapper dress I purchased at an estate sale. I love how colorful it is, and it has an odd 60's look, since many of the hippies resurrected vintage 20's- 30's looks from thrift shops.

                                   My gorgeous, fantabulous, cutey patooties wittle tiny kitty cat princess best friend; she is perfection materialized (even though she scratched my hand yesterday!

                                   Sketchbook of moi. My favorite models and Diana Vreeland:

                                 The December issue of Vogue is even better than the last; I loved the articles about costume designers, like Sandy Powell and William Ivey Long; I very seriously recommend reading Long's story in the 2014 Met Gala Vogue Special Issue. He moved to the Chelsea Hotel just to meet Charles James!

                                   How the beading on the Divine dress:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Me: An Update

                                            Lately I've been pretty confused. And have felt unproductive. I do my school work, talk to friends, do some reading, and listen to music (my latest music adventure has been the Stooges), but I haven't been doing much myself, especially on my blog. I still love fashion. Yesterday I bought the November issue of Vogue; Natalia Vodianova was so beautiful on the cover, in her shining gold Chanel dress. And when I opened the magazine, the first thing I saw was an image of Karlie Kloss, painted pure white with roses on her head and breast. It dazed me, and  brought my heart up from the slightly blah place it has been in lately. Dazed is my favorite place to be; something special, significant, poignant, whatever, strikes you, and for a few moments in time, its just you and that something (the Stones, David Bowie, Karlie *yes, first name basis*). But I also feel unsure. Fashion will always be a part of me, but I feel my interests straying occasionally.
                               Music became a more important part  of my life this past summer. I saw a documentary about Ed Sullivan, and seeing the Stones perform such amazing music really changed me. I had finally found a missing piece I only distantly knew was gone. Then, I started reading about them and seeing pictures of them, so then I saw who they hung out with (Bowie, Iggy, Lou) and it was an upward spiral from there.
                               But I don't think music will ever be a career for me. I can't sing (I lip synced my way all through church choir), and writing about it is too hard. You don't want to worship these people, because 1: they could be a super jerk with a super talent to match, so it would be best to just see their work as work itself, unless you meet them and they give you a flower garland and say some stupid poem that you pretend means something, or 2: no one should be put on a pedestal, and celebrity worship leads to, at the least, acceptance of all their work, good or bad. And I feel like I'm still in the worshipful stage of fandom. In order to be a good music writer, I need to dedicate my life to music (not something I am willing to do) and defend it, which often times means criticizing it (or acting like a stuck up jerk and being the only person not dancing in the arena). How could I possibly break it to Mick that *gasp* ''Dancing in The Street'' was kind of campy? Or did they mean to be that way?
                             I also started writing poetry, about lost rock stars, myself, and other people I see laying on my neighborhood high school's football field. And I write about dresses and clothes, the way you can get so lost in them, and how that makes them awesome. This essay or whatever it is is starting to sound confusing and convoluted, but I guess that shows how I feel right now.  I don't know exactly what I want to do with my life, or even my day. I just know it will be something creative, stylish, and inevitably something ''rock'n'roll'' related. I'll probably be a writer of some sort. Whatever.
                         Anywaysie daisie,   heres a list of things I really recommend, am inspired by, and have been up to:

1.) Lorde's new video:

2.) Basically anything Rolling Stones/Stooges/Led Zeppelin related

3.) And I started knitting this tank top (and yeah, it is kind of weird to end a list at four, but WHATEVER, DUDETTE):

                                          This is the back of my tanktop (starring my cute little toesies)

                                    Here is the front in progress:
                                     And this is my pink mohair yarn I am using:

                                   Selfie with my precious Bowie book; so, so many valuable life lessons:
                                   And finally, wonderful, fabulous Natalia. The pictures (especially the cover) were stunning, but it made me angry that her name was at the bottom of the cover, while last month Reese Witherspoon's cover had her name right at the top. Let's face it; models have a special way of wearing clothes and being stylish that no one, NO ONE, can touch. And they deserve that honor.*dramatically leaves podium without bowing* *cymbals*

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015

                                  Before I start this review I wanted to say how sad I was to hear that Oscar de la Renta passed away yesterday. He was one of my favorite fashion designers, and even when outfits in his collections weren't to my absolute liking, the beautiful ones were so poignant and blew anything sub par out of the water. He is a classic American designer (not from America, but his career was mostly here), and learning about his career and life is essential to even the most basic fashion education.
                            Look 1 was a favorite; how rarely that happens! It was a cute little short number, in a white, creamy shade with delicate flower buds and black pop art drippy black shapes. 2 reminded me a lot of the dresses from Chanel's recent Texas themed collection. Woven and patterned with little white, black, and patterned leaf shapes. It did have a stiff shape, but the feathers gave it a very light, shell-like look. 4 looked cool all together, but when you don't have the necklace with the giant silver circles, how exciting would the top really be? 5's top was beautiful; it had the same idea as 1's print, but with green buds and white with black outline shapes. Look 6 may have been my most favorite. It combined the drippy shapes from 1 and 5 that I love so much, with the woven dress of 2. The black shapes without flowers made it simply delightful. So modern and just plain elegant.
                         I didn't really understand the fringed looks, especially 8. Fringe taken out of its hippie or cowboy style looks out of place and cheap. 9 had a very Christopher Kane look, with the circle flowers on the skirt. 12's top was torn, or at least it looked like it. Was she subjected to a bear mauling? 15 was very different from previous looks; the top had shapes related to 1's shapes (maybe their cousins?), but this time they were all scattered together, very Jane Miro looking. The skirt had little lilac flowers falling down the skirt. 17's combination of chaos was way, way too much. I don't think the shapes even fit together. 19 didn't help at all, adding fuzzy texture to 17's soup.
                         After these looks we just got a bunch of bad rip offs of Keith Haring style squiggles and just wrong prints, like in 23. It looked like badly combined wall paper. 30's short jacket was a breezy combo of dark blue and white; I loved it, and found it very stylish, but it looked a lot more ''winter'' to me (though it didn't look very warm). Most of it was pretty disappointing after this, but 36's pants were metallic, white, blue, and floral. The shine wasn't too shiny, but certainly not understated. Very chic. The last look, 44, was okay; the flowers were pretty, but it just wasn't exciting. Or terribly original.
                         The first looks of this collection were beautiful, spring, and modern. But this collection was bogged down quite a bit by strange patterns, bad combos, and wrong shapes. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stella McCartney Spring 2015 Review

