Monday, September 8, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2015

                                  Wrap dresses, wrap dresses, wrap dresses. They've been done a thousand times before by others, and a million time by Diane; but  her varieties are the best.
                          I loved the dress of look 1. Super form fitting on the body,  flared and wide on the skirt, with a flattering black and white checker print. This is one of the most flattering dresses I have ever seen. 2's top looked odd, but the skirt was beautiful, with its white background and spring blossoms in black. Black and white for spring? I think so! One of the looks I didn't like, 3, looked like a plain table cloth and was fittingly worn by Kendall Jenner. Casualness and fun was found in 4, with a very utilitarian gray fabric for a skirt, with buttons. It looked like a shirt-turned-skirt. The halter in 7 was a bit of a copy of recent Prada looks, with those bras sewn to the dress. I felt like 8 used too much fabric. 10's jacket was a pretty pastel pink coat with white leaves. Yes, it was feminine, but still well restrained. Certainly not Power Puff Girls. 11's print was too ''digital'' for me. 14's skirt was so interesting, the way it was black and white checkered but then little pink squares traveled upward. The pinkness made the skirt different. Look 15 was too Marc Jacob's. 16 looked so fun and young. The business jacket with mini skirt was a spunky contrast.
                       For a long time, their was a lot of what I said I liked before, and quite a lot of filler also, unfortunately. Look 29, though, had the aspect of 14 I liked, but this time it was a short (yes, checkered) dress with frills on the bottom and YELLOW traveling squares. Super cute. 30, again, had too much fabric. It just looked way too long. The rest of the looks were beautiful summer dresses, some with regular flowers and others with a mix of flowers and giant swaths of paint. My favorite of these was 37, which was the last and was cute and floofy. And was worn by NAOMI CAMPBELL PEOPLE! So there's the scoop. And my commentary on one of the best highlights of this fashion month.

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