Monday, September 29, 2014

Moschino Spring 2015 Review

                                   Jeremy Scott is everyone's new favorite designer; everyone loves him! How could you not? He has tackled McDonald's and Spongebob in such impeccable, artful ways. Anyone who claims to have a grasp on high and low culture has nothing on Scott. Here's my review of his latest (BARBIE THEMED!) collection:
                                   Look 2 was my first favorite; the pink shade was so cute, and Moschino looks so good in Barbie lettering. I can honestly say that Moschino is the only brand I know of that does ''covering clothing in labels'' well. 3 was also very cute, and extremely wearable; it looks like something I wear! I just love the tank top and jeans combo. And 4! It was the same as 2, but as one sweater dress. With 6, I loved the sweatshirt and the sweatpants (can't BELIEVE I am saying this!), but I don't think they looked good together. Quite overwhelming with all the pink. Next we had exercise shorts and a bikini top, again pink and with the labeling. The 80's-ness was just fabulous. 8's top was gorgeously 70's cowgirl, but the pants looked synthetic! A bit too low. Even for, say, an ''hilariously yet chic-ly high/low culture dissecting fashion collection!'' At first I had a visceral reaction to 9's denim underwear, but then I realized everyone wear those now. Why should it faze me? 11 was a little too childish for me. I love fun clothes, but not ones that make me seem stupid. 12's print was too florescent.
                             Look 16 was plain ridiculous. Bikini over a suit?  I guess its good for a laugh, but why make something no one will wear, at least in a serious situation? And not a ''SO AND SO'S SHOCKING RED CARPET LOOK!'' situation? 24-29 were so gloriously ''low'' that they were fabulous; I also loved the glamor of the 80's they had; many people (and, admittedly, occasionally myself) write off the 80's fashion sense as quite the cringe worthy decade. But I believe a lot of it was an effort to have fun with cheaper clothes, which of course would not likely be done by the rich, which OBVIOUSLY isn't worth the world's time. 30 had my always adored polka dots, in all different colors on a black background. And sleek and silky. Again, so 80's! In the best, most chic way.
                            Look 32 appeared to be made of upholstering (Barbie needs a couch after all!). 35 was a favorite. So simple...and yet made of big black sequins! Perfect for a party. 37 and 38 were way too gold; you almost can't see the yellow color, it shines so much. 39's sheer black with chains was...bad. I just don't understand the gold/silver chain trend. 43, worn by a model favorite of mine, Hanne Gaby Odiele, was a boxy, glorious ''career woman'' or British detective jacket. Beige actually looked good, and the black lines bordering the jacket made it pop. 45 was too much of a costume. It looked exactly like a pink fairy costume from preschool. How could a woman wear this? But 46 was the party dress supreme; deep orange, with blue, purple, green, and yellow sparkly stripes all over. And that giant bow on the front! So prom. 50 was another ''prom'' look, this time with a train and in silky red, yellow, and blue. 53 was a bit shocking- it looked nothing like the other looks in this collection, and was so boring! Like a bridesmaid dress from Macy's! 55 was very mermaid/fish-like, with the shiny pink fabric extending in all directions, and the mirrored jumbo sequins all over the pink body.
                              I loved almost ever single bit of this collection. There was some filler and overly over the top outfits, and my biggest concern was how some of these would ever be worn, and if they were, would they make the wearer childish? But I only thought about this with a few looks, and the rest were aesthetically pleasing and colorful.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Meadham Kircchoff Spring 2015 Review