                             Like Simone Rocha, I have always admired Stella McCartney's designs SO MUCH, but have never gotten around to reviewing any on this blog. Well today, I shall start!
                          I really loved look 5. The way it wrapped around the neck at the top with the belt buckles wasn't too ''tough'' looking, and the dark blue simplified the look. 6 was a little too plain and baggy, and unlike 5, the belt buckles really stuck out, since the dress was pure white. I didn't get the holes in 7 and 9. They just weren't exciting, and the outfits still looked plain. After this there were a few sloppy looks, but 15 was amazing. The denim was so blue that it didn't look too cheap (as very expensive clothes trying to look ''down to earth'' often do), and the four little fuzzy lines and zig zags were cute additions.
                       Look 21 was gorgeous. Short, dark black, and silky. I have never seen a black outfit this feminine, this girly and fun. 23 had a kind of ''inside a seashell'' look to it, shimmery pink with a little blue on flowing, light fabric. 25, disappointingly, was quite ugly. The hot pink/blue plaid dress looked like a garbage bag, and the jacket was torn up like an over-filled one. Many of these looks were very ''pajama-like'', and distressed in the most unflattering ways.  They honestly just looked tattered. 33 was a very airy slip dress, with cut outs that weren't too big. I really loved the combo of black with the holes; they made the dress look even more light.
                  Look 35's sweater would have been really pretty, with the little blue branch shapes on white, but the illusionistic parrots looked out of place. 39, I'm sure, was my most favorite of this whole collection; all the different prints were put together like a rainbow. 40 had kind of the same idea, but was shorter and the prints were in more darker and cloudy shapes. It was such a wonderful collage.
                   What I loved about this collection was how perfectly ''spring'' many of the looks were, while still being very different from each other. I didn't like the sloppiness of other looks, and the ''grungy'' or ''distressed'' looks just looked torn up.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let's Get Down To Business

                   Finally- FINALLY I HAVE AN OUTFIT POST! I love writing fashion collection reviews, but I hate scrolling through my blog and seeing nothing but text; It's boring! It needs to be mixed up! Anyway, I really love this new-yet-old skirt suit; it had a  light and dark blue hound's tooth pattern. I especially love the bow at the collar; I consider it very Schiaparelli.

Christian Dior Spring 2015 Review

                              Raf Simons has made many of my most favorite outfits in the world, but lately some of Dior's recent collection have been a bit plain. This one fortunately had some very elegant, obviously ''spring'' looks, but also some filler and odd looking shaped dresses.         

       This collection started out with a lot of plain looks; black dresses, white dresses. 6 was ugly. Normal top, and then some wacky blimp shaped skirt? No thanks. I really loved 7, though, with its pure white color, wide skirt, and little black and white roses. Very couture. After this there wasn't much but filler (black jackets, plain white jumpsuits, strange shapes), but 17 was short enough to not cover too  much, and the wide sleeves, print, and white color made it look so comfortable. Almost like you could sit down and tuck your legs inside. The jackets of 18 and 19 were too boxy, and just with the shape would look over sized for the wearer. 23 was a pale, pretty shade of blue with a classic beyond classic signature Dior curve in the jacket. I want Elle Fanning to wear this!
                        The first thing I got excited about with 25 was the embroidered pockets; They look like the same plant and shape, but one side is just hot pink and the other is yellow, blue, and pink. I also loved the shape, the way it hangs off the body but still keeps the curve of the bodice. It also made the whole pinafore/overalls trend bare-able. After this was more filler and plain colors, and 32 had an ugly color combo with metallic blue and black. It reminded me of a cheap t-shirt. Thankfully, 34 was a vibrant, floating sleeveless robe/long vest in  shimmering hot pink with white flower embroideries. Spring in the most celebratory way. I also liked 35; it was a cute little pink jacket with a perfect ''Dior curve'' and purple embroidery on the bottom half of the coat. 39 was way too ''sporty'' ; sports gear is fine as an inspiration, but when it gets literal, it also gets really bad.
                         Look 42 was way, way too long. It looked like a baby wearing her dad's shirt. I can't really explain 46's color, but it was a kind of white metallic, almost silver. Very long, with long wide sleeves. I loved it, but I don't think it fits in spring. It was more Snow Princess. I didn't get 49 and 50 at all. They look just like coats, and are very long, but have no sleeves whatsoever. Why?
                      I loved this collection's pretty spring looks, and interesting shades. The filler and weird shapes did bog down the fun a bit, though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rochas Spring 2015 Review

                       Smooth, creamy, light, and soft; that's what I think about when I see a Rochas look. This collection had plenty of this, and some delightful florals.
                  Look 1 was extremely simple. It didn't have much structure, but the belt brought it all in and oh, the lightness! 2 was shapeless...but the embroidery was so amazing! It had daisies and leaves, but somehow the plant shapes looked a bit celestial; I saw some moon and sun shapes. How more spring can daisies be? 6 was perfection; everything more, nothing less. Same embroidery as 2, but the sheer fabric was over a silky white dress, with a popped out top above the chest. 7 could have been an excellent coat, but why the silver strap tightened above the chest? It made no sense! 23 was a cute black sleeveless tunic-like dress, and the sheer fabric looked very elegant at the bottom. Many of the looks near this one were just odd pieces with strange straps and annoying super sheer parts
                 I really loved 33's top; it had this gorgeous burnt gold shade (almost brown) with a cute little ''R'' on the left shoulder. Unlike some gold looks, this one wasn't SUPER SHINY, so it didn't upstage itself. 34 was extremely strange; what shape exactly was the top? It looked like a big knot! 35 was the burnt gold shade I love so much, but this time it was a nice long coat, with a slightly cinched in waist that made it beautifully curvy, but at the same time subtle.
                 I loved the light and airy pieces from this collection, and my new favorite color (burnt gold!) was very unexpected and delightful. But the strange shapes and odd looking top parts of dresses just looked out of place. This collection is worth looking at for its standout pieces.
              (on a completely unrelated note, I plan to have some outfit posts up soon; I just found an adorable purple skirt suit and a Mondrian (unfortunately not by Yves!) dress, that I can't wait to show you!)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Moschino Spring 2015 Review

