Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zac Posen Spring 2015 Review

                                 I have been waiting so long to review a Posen collection, and so glad that time has come again. I adored all the dresses he did for the Met Ball and such, and can't wait to to tell you what he's done this time.
                                 I was quite disappointed with the first 13 looks. Everything was so dull, bland, and just boring. Zac's dresses are always so fun and girly, almost like a toned down Betsey Johnson; why so boring? 14's ruby red was just divine though; it brings out the ''you''  in anyone. Bright color, but simple shape. 18 had a tight corset top, pants, and train. I loved the idea of it, but the all encompassing black color was too much. It was overwhelming, and a little depressing. It didn't look like something you could have fun in. 20 was downright strange. The back did not blend in at all; more of a random attachment.
                       The rest of these looks really disapponted me. There was nothing fun about them. Especially 27, which looked like (and I've mentioned this before) a stereotypical ''wacky high fashion outfit'', like in Suite Life on Deck  when London orders here clothes from the imaginary designer Arturo Vitale. Thankfully the last look, 28, was quite something. It followed tradition as being a wedding dress, and was a sweet, relaxed hippie look. The perfect amount of beautiful simplicity.

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