Tuesday, January 1, 2013

February Issue of Teen Vogue

        Yesterday I got my Feb Teen Vogue in the mail! That's always awesome :). I think it's my favorite one so far! All of the outfits are amazing (and wearable...). Lots of color and pinks and oranges. The feature about AnnaSophia Robb is my favorite part though. The outfits are so gorgeous! There in the 60's style, and the makeup reminds me a lot of Twiggy (in the front they noted they took some inspiration from Twiggy for this). There are three Marc Jacobs pieces, a Katie Ermilio dress (my favorite dress so far!), a Louis Vuitton skirt and halter top (it's funny seeing how since Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuitton, sometimes you think it's a Marc Jacobs), and a Calvin Klein dress. Another one of my favorite dresses that Robb wore was the Polka Dot 80's style prom dress. I want that so bad! Ebay here I come.
        The rest was very good too. The article ''Crazy Beautiful'' was about having unusual or edgy fashion choices. I really liked how it encouraged everybody to try new things and be yourself. I really wish that wasn't such a cliche thing to say! Gah. It was cool though how it didn't just talk about how to copy the looks, but how to deal with people's reactions and own it. Everyone knows how to put on blue lipstick....but does everyone know how to deal with rude staring-at-you-on-the-L people? To make it better they had pictures of some of my favorite people, like Katy Perry and Tavi Gevinson. I want her blue wig!
    The fashion spread ''One Direction'' (didn't have to do with the boyband) was okay. The looks weren't very up my alley though. The sunglasses on the first page were way too obnoxious and looked like wood carving glasses. The pink Oscar De La Renta top was amazing though, and the Alexander Wang skirt was super unique and fun. My favorite outfit was the Marc Jacobs jacket and headscarf. By now it's pretty obvious I like Marc Jacobs. LOL. The two Burberry jackets were really lame though. The reminded me of some plastic jacket from some place like Claire's or something. And there was no unique design or color there at all.
      The last thing I'll cover will be ''Kids In America'', about teen fashion bloggers from places like Texas and Tennessee, places where you might not suspect fashion bloggers to live. Which is stupid, because anyone can be fashionable and awesome, anywhere! Anyway, I liked reading about the blogger's inspiration for their blog names and unique styles, which were all totally different!


  1. I'll have to check it out. I don't read magazines as much as I used to anymore.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Yeah I have a subscription but lately the clothing has been a bit boring...but this time it was awesome

  3. When are you going to use your blue hair chalk? That would be a cool product review.
    Your Mother