                                   Jeremy Scott is everyone's new favorite designer; everyone loves him! How could you not? He has tackled McDonald's and Spongebob in such impeccable, artful ways. Anyone who claims to have a grasp on high and low culture has nothing on Scott. Here's my review of his latest (BARBIE THEMED!) collection:
                                   Look 2 was my first favorite; the pink shade was so cute, and Moschino looks so good in Barbie lettering. I can honestly say that Moschino is the only brand I know of that does ''covering clothing in labels'' well. 3 was also very cute, and extremely wearable; it looks like something I wear! I just love the tank top and jeans combo. And 4! It was the same as 2, but as one sweater dress. With 6, I loved the sweatshirt and the sweatpants (can't BELIEVE I am saying this!), but I don't think they looked good together. Quite overwhelming with all the pink. Next we had exercise shorts and a bikini top, again pink and with the labeling. The 80's-ness was just fabulous. 8's top was gorgeously 70's cowgirl, but the pants looked synthetic! A bit too low. Even for, say, an ''hilariously yet chic-ly high/low culture dissecting fashion collection!'' At first I had a visceral reaction to 9's denim underwear, but then I realized everyone wear those now. Why should it faze me? 11 was a little too childish for me. I love fun clothes, but not ones that make me seem stupid. 12's print was too florescent.
                             Look 16 was plain ridiculous. Bikini over a suit?  I guess its good for a laugh, but why make something no one will wear, at least in a serious situation? And not a ''SO AND SO'S SHOCKING RED CARPET LOOK!'' situation? 24-29 were so gloriously ''low'' that they were fabulous; I also loved the glamor of the 80's they had; many people (and, admittedly, occasionally myself) write off the 80's fashion sense as quite the cringe worthy decade. But I believe a lot of it was an effort to have fun with cheaper clothes, which of course would not likely be done by the rich, which OBVIOUSLY isn't worth the world's time. 30 had my always adored polka dots, in all different colors on a black background. And sleek and silky. Again, so 80's! In the best, most chic way.
                            Look 32 appeared to be made of upholstering (Barbie needs a couch after all!). 35 was a favorite. So simple...and yet made of big black sequins! Perfect for a party. 37 and 38 were way too gold; you almost can't see the yellow color, it shines so much. 39's sheer black with chains was...bad. I just don't understand the gold/silver chain trend. 43, worn by a model favorite of mine, Hanne Gaby Odiele, was a boxy, glorious ''career woman'' or British detective jacket. Beige actually looked good, and the black lines bordering the jacket made it pop. 45 was too much of a costume. It looked exactly like a pink fairy costume from preschool. How could a woman wear this? But 46 was the party dress supreme; deep orange, with blue, purple, green, and yellow sparkly stripes all over. And that giant bow on the front! So prom. 50 was another ''prom'' look, this time with a train and in silky red, yellow, and blue. 53 was a bit shocking- it looked nothing like the other looks in this collection, and was so boring! Like a bridesmaid dress from Macy's! 55 was very mermaid/fish-like, with the shiny pink fabric extending in all directions, and the mirrored jumbo sequins all over the pink body.
                              I loved almost ever single bit of this collection. There was some filler and overly over the top outfits, and my biggest concern was how some of these would ever be worn, and if they were, would they make the wearer childish? But I only thought about this with a few looks, and the rest were aesthetically pleasing and colorful.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Meadham Kircchoff Spring 2015 Review

           I've been looking forward to another Meadham Kircchoff collection, and I was excited to see that this one was quite the improvement from previous collections of this label. Less kitsche-y, more serious. And fun, of course!       
          Look 1's leotard wasn't all that special, but I loved the yellow tights with little spikes all over. Perfect for a plain outfit you want to make fun. 2 was even more delightful; a shaggy, baggy, haphazard white dress with red beaded strings hanging all over. Homemade in the best way. Look 4 was plain ugly; I can't stand clothing with overly ''digital'' or ''robotic'' aspects. It's just not pretty. Prettiness should not always be the goal, but the complete opposite isn't a good option either. 8 was pure perfection; a blue confection! Another shaggy look, but this time very girly and grungy at the same time. I loved the petticoat skirt and black edges especially.
                  After this we had a lot of just weird, plastic looks. But 14 was another fantastic look,  hot pink and a lot shorter than 8. 18, with its flowers and pretty pink shade, could have been awesome, if it weren't for that gnarly synthetic material. 19 would be amazing with a slip underneath; yet again, the shagginess and ''imperfection'' made this look  stylish. This one was all black, very long, with a drop down sleeve on the left side. 24's Madonna cone bra was a bit too Gaultier. I really loved 29, for its shredded and sewn up look, and all those pretty flowers. 35 was another favorite; this looked a bit more like a normal dress, but it still had the ''made it myself''' look. It reminded me of a honey comb fallen in burs.
              Some   of these  looks were a bit  gnarly to me, especially 34 and 38. They reinvented things that were perfectly fine the way they were. But what I loved was how this collection made colorfully grungy clothes. It was rough and tumble, but not just gray and brown.Over all, LURVLY.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simone Rocha Spring 2015

                                    I have never done a Simone Rocha review before! Isn't that crazy? I love so much of what this designer has done, and she is always so interesting in interviews. She is one of those designers who has created her own style, just like Chanel and Saint Laurent- you know a piece when you see it. I also like how she combines dark (literally!) and feminine.
                                    Look 1 was a baggy, shaggy black dress with furry ruffles around the edges.  It wasn't fancy, but it was pretty in a ''grunge princess'' kind of way. Very Alexa Chung. 2 was even better; it was the same as one, pretty much, but with low hanging sleeves. It looked a lot like a picture from Vogue in 2002 of a model as Courtney Love. 4 was way too furry. The fur looked misplaced on the top. 10's white fur was too much also, especially at the bottom of the pants. 14 was beautiful, with its almost Hawaiian-t-shirt like flowers, and then how they turned into 3-D ones at the bottom. 17 was even better, with its cute little red flowers all over the jacket. Very Marimekko.
                      Until 31, the see through flowered pieces were quite tedious and bland... ooh it shows yours underwear... wahooie. 31 was nice, white, and simple. The scallops along the edges added a very girly touch. I absolutely loved 32, in its pure white sharpness. More scallops, and the way it was belted in was just fabulous. It meant business. 35 looked misshaped.  Why did the top have nothing going on, and then all of a sudden the skirt is scalloped and puffy? The rest of the looks were more see through filler and fur in odd places.
                       I really loved a bunch of looks from this collection, but was also disappointed in a lot of the sameness and trendiness. Although it did produce some of the best looks for next spring.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2015 Review

