Thursday, January 10, 2013

W Magazine!!!!!

            I read a ton of fashion magazines constantly, like Nylon and Vogue. The one I probably like the very best, though, is W Magazine. A recent issue had the most gorgeous cover with a Dior red bar jacket (i am deeply in love with those, and hope to own one someday).
            W Magazine is a lot different from Vogue. Like Vogue, it features extremely high end clothing with often very expensive prices. But unlike Vogue, it's much more, um, grungier? Not in a bad way, whatsoever. I said it was my favorite, remember? I really love the artistic element to the magazine, and how the shoots don't all look effortlessly perfect. And their extremely artsy.
           The only negative I really have about W is that a lot of the outfit's seem to show a lot of skin. In saying that I don't mean I'm prudish or something, but it just isn't attractive to have just enough clothing to not get arrested. Like those ridiculous cleavage dresses a lot of girl celebrities wear? That's not hot or sexy or whatever, it's downright goofy and dumb. I suppose, though, what redeems it is that a lot of the readers (me!) aren't going to go out immediately  buy this stuff, so it's more for an artistic purpose then a ''buy this!'' purpose. Not all of the clothing in there is like that, and all of the shoots are wonderful. I just don't exactly know about the wear-ability of a lot of the clothes.

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