Friday, December 28, 2012

Chanel Eye Shadow

       For Christmas my mom got me a lot of makeup (which is most of what I asked for) and one of them was this sort of coral shade eye shadow. Chanel eye shadow is a little different from normal eye shadow. It's doesn't come in a powder or a little rock hard circle. It does come in a circle, but it's like a cream almost. So you have to be really careful with it. I like it because It's a way more long lasting and can easily be seen. It's also easier to take off because it's more thick (I don't know, maybe that's just easier for me). The coral shade I got is really nice. It goes well with fair skin, and is a nice but not too obnoxious makeup to wear just out and having fun. Chanel eye shadows come in a ton of other shades too, like Black or gold.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seventeen Magazine....Fashion and Makeup tips?!

                    So, is there anyone literally on this friggin' planet who does not know what Seventeen Magazine is? Like honestly! Most  people know of it because of it's often unrealistic dating advice and advice columns (and, ugh, that horoscope? hasn't worked for me eva!). But it also has some sometimes awesome makeup and fashion tips. I repeat, sometimes. I've been reading it more and more. In the October issue, the make up section had some pretty rad Bobbi Brown inspired tips. The gel eye liner is something that I MUST try.
        The issue that's on stands now's makeup tips are a mix of SUPERBLY AWESOME and INSANELY UNREALISTIC! Exhibit A: Cat eye made with rhinestones? More power to ya if your brave enough to do that, but that seems more Halloween Angel costume-y to me. I did really like the tips in ''Easiest Eyes Ever''. The ''Flirty'' eye look is my favorite. It's super cute. Although the name is a bit silly. ''Big Night Out'' was super cool also! It shows you how to do this eye look that has blue in it but then a cat eye.....something I haven't seen before! If there's one thing I love, it's uniqueness! But please don't believe the little yellow star shaped label on the page that says you can get the look done for free at your mall's MAC counter. I did it and the informed me I had to make a $50 purchase. Even though the page says free. Whoop de doo.
       The fashion tips are a whole other story. The outfits almost all are awesome, especially in (when i say in, i mean the December issue) ''Look Great All Winter Long.'' My favorite look is the one with a TopShop mini skirt, knee high socks, and sweater. The one thing about this was that, it's winter, it's freezing....and we're talking about mini skirts? These looks were amazing, but totally un-doable this season! Freezing your legs off will never be in!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Alexander McQueen

      I recently watched a video of an Alexander Mcqueen fashion show. I had seen a lot of their stuff in Vogue and Teen Vogue and all that (and I loved it!) but I never really looked more into it. What I found was AMAZING. It was totally unique and like nothing before. And it was wearable! Yay! It wasn't clown like or goth like or anything. And finding unique designs nowadays is soooo hard. Everyone seems to copy each other and never really do their own thing.
     It was really interesting though, seeing the influence from Dior that the outfits had. The dresses made me think of a much less elegant and prissy and more edgy version of Dior. Which is awesome! Everyone, whether they admit it or not, has an influence when it comes to design. Art comes from all those things we glean from the world, and then we mix it up with our own creativity and create something completely new with it. It's like a cake. A cake is not just a cake. It's frosting, and milk, and butter, and if you put fruit in it there's the fruit, and the flour...... You need all those ingredients to make it your own.