                                      Is there anything better than dusty pink roses? Well, of course, there are ostrich feathers... but you know what I mean.
                                 1 and 2 were a bit meh, but 3 was so light, simple, and pretty. I especially loved the white flap on the chest with the little gold flower. The color and shape was casual, but the flap made it formal, like a beauty competition sash (the award going to both the dress and the model). 11's light blue and white checkered coat was very spring- long, but short sleeved. I especially adored the pants. 60's style high waisted and hip hugging, with a cute little blue belt. 14 was a bit of a boring repeat of the ''tiny skirt with long sheer part'' trend. Many of the next looks were boring little lacy pieces, until 21.
                             Look 21 was a pure white dress with black roses falling over it. And the lopsided skirt was so chic (whoopsie). 23 was a sharp, very classic pitch black coat/cape with scattered white roses. It looked so soft! 25's dress had an almost garish amount of lace. It made the dress underneath disappear. 27 and 28 were big copies of the zebra-themed McQueen dress Lena Dunham wore in Vogue. Look 32 was a favorite; baby blue with tiny multicolored flowers scattered at the bottom, with a few at the top. 33 was way too macrame. The flowers looked childish and the mesh...eck. 38 was a definite favorite; pale white with teeny tiny red flowers and green stems all over... the Easter dress of my dreams! With 39, I actually didn't like the ostrich feathers. The dress was white with a square pattern, and the feathers looked unnecessary.
                              Look 43 was a glittering, gold, batch of GLAM. The skirt had  just enough ostrich feathers, and the stomach revealed wasn't outrageous at all. Just the right amount of what is usually wrong. 44 was another explosion of glam, but very different. Silky white and straight, with (okay what is with these little things?) ostrich feathers and subtle silver beading at the top. Novice flapper. 51 and 52's color combos didn't go together. 53's dress-with-a-dress has been done before.
                                This collection produced some of my favorite looks of fashion week, but it also had a bit of lacy filler and boring fabric with punched out lace patterns. But it was a fabulous celebration of all the great things about spring, and the gorgeous portrayal of femininity that la Renta has always been known for.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rodarte Spring 2015 Review

                           I didn't like look 1 that much, but 2 was wonderful. I loved the top with the lopsided ruffles. 3's coat was too utilitarian; it looked like something from a fancy tool shop. The ruffles in 7 looked odd, with their triangle shape. But the skirt! It almost looked like a torn skirt with the tulle exposed...but it looked cool. It didn't look very good in 9, since the tulle was white and I think the black works more for that ''rocker chick'' effect. Until 16 most of the looks were boring filler and odd random belts. But 16's shredded mermaid dress was like no other. Pretty blue scales, ripped up green for the skirt... so much to love. 18 was another favorite, this time with shining abalone (looking) shells scattered all over with the same shredded effect in the skirt. These dresses were like a dream.
                     24 was very plastic. Was this from a Walgreens mermaid costume? 25 was quite strange, and a little gross. Why the odd fuzzy things? Are they aquatic parasites? 26, thankfully, was extremely pretty. It looked like two seals hugging. I loved the contrast of dark silver with super light blue. 27's sleeves were way too different from the dress itself. They just looked wrong. 28 was one of my very, very favorites; it almost looked like a long wrap. What looked like a net entangled with leaves attached to a bundle of fuzzy green (maybe algae?). Yet again, like no other dress!
                      There were more variations on the collage mermaid, but my favorite was 31. All the pieces were completely different, but at the same time went so well together. Jumbo sequins, mustard sheer, and  downward climbing blue seaweed. 33 is a dress I really hope to see on the awards show red carpet soon; it was such a performer's outfit; a toned down Katy Perry. The glitter and uniqueness gave it a diva aspect, while the darker shades of blue and silver made it an outfit, not a costume. 34... *trying not to explode into amazing outfit excitement and fails miserably* OSTRICHE FEATHERS!!!!!! ALL OVER THE DRESS!!!!!! The sandy shade and glitter on the top was elegant and ''fine dining.'' The last look was the BEST. Traditional mermaid colors (aquamarine, shimmery white) with white and blue puff balls. The skirt made fish netting look elegant.
                      The shocking part of this collection was that the theme sounds like a costume fest (mermaids, people!), but in reality everything was so elegant and feminine. And, especially, stylish.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zac Posen Spring 2015 Review

                                 I have been waiting so long to review a Posen collection, and so glad that time has come again. I adored all the dresses he did for the Met Ball and such, and can't wait to to tell you what he's done this time.
                                 I was quite disappointed with the first 13 looks. Everything was so dull, bland, and just boring. Zac's dresses are always so fun and girly, almost like a toned down Betsey Johnson; why so boring? 14's ruby red was just divine though; it brings out the ''you''  in anyone. Bright color, but simple shape. 18 had a tight corset top, pants, and train. I loved the idea of it, but the all encompassing black color was too much. It was overwhelming, and a little depressing. It didn't look like something you could have fun in. 20 was downright strange. The back did not blend in at all; more of a random attachment.
                       The rest of these looks really disapponted me. There was nothing fun about them. Especially 27, which looked like (and I've mentioned this before) a stereotypical ''wacky high fashion outfit'', like in Suite Life on Deck  when London orders here clothes from the imaginary designer Arturo Vitale. Thankfully the last look, 28, was quite something. It followed tradition as being a wedding dress, and was a sweet, relaxed hippie look. The perfect amount of beautiful simplicity.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2015