           I've been looking forward to another Meadham Kircchoff collection, and I was excited to see that this one was quite the improvement from previous collections of this label. Less kitsche-y, more serious. And fun, of course!       
          Look 1's leotard wasn't all that special, but I loved the yellow tights with little spikes all over. Perfect for a plain outfit you want to make fun. 2 was even more delightful; a shaggy, baggy, haphazard white dress with red beaded strings hanging all over. Homemade in the best way. Look 4 was plain ugly; I can't stand clothing with overly ''digital'' or ''robotic'' aspects. It's just not pretty. Prettiness should not always be the goal, but the complete opposite isn't a good option either. 8 was pure perfection; a blue confection! Another shaggy look, but this time very girly and grungy at the same time. I loved the petticoat skirt and black edges especially.
                  After this we had a lot of just weird, plastic looks. But 14 was another fantastic look,  hot pink and a lot shorter than 8. 18, with its flowers and pretty pink shade, could have been awesome, if it weren't for that gnarly synthetic material. 19 would be amazing with a slip underneath; yet again, the shagginess and ''imperfection'' made this look  stylish. This one was all black, very long, with a drop down sleeve on the left side. 24's Madonna cone bra was a bit too Gaultier. I really loved 29, for its shredded and sewn up look, and all those pretty flowers. 35 was another favorite; this looked a bit more like a normal dress, but it still had the ''made it myself''' look. It reminded me of a honey comb fallen in burs.
              Some   of these  looks were a bit  gnarly to me, especially 34 and 38. They reinvented things that were perfectly fine the way they were. But what I loved was how this collection made colorfully grungy clothes. It was rough and tumble, but not just gray and brown.Over all, LURVLY.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simone Rocha Spring 2015

                                    I have never done a Simone Rocha review before! Isn't that crazy? I love so much of what this designer has done, and she is always so interesting in interviews. She is one of those designers who has created her own style, just like Chanel and Saint Laurent- you know a piece when you see it. I also like how she combines dark (literally!) and feminine.
                                    Look 1 was a baggy, shaggy black dress with furry ruffles around the edges.  It wasn't fancy, but it was pretty in a ''grunge princess'' kind of way. Very Alexa Chung. 2 was even better; it was the same as one, pretty much, but with low hanging sleeves. It looked a lot like a picture from Vogue in 2002 of a model as Courtney Love. 4 was way too furry. The fur looked misplaced on the top. 10's white fur was too much also, especially at the bottom of the pants. 14 was beautiful, with its almost Hawaiian-t-shirt like flowers, and then how they turned into 3-D ones at the bottom. 17 was even better, with its cute little red flowers all over the jacket. Very Marimekko.
                      Until 31, the see through flowered pieces were quite tedious and bland... ooh it shows yours underwear... wahooie. 31 was nice, white, and simple. The scallops along the edges added a very girly touch. I absolutely loved 32, in its pure white sharpness. More scallops, and the way it was belted in was just fabulous. It meant business. 35 looked misshaped.  Why did the top have nothing going on, and then all of a sudden the skirt is scalloped and puffy? The rest of the looks were more see through filler and fur in odd places.
                       I really loved a bunch of looks from this collection, but was also disappointed in a lot of the sameness and trendiness. Although it did produce some of the best looks for next spring.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2015 Review

                                      Is there anything better than dusty pink roses? Well, of course, there are ostrich feathers... but you know what I mean.
                                 1 and 2 were a bit meh, but 3 was so light, simple, and pretty. I especially loved the white flap on the chest with the little gold flower. The color and shape was casual, but the flap made it formal, like a beauty competition sash (the award going to both the dress and the model). 11's light blue and white checkered coat was very spring- long, but short sleeved. I especially adored the pants. 60's style high waisted and hip hugging, with a cute little blue belt. 14 was a bit of a boring repeat of the ''tiny skirt with long sheer part'' trend. Many of the next looks were boring little lacy pieces, until 21.
                             Look 21 was a pure white dress with black roses falling over it. And the lopsided skirt was so chic (whoopsie). 23 was a sharp, very classic pitch black coat/cape with scattered white roses. It looked so soft! 25's dress had an almost garish amount of lace. It made the dress underneath disappear. 27 and 28 were big copies of the zebra-themed McQueen dress Lena Dunham wore in Vogue. Look 32 was a favorite; baby blue with tiny multicolored flowers scattered at the bottom, with a few at the top. 33 was way too macrame. The flowers looked childish and the mesh...eck. 38 was a definite favorite; pale white with teeny tiny red flowers and green stems all over... the Easter dress of my dreams! With 39, I actually didn't like the ostrich feathers. The dress was white with a square pattern, and the feathers looked unnecessary.
                              Look 43 was a glittering, gold, batch of GLAM. The skirt had  just enough ostrich feathers, and the stomach revealed wasn't outrageous at all. Just the right amount of what is usually wrong. 44 was another explosion of glam, but very different. Silky white and straight, with (okay what is with these little things?) ostrich feathers and subtle silver beading at the top. Novice flapper. 51 and 52's color combos didn't go together. 53's dress-with-a-dress has been done before.
                                This collection produced some of my favorite looks of fashion week, but it also had a bit of lacy filler and boring fabric with punched out lace patterns. But it was a fabulous celebration of all the great things about spring, and the gorgeous portrayal of femininity that la Renta has always been known for.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rodarte Spring 2015 Review

