Sunday, February 24, 2013


    With all designers, I really try to give everyone a chance, and investigate, and really consider the design that goes into them. I recently did this with Celine, and I honestly cannot say I was impressed.
    It just feels really plain. The clothes are not elegant at all, the coats are extremely boxy, and those high heels! It's just a regular old pump that's a lot wider! I really didn't like the fuzzy sandals though. Those were the worst. They looked like used orthopedic shoes you'd find at the Salvation Army. Or Nike sandals. And there just plain ugly! Especially the fuzzy high heels. Who would honestly wear those? They look like the shoes Big Bird's wife would wear, if he had a wife. Which he doesn't. But should. It would introduce a fun new character. Never mind.
      Anyway. The designs are just terribly un-elegant and un- pretty, and very ugly. I'm totally not the type of person who always walks around in girly fancy clothes, but when I want to buy expensive clothes (which Celine is) I don't want to pay for fuzzy sandals or a boxy coat that looks like Grandma got the pattern all wrong.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

March 2013 Teen Vogue

       Chloe Grace Moretz is on the cover of this issue, and she's one of my favorite actresses. She's not one of those teen movie stars that all look the same. She has a unique, mature style, without being stuffy or above everyone. I love how she's this 15 year old girl like me, but is such a good and intelligent actress. All girls are smart in some way, but girls are always told to act stupid and act sleazy (especially famous ones). Her photo set was eccentric and grungy, but still elegant and feminine. I love her pink Jill Stuart dress, paired with the leather jacket. It's tough and means business, but isn't too over the top.
     The feature ''The Mod Squade'', was really interesting. It had pictures from 60's films and models, along with current designs that are bringing back the style of 60's London. The Louis Vuitton see through dress is really ugly, though. I don't think I'll ever understand the cleavage-dress-trend. It's not fashionable or artistic, it's just done to attract attention and scandal. A female singer  wears one to an awards show and nobody shuts up about it for like three months. Why does this keep coming up?
      ''On The Road'' was a fashion spread themed around a countryside road trip. My favorite dress was the lacy Jill Stuart dress. It was elegant and flowing, and actually looked like something you would wear on a road trip of the countryside. Very vintage. The rest of the clothes were pretty boring.
     The next fashion spread, ''The Simple Life'', was super lame. The only dress I liked was a Stella McCartney dress, with a orange half orb on the side. The clothing was just so plain and colorless. Chanel has a ton of black and white clothing, that isn't exactly colorful, but they make it elegant and pretty. These just looked like clothed I got from Target.

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Collection

    Oh my gosh, there are so many spring/summer collections to look at! And each one is completely different, in some way. I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs, so I had to look at the new collection. didn't like it all that much?
     Marc Jacobs has always been a very artsy and quirky designer, which is why I love his clothed so much. And he brings a really nice modern flair to Louis Vuitton. But this latest collection was very, very plain. And it was mostly done already! Does the world really need anymore pin stripe suits? Black and white squared clothes? It's all been done already. Ugh! Green Sweaters again!
     The shirt I really liked, though, was the Ruffled Collar Top, something that was very unique. It was red with a ruffly collar around the neck. It looked really vintage, but not too much like you went in a time machine.
    I just think Marc Jacobs is a great designer, and could have come up with something better.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentino Spring/Summer 2013 collection

    This collection is probably my second favorite, first being the Chanel show. I've always loved everything about Valentino, how elegant  and lacy it is. And not in a doily way. It's modern, it's chic, but it's lace! Lace is a really hard material to work with, without it looking too Disney Princess-y or like a prom dress. And Valentino nailed it!
     The thing with Valentino, is even though they use such a well known fabric, they somehow keep coming up with new designs. It's lace down in a whole new way, which, I love. My absolute favorite outfit from this collection was a red floral dress, with gorgeous bright flowers. The gowns were the best part. The one design I really didn't like, though, was a white dress with a huge rectangular cut in the front, covered with see-through fabric. It was just really ugly, and was nothing like the other clothes. I really don't understand the popularity of those ridiculous cleavage dresses. Taylor Swift wore one, Selena Gomez has, Amy Poehler...all people I like, who usually have great fashion in to such a lame trend! Grrr.
    I just think it's so rare to find a designer who has great, original designs nowadays. Everyone has an inspiration, but all good designers can give their designers their own creativity and art. There's nothing that annoys me more than looking at a collection, and seeing A Green Sweater. With no unique design, or pattern, or knit..just A Green Sweater. That's a metaphor I think I'll start using more, for all those designs that keep getting copied, without being different at all. And Valentino, fortunately, had no Green Sweaters.

Glamour Magazine

            When looking for a good fashion magazine, it's hard to find something just for you. Some people love Vogue, and others can't stand it. I think everyone in fashion has a favorite magazine. For me it's definitely W Magazine. But I have been reading a lot of Glamour magazine, and I'm pretty impressed.
    Glamour really is, well, glamorous.It's very feminine and girly, but at the same time isn't too shallow. The famous Do's and Don'ts are the best part. The Do's almost always make sense, and they can always figure out a way to make even jungle print pants look okay. The Don'ts are real pictures, done in a very humorous way. And what I like about the Do's and Don'ts is that they aren't like posts on Perez Hilton, but they're just bad outfits! Like, they aren't a Don't because the celebrity's ''fat'' or ''ugly'', it's just that that dress looks bad on everyone, no matter who you are. Like Jennifer Lopez's ridiculous Versace dress from long ago? Dear god!
      The makeup is super creative, and is usually taken from recent fashion shows, like Dior or Chanel. The most recent one is a combo of neon eye shadow and rhinestones. And their so pretty to look at! The celebrity covers are really nice too. There not super edited so they don't look themselves, but they're still glamorous! (duh).
        Be glamorous!