                                  Wrap dresses, wrap dresses, wrap dresses. They've been done a thousand times before by others, and a million time by Diane; but  her varieties are the best.
                          I loved the dress of look 1. Super form fitting on the body,  flared and wide on the skirt, with a flattering black and white checker print. This is one of the most flattering dresses I have ever seen. 2's top looked odd, but the skirt was beautiful, with its white background and spring blossoms in black. Black and white for spring? I think so! One of the looks I didn't like, 3, looked like a plain table cloth and was fittingly worn by Kendall Jenner. Casualness and fun was found in 4, with a very utilitarian gray fabric for a skirt, with buttons. It looked like a shirt-turned-skirt. The halter in 7 was a bit of a copy of recent Prada looks, with those bras sewn to the dress. I felt like 8 used too much fabric. 10's jacket was a pretty pastel pink coat with white leaves. Yes, it was feminine, but still well restrained. Certainly not Power Puff Girls. 11's print was too ''digital'' for me. 14's skirt was so interesting, the way it was black and white checkered but then little pink squares traveled upward. The pinkness made the skirt different. Look 15 was too Marc Jacob's. 16 looked so fun and young. The business jacket with mini skirt was a spunky contrast.
                       For a long time, their was a lot of what I said I liked before, and quite a lot of filler also, unfortunately. Look 29, though, had the aspect of 14 I liked, but this time it was a short (yes, checkered) dress with frills on the bottom and YELLOW traveling squares. Super cute. 30, again, had too much fabric. It just looked way too long. The rest of the looks were beautiful summer dresses, some with regular flowers and others with a mix of flowers and giant swaths of paint. My favorite of these was 37, which was the last and was cute and floofy. And was worn by NAOMI CAMPBELL PEOPLE! So there's the scoop. And my commentary on one of the best highlights of this fashion month.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Prabal Gurung Spring 2015

                                Finally... Fashion month! I have been waiting for you so long! Happily, the first review of this very special month will be for one of my favorite designer, Prabal Gurung.
                         I loved the whiteness and layering of 1, and the tiny areas of pastel blue were so light (and SPRING!). The skirt was the best part; small and wavy, with a pretty little unicorn tail for an accent on the side. The middle of 3's top was unflattering. 4 was another gorgeous look; another tail on the skirt, and the top was divine with its cut outs at the shoulders and ostriche-y details on the tops of the sleeves. 6's top wasn't all that exciting, and the skirt just didn't work. Too ''fashion intern chic'', a' la Seventeen. And 7's shape was just misshapen. The whole look was baggy. The looks after this until 16 were very typical ''spring'' dresses and the collage thing Gurung has already done a bazillion times. But 16 was a lush amethyst shade that also reminded me of lavender. Color was its best asset. 17's top was blah, but the bottom  was a shimmery skirt version of 16. 18 looked the paint job of a doctor's office; faux soothing? 19 was What Not To Wear standard issue. Bright and colorful, but still subtle (in a very annoying way)!
                      Look 21, sorry to report, also was terrible. The shape in the middle was so out of place ad random. Just plain ugly. Thankfully I found a friend in 23, a slouchy wrap sweater with contrasting prints and colors. I especially loved the mixing of mesh. Un - patterned yet well planned. Look 25 was a bit of a copy of recent  Dior and other collections. It just looked very familiar.I loved 28-30's mix of ruffly skirts and black and white strappy tops. Look 31 was even better: ostriche feather skirt! And in dark blue! It was so unique and fun. 32 was EVEN MORE better. Yes, more ostriche feathers, but this one had little ''eye'' like circles on the skirt that made the whole thing look like one big sea anemone.
                 Look 34's suit was a bit ugly. The shapes just didn't work at all. 36 was something I had definitely seen before, with the sheath-like top. I hate copies.
              I loved this collection's beautiful, shiny, lush colors, and especially the details like unicorn tails and feathers. Things I didn't like were copies, odd geometric shapes, and some filler.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whoops I Went Hippie

                  I've gone hippie! I've embraced the flowers! Um, not completely. I still love super glam looks, but I think my recent Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones obsession has turned me on to a more ''I'm with the band'' look. Even though my cool factor is -0 and would be heartily laughed at by any ''rocker.'' Here's a picture of me looking very sunburned.

                                    Me being the Twiggy-Penelope Tree hybrid I am, with super long hair and Twig makeup.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Premiere of Glimmer Girl

                                     Hurrah! I changed my name! Isn't that fab? It's a play on ''The Glimmer Twins'', the nickname of Keith Richard's and Mick Jagger's 50+ plus years of music partnership.  Anyways, this post, unfortunately, isn't going to include much fashion. But I shall begin to comically update you on the daily failures and miniscule triumphs of my life *cue loud obnoxious stereotypical female comedian voice*
   1.) I Did A Presentation.
                So. I wanted to get into an art program for teens. Long story short, I was presenting on The Velvet Underground, and another gal was presenting on Lou Reed. What ensued was me searching desperately for images in my presentation that the previous girl hadn't used (SHE EVEN USED THE ONE WITH LOU, MICK JAGGER, AND DAVID BOWIE! WHY JESUS! WHY!) as I was presenting, dropping my notes, and stuttering out some jargon about rock and feminism.
2.) I Bought My Boss A ''My Last Day'' Present, When It Wasn't My Last Day.
            My boss is the nicest. Seriously. So, I went over to a fancy schmancy organic store for cookies. Then as I presented her with this FABULOUSLY THOUGHTFUL ORGANIC AND EVERYTHING FREE treat, she informed me that I had a full other week to work. Oh god. Luckily we all laughed it off, and one of the other librarians jokingly threatened to eat them.

                               That's about it for witty anecdotes. I recently picked up these snazzy rock mags. Because as we all know, as a homeschooled girl who usually (literally!) sounds like a 3rd grader, I know how to rock. Oh my no. Anyways, this magazine has some incredible pictures (Fran Lebowitz and Andy Warhol as party guests) and features some of the funnest music writing ever, especially from Lisa Robinson, one of .few and COOLEST girl music journalists around (she also helped found Rock Scene). And you also learn about Mick Jagger's exquisite abilities in makeup.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014 Couture Review

