Sunday, September 7, 2014

Prabal Gurung Spring 2015

                                Finally... Fashion month! I have been waiting for you so long! Happily, the first review of this very special month will be for one of my favorite designer, Prabal Gurung.
                         I loved the whiteness and layering of 1, and the tiny areas of pastel blue were so light (and SPRING!). The skirt was the best part; small and wavy, with a pretty little unicorn tail for an accent on the side. The middle of 3's top was unflattering. 4 was another gorgeous look; another tail on the skirt, and the top was divine with its cut outs at the shoulders and ostriche-y details on the tops of the sleeves. 6's top wasn't all that exciting, and the skirt just didn't work. Too ''fashion intern chic'', a' la Seventeen. And 7's shape was just misshapen. The whole look was baggy. The looks after this until 16 were very typical ''spring'' dresses and the collage thing Gurung has already done a bazillion times. But 16 was a lush amethyst shade that also reminded me of lavender. Color was its best asset. 17's top was blah, but the bottom  was a shimmery skirt version of 16. 18 looked the paint job of a doctor's office; faux soothing? 19 was What Not To Wear standard issue. Bright and colorful, but still subtle (in a very annoying way)!
                      Look 21, sorry to report, also was terrible. The shape in the middle was so out of place ad random. Just plain ugly. Thankfully I found a friend in 23, a slouchy wrap sweater with contrasting prints and colors. I especially loved the mixing of mesh. Un - patterned yet well planned. Look 25 was a bit of a copy of recent  Dior and other collections. It just looked very familiar.I loved 28-30's mix of ruffly skirts and black and white strappy tops. Look 31 was even better: ostriche feather skirt! And in dark blue! It was so unique and fun. 32 was EVEN MORE better. Yes, more ostriche feathers, but this one had little ''eye'' like circles on the skirt that made the whole thing look like one big sea anemone.
                 Look 34's suit was a bit ugly. The shapes just didn't work at all. 36 was something I had definitely seen before, with the sheath-like top. I hate copies.
              I loved this collection's beautiful, shiny, lush colors, and especially the details like unicorn tails and feathers. Things I didn't like were copies, odd geometric shapes, and some filler.

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