Monday, September 29, 2014

Moschino Spring 2015 Review

                                   Jeremy Scott is everyone's new favorite designer; everyone loves him! How could you not? He has tackled McDonald's and Spongebob in such impeccable, artful ways. Anyone who claims to have a grasp on high and low culture has nothing on Scott. Here's my review of his latest (BARBIE THEMED!) collection:
                                   Look 2 was my first favorite; the pink shade was so cute, and Moschino looks so good in Barbie lettering. I can honestly say that Moschino is the only brand I know of that does ''covering clothing in labels'' well. 3 was also very cute, and extremely wearable; it looks like something I wear! I just love the tank top and jeans combo. And 4! It was the same as 2, but as one sweater dress. With 6, I loved the sweatshirt and the sweatpants (can't BELIEVE I am saying this!), but I don't think they looked good together. Quite overwhelming with all the pink. Next we had exercise shorts and a bikini top, again pink and with the labeling. The 80's-ness was just fabulous. 8's top was gorgeously 70's cowgirl, but the pants looked synthetic! A bit too low. Even for, say, an ''hilariously yet chic-ly high/low culture dissecting fashion collection!'' At first I had a visceral reaction to 9's denim underwear, but then I realized everyone wear those now. Why should it faze me? 11 was a little too childish for me. I love fun clothes, but not ones that make me seem stupid. 12's print was too florescent.
                             Look 16 was plain ridiculous. Bikini over a suit?  I guess its good for a laugh, but why make something no one will wear, at least in a serious situation? And not a ''SO AND SO'S SHOCKING RED CARPET LOOK!'' situation? 24-29 were so gloriously ''low'' that they were fabulous; I also loved the glamor of the 80's they had; many people (and, admittedly, occasionally myself) write off the 80's fashion sense as quite the cringe worthy decade. But I believe a lot of it was an effort to have fun with cheaper clothes, which of course would not likely be done by the rich, which OBVIOUSLY isn't worth the world's time. 30 had my always adored polka dots, in all different colors on a black background. And sleek and silky. Again, so 80's! In the best, most chic way.
                            Look 32 appeared to be made of upholstering (Barbie needs a couch after all!). 35 was a favorite. So simple...and yet made of big black sequins! Perfect for a party. 37 and 38 were way too gold; you almost can't see the yellow color, it shines so much. 39's sheer black with chains was...bad. I just don't understand the gold/silver chain trend. 43, worn by a model favorite of mine, Hanne Gaby Odiele, was a boxy, glorious ''career woman'' or British detective jacket. Beige actually looked good, and the black lines bordering the jacket made it pop. 45 was too much of a costume. It looked exactly like a pink fairy costume from preschool. How could a woman wear this? But 46 was the party dress supreme; deep orange, with blue, purple, green, and yellow sparkly stripes all over. And that giant bow on the front! So prom. 50 was another ''prom'' look, this time with a train and in silky red, yellow, and blue. 53 was a bit shocking- it looked nothing like the other looks in this collection, and was so boring! Like a bridesmaid dress from Macy's! 55 was very mermaid/fish-like, with the shiny pink fabric extending in all directions, and the mirrored jumbo sequins all over the pink body.
                              I loved almost ever single bit of this collection. There was some filler and overly over the top outfits, and my biggest concern was how some of these would ever be worn, and if they were, would they make the wearer childish? But I only thought about this with a few looks, and the rest were aesthetically pleasing and colorful.

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