                         This collection started out quite dark and dramatic, the clothes reminding me of the  Hunger Games wardrobe; sharp shapes, with an obvious severity. Not necessarily things I myself would wear, but they had style and eccentricity. Four was very square. It was a little tunic-like top in black with a giant henna style flower emerging from the right side. I especially loved the wide sleeves. The flower and color of the top was very glossy and glamorous. Look six reminded me of Krizia, with the layering and shape of the collar. Again, very severe and dramatic, but at the same time very beautiful. Eight was too weird for me; the collar...or cape.... looked like a baby bib! But my oh my.... look nine! Velvety and dark and white... perfection I tell you! The white hood draped down to join the top. I loved the effortless glam it gave off. Look twelve was stereotypical ''goth'' (not to mention the model's makeup) and looked childish, with the puffy white fur at the bottom.
                          After this the outfits were filler and more  dark looks. But nineteen was a chic, shiny coat with a typical sweater pattern. Very crisp. Twenty three brought out my EXTREME  weakness for ostriche feathers, and red with black. The top was an explosion of feathers, and then the bottom half was a weave of black and red. So fall. Twenty four looked perfect, especially with my favorite color combo again, but I'm not comfortable wearing fur. Look 25 reminded me of a period, and not the grammatical kind, for obvious reasons. I don't find anything wrong with that, though. Just, um, a little awkward? But fashion is here to tastefully test the boundaries, and that, darling, is what a talented designer is SUPPOSED TO DO. On a less anatomical note: I hate to  use such a vapid word, but 27 was so glam! The dark black sheen shimmered, and the wrap went right with the stiff cape. Twenty nine was too boxy. Thirty one reminded me of horse hair. Blech. Thirty two was straight out of Alexander McQueen's VOSS collection, his dress with the sheer (though looking a tad muddy!) skirt, and woven bodice. Though Gaultier's was a different color, I thought it was more of an imitation than an inspiration.
                          Thirty four's coat was too puffy, and the jump suit made me question whether or not you can never have too much velvet. Thirty six through eight were just too black and velvet. Black is a fabulous color, but it went  far over the limit in this collection. Forty one's skirt overwhelmed the top half, and the hat/hood and sleeves just looked strange... and not good strange, like eccentricity. Forty three was ugly, lets be honest; there are enough rappers in this world wearing giant gold chains. Do I really need to see them in couture? Forty four's gold color looked artificial. Maybe like a fake gold chain? Finally, in forty five, we discovered a downright beautiful dress. It was a long maxi dress in sequins, in hazy late summer day colors,   the shimmer of the sequins shining like a gas spill. I also really liked look forty eight; again, quite shiny, but I love shine, and red/black just as much. A perfect dress for me. The last look, fifty, looked childish, like an angel costume.
                     I loved the mysteriousness of this collection, and the GLAM looks. But the filler was quite cumbersome, and some of the looks were just ugly, which is especially disappointing with designers like Gaultier who have such talent and creativity. Grace Coddington said that the job of fashion editors is to make people dream; and I hold that expectation up to designers as well.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture Review

                          Dior is well known for the shape of their dresses and jackets; its almost their signature to make shapely clothes. But look 1 of this collection was way too much. I mean, the top is THAT skinny, and then ba-bam, jumbo skirt? Not a good look on anybody. Look 2 was much better, with a top that transitioned well into a big skirt. I also liked the contrasting sleeves and minimal floral embroidery. And the skirt was just plain Dior. I hated 3; who in their right mind would wear this? The shape was too distracting for anyone to notice the wearer. Again, stereotypical ''CRAZY FASHION OUTFIT.'' After this we had a few super plain looks and more ugly shapes. Look 9, luckily, was a stylish, feminine belted white jumpsuit, with simply gorgeous pink flower embroidery; pure, light, and airy. Ten was too ''boho'' for me. It looked done before and hippie -ish. Eleven was a simple, long white coat with a kind of pop out skirt. Simple looks with fun shapes or details are the best; the wearer can be interesting along with  the outfit.
                      Seventeen had the same pop out skirt element, except  the -outs were slightly separated. The dress was pink and poufy, very Miu Miu. Look nineteen was another look I loved, though very different. Super long and pitch black, it had the simpleness of Dior looks that I love, along with a flattering  drape. And oh, how I love round sleeves! 20 was too simple; really, no buttons even? Twenty one through eight were also quite bland, and twenty three through five were particularly shocking; those took no thought at all! I could get a fur coat anywhere that looked like those! Looks 29-33 were boring. Just teeny little white dresses, some embroidery, and mismatch sleeves. Look 36 was a super cute, long pink coat with little plants and birds(?) all along the border.
                     I loved look 38 even more; it was a fantastic long black jacket with spring flowers all on the border. The black color made the flowers pop. After this the jackets were pretty meh, but 44 was a cute little (or long, rather) white fringed number, with one blue dot on the right side. Extremely glamourous, while at the same time fun. 47 was too wall paper-y for my liking. The collar in 49 was way, way too big. The collar is important, but it should never take over the outfit; and on we trudged further through too-big collars, the very worst offenders being 55-57. It just looks plain obnoxious, over sized, and frankly, ugly, PEOPLE! But oh my goodness... 58!!!!! Unique, pretty, stylish, the full package. I loved the two parts of the dress, and how the outer layer of the skirt splits off with little thistle or wheat type plants in blue and red on it. The way it elegantly floated through the air wasn't all that bad either.
                  I really didn't like 61. It appeared very sloppy and ''geometric.'' The shapes fashion should be focused on are bodies, not actual ''shapes.'' The remind me too much of geometry *shudders violently*. Although I am sure some designer could combine the concepts of geometry with fashion;  this was not one of those occasions, unfortunately. But the collection finished off with a pretty, very  pale orange pastel  dress, with four lines coming out of the middle as if to hold up the skirt. I love subtle detailing the draws attention but doesn't overwhelm.
                  This collection was worth looking through, and it did have quite a few standout pieces. But some of the looks were just so ugly, and that was a bit distracting.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 Couture Review

