Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentino Spring/Summer 2013 collection

    This collection is probably my second favorite, first being the Chanel show. I've always loved everything about Valentino, how elegant  and lacy it is. And not in a doily way. It's modern, it's chic, but it's lace! Lace is a really hard material to work with, without it looking too Disney Princess-y or like a prom dress. And Valentino nailed it!
     The thing with Valentino, is even though they use such a well known fabric, they somehow keep coming up with new designs. It's lace down in a whole new way, which, I love. My absolute favorite outfit from this collection was a red floral dress, with gorgeous bright flowers. The gowns were the best part. The one design I really didn't like, though, was a white dress with a huge rectangular cut in the front, covered with see-through fabric. It was just really ugly, and was nothing like the other clothes. I really don't understand the popularity of those ridiculous cleavage dresses. Taylor Swift wore one, Selena Gomez has, Amy Poehler...all people I like, who usually have great fashion in to such a lame trend! Grrr.
    I just think it's so rare to find a designer who has great, original designs nowadays. Everyone has an inspiration, but all good designers can give their designers their own creativity and art. There's nothing that annoys me more than looking at a collection, and seeing A Green Sweater. With no unique design, or pattern, or knit..just A Green Sweater. That's a metaphor I think I'll start using more, for all those designs that keep getting copied, without being different at all. And Valentino, fortunately, had no Green Sweaters.

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