Friday, May 29, 2015

Princess Mess

I called this post "Princess Mess" because of the utter disarray my room appears to be in in the images. It actually isn't as bad as it has been, but whatever. I love messiness and organized disorder. Its very...I don't know... "I'm such a busy artist I don't have time to clean"-ish. This is one of my favorite posts so far because it represents a new look for me- I removed all three feet of my hair!!! Finally! I love having it gone, and I look adorable. I also made the dress in these pictures; I made the top part at a sewing class, and finished the skirt with the pattern from the same class, by hand sewing. It took forever, but was really satisfying.

A beautiful Thanksgiving decoration that could have been needlessly thrown away. I'm not a hoarder; I'm a collector (oh no I sound like my dad).
A really awesome drawing by my friend Izzy of me.
I loved finding this magazine at a thrift store, but then it made me really sad. Kurt's death has never been anything but a sad and tragic event to me, not something romantic or part of a "27 Club" legend. Thankfully most of the tributes were journalistically sound (at least to me) and it was bittersweet  reading about his memorial in Washington; the pictures of fans dancing in public fountains was truly beautiful. Thats what a true fan of anything does; they  celebrate  the object of their fandom's achievments, not the tragedies or addictions.
And here's Courtney. It kind of annoyed me that so much of the interview was about Kurt, but it also felt like thats what Courtney needed to talk about, at that time. The image inside the article of her her dressed as a ballerina is simply gorgeous, in that special ironic, punk rock style Courtney has.
And, um, MY HAIR IS NOW SHORT! I know I'm gorgeous *fluffs hair* *says something unnecessary and obnoxious*
By the way, I am trying to get an idea for a music zine called SUBVERSE off the ground. I'll be writing on it and doing a few other things, but I need submissions from others for some specific articles. I'm also looking for any kind of music related art that can be printed on paper for the zine, especially something for the potential cover and maybe some comics. Here's the proposal I sent out to some friends:

Hey! I have been really tired of loving music a ton but having all of my ideas clogged up in my head like a nasty kitchen sink pipe. So obviously I want to make a zine! I recently came up with the idea for a music zine called SUBVERSE (verse, music, song verses), which I will be writing in but also want others to write for! I came up with three columns for it: Really Oughta Know ( a musical recommendation of a record at least 5 years or older), Lyrical Love (a kind of fan rant about any musical artist of any genre or time period), and Disc Diss, a negative review of a band or soloist's record (must be constructive, not "ew i hate that hat their wearing"-esque). I also really want to interview bands or publish other's interviews bands, so recommendations for that would be great! Email submissions to .

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Playing Good With Kurt and Tweety

      Kurt Cobain+Tweety bird+David Bowie = REALLY LAME YET IRONICALLY CUTE TITLE!
I've been wanting overall shorts (is that what there called?!) for the longest time. I think Alexa Chung wears them pretty well. These overalls are actually official Looney Tunes merchandise, which is pretty cute. Mine have Tweety bird on them. I paired the outfit with my new Kurt Cobain shirt from 1997. I really like this one. At first the weird wavy details seemed cheap and dorky, but I realized their actually supposed to be the kinds of trees that you would see in the Pacific Northwest (where my wonderful Kurt is from).

            I had been trying to keep this pimple on my forehead out of the picture, but Kurt said that pimples are beauty marks, so there.