Sunday, February 24, 2013


    With all designers, I really try to give everyone a chance, and investigate, and really consider the design that goes into them. I recently did this with Celine, and I honestly cannot say I was impressed.
    It just feels really plain. The clothes are not elegant at all, the coats are extremely boxy, and those high heels! It's just a regular old pump that's a lot wider! I really didn't like the fuzzy sandals though. Those were the worst. They looked like used orthopedic shoes you'd find at the Salvation Army. Or Nike sandals. And there just plain ugly! Especially the fuzzy high heels. Who would honestly wear those? They look like the shoes Big Bird's wife would wear, if he had a wife. Which he doesn't. But should. It would introduce a fun new character. Never mind.
      Anyway. The designs are just terribly un-elegant and un- pretty, and very ugly. I'm totally not the type of person who always walks around in girly fancy clothes, but when I want to buy expensive clothes (which Celine is) I don't want to pay for fuzzy sandals or a boxy coat that looks like Grandma got the pattern all wrong.

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