Friday, January 25, 2013

Dior and Chanel Spring/Summer Collections

         I was so excited to see TWO new shows of my two favorite designers. The Chanel show was the best by far. All of the looks were gorgeous, but my favorites were the ones with feathers. The light green and light pink high low dresses were absolutely gorgeous, and it impressed me how well the meshed with the classic Chanel style, while still not being either white or black. That takes a lot of design talent, and Karl Lagerfeld smashed it. The bridal gowns were just the most beautiful bridal dresses i've seen (please still be making them when I get married, Chanel!). The incorporated feathers also. The first segment of the show were the tweed dresses, with drop shoulders. I loved the flap that came down. I just love how he made the classic Chanel look modern! Some of his designs have been, in my opinion, pretty bad, such as a dress I saw in W Magazine that looked like someone took craft mesh and embroidered flowers through it, then wrapped it around the model. But these looks were amazing, and really changed my mind about where he's taking Chanel. I still am not too happy about his remark about Adele, but I don't think he's too bad anymore. My opinion of this show? PURE GENIUS. Oh, and Grimes was there. In a quirky yet elegant and wonderful outfit.Anything that includes Grimes is inherently awesome.
      The Dior show, though, was incredibly dissapointing. The designs were not very creative, they didn't go with the classic Dior style, not Bar jackets or dresses. It was nothing like the famous Fall collection that Raf Simons did. One dress looked like it was wrapped around the model (you can tell by now I don't like wrapping models in things) and cut out a piece of fabric. I adore Dior, but this show really disappointed me.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Da Eighties (i live in in chicago, have to use a ''da'' sometimes)

     My latest obsession is everything that has to do with the 80's. The clothes, the hair,the earrings, and best of all the music. No matter what you say, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is one of pop's best songs, ever. And her clothes in there are amazing. Especially in the beginning of the video. Lots of people look down on the 80's, but c'mon! Big hair brings you closer to the Lord! Anyway. And that dress Carrie wears in The Carrie Diaries? When she's catching the cab? OMG! Who doesn't scream in glee at the sight of polka dots? No?
         And the 80's gave us the Baby Sitters Club! Sure, I still haven't gotten through any of those books, (workin' on it) their really interesting. They make me want to babysit. Yeah, they have boyfriends, but it's refreshing to read a girly novel about girls being independent, making there own money, and not having lives that revolve around guys.
          Why would I put all this stuff about music and a book series in a fashion blog? Because the whole thing about the 80's was a style. Big colors, big clothes (shoulder pads!) and booming loud AMAZING pop music. BTW, I desperately need some purple-orange triangle earrings.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

W Magazine!!!!!

            I read a ton of fashion magazines constantly, like Nylon and Vogue. The one I probably like the very best, though, is W Magazine. A recent issue had the most gorgeous cover with a Dior red bar jacket (i am deeply in love with those, and hope to own one someday).
            W Magazine is a lot different from Vogue. Like Vogue, it features extremely high end clothing with often very expensive prices. But unlike Vogue, it's much more, um, grungier? Not in a bad way, whatsoever. I said it was my favorite, remember? I really love the artistic element to the magazine, and how the shoots don't all look effortlessly perfect. And their extremely artsy.
           The only negative I really have about W is that a lot of the outfit's seem to show a lot of skin. In saying that I don't mean I'm prudish or something, but it just isn't attractive to have just enough clothing to not get arrested. Like those ridiculous cleavage dresses a lot of girl celebrities wear? That's not hot or sexy or whatever, it's downright goofy and dumb. I suppose, though, what redeems it is that a lot of the readers (me!) aren't going to go out immediately  buy this stuff, so it's more for an artistic purpose then a ''buy this!'' purpose. Not all of the clothing in there is like that, and all of the shoots are wonderful. I just don't exactly know about the wear-ability of a lot of the clothes.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

February Issue of Teen Vogue

        Yesterday I got my Feb Teen Vogue in the mail! That's always awesome :). I think it's my favorite one so far! All of the outfits are amazing (and wearable...). Lots of color and pinks and oranges. The feature about AnnaSophia Robb is my favorite part though. The outfits are so gorgeous! There in the 60's style, and the makeup reminds me a lot of Twiggy (in the front they noted they took some inspiration from Twiggy for this). There are three Marc Jacobs pieces, a Katie Ermilio dress (my favorite dress so far!), a Louis Vuitton skirt and halter top (it's funny seeing how since Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuitton, sometimes you think it's a Marc Jacobs), and a Calvin Klein dress. Another one of my favorite dresses that Robb wore was the Polka Dot 80's style prom dress. I want that so bad! Ebay here I come.
        The rest was very good too. The article ''Crazy Beautiful'' was about having unusual or edgy fashion choices. I really liked how it encouraged everybody to try new things and be yourself. I really wish that wasn't such a cliche thing to say! Gah. It was cool though how it didn't just talk about how to copy the looks, but how to deal with people's reactions and own it. Everyone knows how to put on blue lipstick....but does everyone know how to deal with rude staring-at-you-on-the-L people? To make it better they had pictures of some of my favorite people, like Katy Perry and Tavi Gevinson. I want her blue wig!
    The fashion spread ''One Direction'' (didn't have to do with the boyband) was okay. The looks weren't very up my alley though. The sunglasses on the first page were way too obnoxious and looked like wood carving glasses. The pink Oscar De La Renta top was amazing though, and the Alexander Wang skirt was super unique and fun. My favorite outfit was the Marc Jacobs jacket and headscarf. By now it's pretty obvious I like Marc Jacobs. LOL. The two Burberry jackets were really lame though. The reminded me of some plastic jacket from some place like Claire's or something. And there was no unique design or color there at all.
      The last thing I'll cover will be ''Kids In America'', about teen fashion bloggers from places like Texas and Tennessee, places where you might not suspect fashion bloggers to live. Which is stupid, because anyone can be fashionable and awesome, anywhere! Anyway, I liked reading about the blogger's inspiration for their blog names and unique styles, which were all totally different!