                      Until look 6, the clothes were extremely bland and predictable; grays, tweeds, blah blah blah. But 6 was a gorgeous aquamarine sheath dress, with big blue baubles all over. Very wintery, though not very warm-y. 8 was hideously robotic. It reminded me of when on TV or a movie they'll parody fashion shows, and have the most ridiculous outfits possible. 9 was a pretty sky blue dress, very long and fluffy. Like a cloud... made of sky? 12 was a shimmering, languid dress. Relaxed glamor. Most of the looks after this, until 23, were almost obnoxiously typical; as if Chanel is trying to say ''Hahaha! We can make the same clothes over and over again, and label happy rich people will still buy them!'', or just rip offs of Dolce and Gabbana looks, with all the gold. But I loved 23. It took a little from Chanel's ready to wear Western themed collection, with the fraying and fringe. But it also had an extremely obvious fall/halloween inspiration. Finally- a fun, not predictable, take on classic Chanel! 24 did not work at all; if the coat was just the bottom part, then I would love it... but the bushy Cookie Monster fur? It looks ill fitting! 25 had the color and drape of a garbage bag.
               27 had the layering and fluffiness of 9, but was silver/gray and much shorter. And it had ostriche feather cut off sleeves, which made it so couture, so museum worthy. 28 was worrisome; did she get stuck in a computer chip cyclone? Finally, at 41 (I know I know) we got a decent look. It was a deep red Christmas color jacket and skirt set. This collection's shades and colors were well fitting for its season. 43 was a gorgeous fall leaf color dress, extremely glittery and shimmering. I also liked the almost ''galactic'' looking sleeves. And the skirt's texture was so artistic. 44 unfortunately was quite ugly. The shape was too exaggerated, and it looked more like a structure than a dress. 58 was a chic, thick, simple wool jacket and skirt (and shorts underneath) in orange/red. It was  simple, but in an artistic-Calvin Klein-way.
                  Look 59's tweed was in a terrible office carpeting shade. Not special and not pretty. 60 was plain strange; it looked like the main inspiration was a pumpkin! The shoulders, the print, and the shade were too much all at once. I loved 61 (despite it being worn by Kendall Jenner who is only on the runway due to nepotism and chance of birth)  for its ostriche feather sleeves (they just scream fabulous) and its print's combination of winter and fall. Look 66 looked like Cousin It. 67 was pure snow princess (why didn't Chanel do the wardrobe for Frozen?) and just plain couture. Shining silver prettiness. So feminine and so elegant.
                  This collection was not a favorite of mine. There was far too much filler, shapes far too exaggerated, Dolce and Gabbana inspo, and just general plainness. The highlights were the orange fall looks and silver looks.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Schiaparelli Fall 2014 Couture Review

                                  I can safely say that this collection was much more exciting and Schiaparelli-esque than the first collection with Zanini. But it was not perfect.
                               Look 1 was ugly. Basically it was a shapeless board with enormous fur sleeves. And the protruding shoulders were not flattering at all. 80's shoulder pads are dead and gone. 2's jacket was also ugly, but I loved the dress, especially the embroidery. Shimmery and messy, like it was eating away the dress. 3's sweater had a cute-vintage-y print of a heart pierced by an arrow, an original Schiaparelli print. 4 was even better, with again the heart, but more arrows and on a black velvet dress. Surreal. 6, though in light pink and with a glittering ''ES'' on the right upper side, was quite ominous. Even intimidating. The shoulders were slightly broad, but not overpowering. I loved it. The contrast of pink and intimidating was fascinating. 9 stuck out as the most outlandish, fun, and ''Schiaparelli'' of outfits. The vest was light blue with embroidered circles, and then it had leopard print sleeves. I adored it. The birthday hat made it even better. Zanini said he was nervous with his first collection for Schiap, but he really dared this time.
                           Look 11 was another awesome look;  a red and plush coat, like Elmo from Sesame Street. It looked so warm and touchable. 13 was kind of...ick for me. The shape was too exaggerated, and it  was trying to be in the stereotypical ''Asian'' style, i.e. very appropriative. Look 15 was too beautiful for words. It was super dark  (like Schiap's ''Shocking Pink''?)(I need to stop) blue, had fabric that looked so smooth and shiny, and the little moths and bugs made it fun. Very much like the last Gaultier couture collection, and Givenchy, but still very different and stylish. I wish I could have it!
  17 really spoke to my penchant for wearing animal themed/print outfits; how could I not want to wear a yellow, couture dress, with PURPLE SQUIRRELS?! Perfect for the eccentric heiress in your life. 20 was fun, the way the pink and silver were sewn together, but looked like they were tied or weaved at the top. And 21 had bees! I'm beginning to think fashion designer are really passionate about our bee-loss issue. On a fashion critique note, I love dresses that have the mermaid shape, and then have something like flowers or really anything else, descending down the skirt. And this was a great example of that.
                     22 was Gaultier in its dark, velvety hyper femininity. Look 24 was way too neon. The dress was all one color, and yet SO LOUD. And the last look, 25, was a puffy dramatic gown with not swans, doves, or even parrots; but everyday city pigeons! Finally they get their just due.
                          I was extremely impressed by Marco Zanini being so daring and seriously giving his all to pay homage to Schiap while still doing his own thing. My main complaints were looks that were too garish, or wide. But it was a huge improvement from Zanini's first collection.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Miu Miu Resort 2015 Review

                                     This collection was much more toned down, and not as bombastically colorful, as the last Miu Miu collection. But it still had a touch of the last's 60's sensibilities, what with the first look's military jacket (very ''British rockstar''), in dark blue. 2 was a lot like 1, but again, again, AND YET AGAIN; please, no random swatches of fabric! It never makes the outfit more interesting. Considering Miu Miu ( and Prada's) history for being very feminine and shape-conscious, 3 was pretty shocking. Slouchy pajamas? Ugh. 4 was too much like a certain Marc Jacobs collection I know (spring 2014), with the tropical leaves and trippy shapes. 5 and 7's macrame and/or crochet tank tops looked amateur. I know that's supposed to be cool and ''avant garde''...but no. Crochet has been done before.
                               I really loved look 9. It reminded me of the Mary Quant dress/jumpers from early in her career. The sapphire beads gave an art-deco feel. 10's beaded flowers(?) looked truly misplaced. Until 16 we traveled through the land of filler and repeats from before (and these slight variations were not exciting, at all). 16 was pure white, very ''flowy'' and Chloe (the brand, not me). The middle of the top reminded me of the Sarah Burton-at-McQueen bee inspired collection. 19's dress was beautiful and tropical, without ripping off Marc Jacobs too much. I loved how it was ''tropical'' and ''spring'', but in black. 20 had an elegant air of dark, feminine mystery. The contrasting, yet matching, dark blue dress with sheer sleeves was very stylish and pretty. 23 and 24 came across as a cliched to death (and back again, and than death again, in an eternal circle) ''Chanel'' look.
                   I enjoyed the dark blue looks in this collection (especially the sheer sleeves) and the flowing looks. But it did not come close to living up to the Ready to Wear collection.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Are My Flower/You Are My Power


                               On a more serious note, these are perfection. Honestly, who hasn't heard about the 60's trend? No one. And it's not  just a trend; the 60's were when rock music became the still listened to tunes we all know, some fifty-odd years later. And  we met singers who were both talented and celebrities (listening to Between The Buttons or Let It Bleed seriously makes you question why you ever listen to dub step-laced tunes about getting fro-yo while toting fake glasses with plastic mustaches hanging off of them). The clothes were equally world changing, also. Boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip introduced us to men's clothing that is both stylish, not a costume, and still unusually and weirdly fantastic. And, um, DIANA VREELAND AT VOGUE!