                           I didn't like look 1 that much, but 2 was wonderful. I loved the top with the lopsided ruffles. 3's coat was too utilitarian; it looked like something from a fancy tool shop. The ruffles in 7 looked odd, with their triangle shape. But the skirt! It almost looked like a torn skirt with the tulle exposed...but it looked cool. It didn't look very good in 9, since the tulle was white and I think the black works more for that ''rocker chick'' effect. Until 16 most of the looks were boring filler and odd random belts. But 16's shredded mermaid dress was like no other. Pretty blue scales, ripped up green for the skirt... so much to love. 18 was another favorite, this time with shining abalone (looking) shells scattered all over with the same shredded effect in the skirt. These dresses were like a dream.
                     24 was very plastic. Was this from a Walgreens mermaid costume? 25 was quite strange, and a little gross. Why the odd fuzzy things? Are they aquatic parasites? 26, thankfully, was extremely pretty. It looked like two seals hugging. I loved the contrast of dark silver with super light blue. 27's sleeves were way too different from the dress itself. They just looked wrong. 28 was one of my very, very favorites; it almost looked like a long wrap. What looked like a net entangled with leaves attached to a bundle of fuzzy green (maybe algae?). Yet again, like no other dress!
                      There were more variations on the collage mermaid, but my favorite was 31. All the pieces were completely different, but at the same time went so well together. Jumbo sequins, mustard sheer, and  downward climbing blue seaweed. 33 is a dress I really hope to see on the awards show red carpet soon; it was such a performer's outfit; a toned down Katy Perry. The glitter and uniqueness gave it a diva aspect, while the darker shades of blue and silver made it an outfit, not a costume. 34... *trying not to explode into amazing outfit excitement and fails miserably* OSTRICHE FEATHERS!!!!!! ALL OVER THE DRESS!!!!!! The sandy shade and glitter on the top was elegant and ''fine dining.'' The last look was the BEST. Traditional mermaid colors (aquamarine, shimmery white) with white and blue puff balls. The skirt made fish netting look elegant.
                      The shocking part of this collection was that the theme sounds like a costume fest (mermaids, people!), but in reality everything was so elegant and feminine. And, especially, stylish.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zac Posen Spring 2015 Review

                                 I have been waiting so long to review a Posen collection, and so glad that time has come again. I adored all the dresses he did for the Met Ball and such, and can't wait to to tell you what he's done this time.
                                 I was quite disappointed with the first 13 looks. Everything was so dull, bland, and just boring. Zac's dresses are always so fun and girly, almost like a toned down Betsey Johnson; why so boring? 14's ruby red was just divine though; it brings out the ''you''  in anyone. Bright color, but simple shape. 18 had a tight corset top, pants, and train. I loved the idea of it, but the all encompassing black color was too much. It was overwhelming, and a little depressing. It didn't look like something you could have fun in. 20 was downright strange. The back did not blend in at all; more of a random attachment.
                       The rest of these looks really disapponted me. There was nothing fun about them. Especially 27, which looked like (and I've mentioned this before) a stereotypical ''wacky high fashion outfit'', like in Suite Life on Deck  when London orders here clothes from the imaginary designer Arturo Vitale. Thankfully the last look, 28, was quite something. It followed tradition as being a wedding dress, and was a sweet, relaxed hippie look. The perfect amount of beautiful simplicity.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2015

