Friday, September 12, 2014

Rodarte Spring 2015 Review

                           I didn't like look 1 that much, but 2 was wonderful. I loved the top with the lopsided ruffles. 3's coat was too utilitarian; it looked like something from a fancy tool shop. The ruffles in 7 looked odd, with their triangle shape. But the skirt! It almost looked like a torn skirt with the tulle exposed...but it looked cool. It didn't look very good in 9, since the tulle was white and I think the black works more for that ''rocker chick'' effect. Until 16 most of the looks were boring filler and odd random belts. But 16's shredded mermaid dress was like no other. Pretty blue scales, ripped up green for the skirt... so much to love. 18 was another favorite, this time with shining abalone (looking) shells scattered all over with the same shredded effect in the skirt. These dresses were like a dream.
                     24 was very plastic. Was this from a Walgreens mermaid costume? 25 was quite strange, and a little gross. Why the odd fuzzy things? Are they aquatic parasites? 26, thankfully, was extremely pretty. It looked like two seals hugging. I loved the contrast of dark silver with super light blue. 27's sleeves were way too different from the dress itself. They just looked wrong. 28 was one of my very, very favorites; it almost looked like a long wrap. What looked like a net entangled with leaves attached to a bundle of fuzzy green (maybe algae?). Yet again, like no other dress!
                      There were more variations on the collage mermaid, but my favorite was 31. All the pieces were completely different, but at the same time went so well together. Jumbo sequins, mustard sheer, and  downward climbing blue seaweed. 33 is a dress I really hope to see on the awards show red carpet soon; it was such a performer's outfit; a toned down Katy Perry. The glitter and uniqueness gave it a diva aspect, while the darker shades of blue and silver made it an outfit, not a costume. 34... *trying not to explode into amazing outfit excitement and fails miserably* OSTRICHE FEATHERS!!!!!! ALL OVER THE DRESS!!!!!! The sandy shade and glitter on the top was elegant and ''fine dining.'' The last look was the BEST. Traditional mermaid colors (aquamarine, shimmery white) with white and blue puff balls. The skirt made fish netting look elegant.
                      The shocking part of this collection was that the theme sounds like a costume fest (mermaids, people!), but in reality everything was so elegant and feminine. And, especially, stylish.

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