                              I got this great necklace from the garage sale my favorite vintage shop+cafe had, Kouk's:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marchesa Resort 2015 Review

                                  This collection is pretty small (17 looks) but it still feels daunting; I mean, most of the clothes were so gorgeous! How am I to properly explain them? I certainly hope you always actually look at collections before/after reading reviews, but especially do so for this one; it will renew hope in the use of pastel yet mature outfits (and dark/feminine fashions).
                   1 was simply a dream; straight out of Maleficent or  from a Pixar created fairy land. Iridescent pinks, yellows, and greens (and some blues) were sweepingly arrayed all over the dress. Another favorite part was the black lace middle. 2 was a much more toned down look, more for a younger lady; it was very pretty (I want it!) but just not very ''grown up.'' 3 was a very pale pink, almost white, with a twisted, circular sculptural right shoulder. I don't really think the middle worked; the point towards the right was in an odd place. 4 was a dead ringer for Beyonce's dress at the Met Gala 2013 (for Chaos to Couture); lush train, texture, and gothic lace. But more modest. Perfect dress for a dark fairy emerging from her lair. 5 was too stereotypically girlish; not even prom, but 8th grade dance. Look 6 was really confusing; the side rose (or folded circle?) just didn't go at all. No more last minute ''interesting'' attempts, PLEASE!
                     Look 7's shirt was silky and gothic, like a Balenciaga perfume ad I remember from 2 years ago. Mysteriously feminine. Look 8 was botanical without being super ''juicy'' or lush. It had a dash of darkness too. 10 was a total diva dress. One sleeve, slit down the skirt- BAM. But it also wasn't a typical ''diva'' dress; like so many of the looks in this collections, it was  dark and feminine. Extremely mature and for  a woman. 11 unfortunately was very plain and prom. Unlike 10, it was for a girl (and not a sophisticated, Manhattinite like moi)(only true in my mind); it was not womanly or mature at all. I loved the way 15 shimmered. It was not a loud look. The print was exceedingly understated and simple, but created a beautiful shimmer that accentuated the wearer's self and style. 17, the final look, was quite Betsey Johnson -esque. Girly/tough.
          This collection gave a darkness to the uber feminine genre of fashion, and the good looks far outweighed the boring (or too girly).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interview with Mary of Kaleidoscope Eyes!

                Ta da! Shebang! Kapow, bam, and zap! Another interview, with another fantabulous style blogger. Mary is a blogger from Germany who is a lover of all things Led Zeppelin (has a crush on Robert Plant! but not judging!), David Bowie, and like all teenagers the world over- pizza. She also wears the galaxy print well. Without looking like a boring modern mall rat. Anyways, my interview with Mary of Kaleidoscope eyes.

1.) Who is your favorite designer?

Um. I have to say, I'm not that interested in runway fashion - I just wear whatever I want, without thinking about if it's trendy or not. But I LOVE Meadham Kirchhoff. Their collections are absolutely brilliant and awesome. It's real art.

2.) What is fashion like in Germany? Do you have a favorite German designer?

It really depends on where you live! If you're living on the countryside like me, fashion is more like "it's cold today and it's too damn early to even think and I'm going to wear that sweater and a pair of bluejeans". There are not many people here who are really interested in fashion, I guess. However, in bigger Towns like W├╝rzburg, fashion is just, like, a code. Everybody looks, like, exactly the same! Straightened hair, bluejeans, bright top and a necklace. Believe me, it's almost scary! You feel like you're in a dollhouse full of barbies and you're the only "real" person. That's fashion in medium-size cities. In the capital of Germany, in Berlin, fashion is the way it should be. There are many different styles and stores, people think about what they wear more but aren't judging you in a negative way (if you're surrounded by a nice crowd, of course. again, it depends!). Berlin is probably the best town in Germany if you're interested in fashion.

3.) I'm always surprised how every country has it's own movie stars, singers, magazines,etc that aren't too famous in other places. Who should us non-German citizens know about, art/music/film/fashion wise?

Um... eh... Well... As I am more interested in, like, other countries than Germany, I don't know much about Germany. But there are some nice magazines here! There's one called "Galore", they specialize on interviews. And those interviews are awesome, believe me. Art-wise, there's the documenta, a huge art fair in Kassel every four or five years. But I guess it's quite famous, Idk :D It's amazing! I went there once and I was totally stunned by all the contemporary art. I don't know more, I'm sorry - music-wise, I only listen to 70s rock and art-wise, I love Frida Kahlo and some performance artists.

4.) If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who would would it be?

I CAN'T DECIDE!!! I would LOVE to meet Frida Kahlo, or Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, or Tavi Gevinson or David Bowie or Jim Morrison or anybody who was at Woodstock or the guy who invented pizza or - God, there are so much more! Don't make me decide. I love meeting people who know about things I don't know much about, and I love meeting people with whom you can talk for hours. Looooong conversations are the best thing ever. I don't know. I'm not good at this interview thing.

Check Mary's blog out here!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seeing Dots

             YAY POLKA DOTS! I just can't get enough of this print! And their are so many varieties! Today I wore this when I went to see Maleficent with my mom (which she pronounced malfeasance), a movie that is actually pretty awesome. It also has an unlikely (clue: doesn't involve dating), Tale of Two Cities esque ending (though no beheading, fortunately!). And Elle Fanning is pretty and girlish without being weak or naive. And in real life she wears Miu Miu and Prada. Thus being an awesome person.

                                   I look so short in this one!