                                  Wrap dresses, wrap dresses, wrap dresses. They've been done a thousand times before by others, and a million time by Diane; but  her varieties are the best.
                          I loved the dress of look 1. Super form fitting on the body,  flared and wide on the skirt, with a flattering black and white checker print. This is one of the most flattering dresses I have ever seen. 2's top looked odd, but the skirt was beautiful, with its white background and spring blossoms in black. Black and white for spring? I think so! One of the looks I didn't like, 3, looked like a plain table cloth and was fittingly worn by Kendall Jenner. Casualness and fun was found in 4, with a very utilitarian gray fabric for a skirt, with buttons. It looked like a shirt-turned-skirt. The halter in 7 was a bit of a copy of recent Prada looks, with those bras sewn to the dress. I felt like 8 used too much fabric. 10's jacket was a pretty pastel pink coat with white leaves. Yes, it was feminine, but still well restrained. Certainly not Power Puff Girls. 11's print was too ''digital'' for me. 14's skirt was so interesting, the way it was black and white checkered but then little pink squares traveled upward. The pinkness made the skirt different. Look 15 was too Marc Jacob's. 16 looked so fun and young. The business jacket with mini skirt was a spunky contrast.
                       For a long time, their was a lot of what I said I liked before, and quite a lot of filler also, unfortunately. Look 29, though, had the aspect of 14 I liked, but this time it was a short (yes, checkered) dress with frills on the bottom and YELLOW traveling squares. Super cute. 30, again, had too much fabric. It just looked way too long. The rest of the looks were beautiful summer dresses, some with regular flowers and others with a mix of flowers and giant swaths of paint. My favorite of these was 37, which was the last and was cute and floofy. And was worn by NAOMI CAMPBELL PEOPLE! So there's the scoop. And my commentary on one of the best highlights of this fashion month.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Prabal Gurung Spring 2015

                                Finally... Fashion month! I have been waiting for you so long! Happily, the first review of this very special month will be for one of my favorite designer, Prabal Gurung.
                         I loved the whiteness and layering of 1, and the tiny areas of pastel blue were so light (and SPRING!). The skirt was the best part; small and wavy, with a pretty little unicorn tail for an accent on the side. The middle of 3's top was unflattering. 4 was another gorgeous look; another tail on the skirt, and the top was divine with its cut outs at the shoulders and ostriche-y details on the tops of the sleeves. 6's top wasn't all that exciting, and the skirt just didn't work. Too ''fashion intern chic'', a' la Seventeen. And 7's shape was just misshapen. The whole look was baggy. The looks after this until 16 were very typical ''spring'' dresses and the collage thing Gurung has already done a bazillion times. But 16 was a lush amethyst shade that also reminded me of lavender. Color was its best asset. 17's top was blah, but the bottom  was a shimmery skirt version of 16. 18 looked the paint job of a doctor's office; faux soothing? 19 was What Not To Wear standard issue. Bright and colorful, but still subtle (in a very annoying way)!
                      Look 21, sorry to report, also was terrible. The shape in the middle was so out of place ad random. Just plain ugly. Thankfully I found a friend in 23, a slouchy wrap sweater with contrasting prints and colors. I especially loved the mixing of mesh. Un - patterned yet well planned. Look 25 was a bit of a copy of recent  Dior and other collections. It just looked very familiar.I loved 28-30's mix of ruffly skirts and black and white strappy tops. Look 31 was even better: ostriche feather skirt! And in dark blue! It was so unique and fun. 32 was EVEN MORE better. Yes, more ostriche feathers, but this one had little ''eye'' like circles on the skirt that made the whole thing look like one big sea anemone.
                 Look 34's suit was a bit ugly. The shapes just didn't work at all. 36 was something I had definitely seen before, with the sheath-like top. I hate copies.
              I loved this collection's beautiful, shiny, lush colors, and especially the details like unicorn tails and feathers. Things I didn't like were copies, odd geometric shapes, and some filler.