Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simone Rocha Spring 2015

                                    I have never done a Simone Rocha review before! Isn't that crazy? I love so much of what this designer has done, and she is always so interesting in interviews. She is one of those designers who has created her own style, just like Chanel and Saint Laurent- you know a piece when you see it. I also like how she combines dark (literally!) and feminine.
                                    Look 1 was a baggy, shaggy black dress with furry ruffles around the edges.  It wasn't fancy, but it was pretty in a ''grunge princess'' kind of way. Very Alexa Chung. 2 was even better; it was the same as one, pretty much, but with low hanging sleeves. It looked a lot like a picture from Vogue in 2002 of a model as Courtney Love. 4 was way too furry. The fur looked misplaced on the top. 10's white fur was too much also, especially at the bottom of the pants. 14 was beautiful, with its almost Hawaiian-t-shirt like flowers, and then how they turned into 3-D ones at the bottom. 17 was even better, with its cute little red flowers all over the jacket. Very Marimekko.
                      Until 31, the see through flowered pieces were quite tedious and bland... ooh it shows yours underwear... wahooie. 31 was nice, white, and simple. The scallops along the edges added a very girly touch. I absolutely loved 32, in its pure white sharpness. More scallops, and the way it was belted in was just fabulous. It meant business. 35 looked misshaped.  Why did the top have nothing going on, and then all of a sudden the skirt is scalloped and puffy? The rest of the looks were more see through filler and fur in odd places.
                       I really loved a bunch of looks from this collection, but was also disappointed in a lot of the sameness and trendiness. Although it did produce some of the best looks for next spring.

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