Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rochas Spring 2015 Review

                       Smooth, creamy, light, and soft; that's what I think about when I see a Rochas look. This collection had plenty of this, and some delightful florals.
                  Look 1 was extremely simple. It didn't have much structure, but the belt brought it all in and oh, the lightness! 2 was shapeless...but the embroidery was so amazing! It had daisies and leaves, but somehow the plant shapes looked a bit celestial; I saw some moon and sun shapes. How more spring can daisies be? 6 was perfection; everything more, nothing less. Same embroidery as 2, but the sheer fabric was over a silky white dress, with a popped out top above the chest. 7 could have been an excellent coat, but why the silver strap tightened above the chest? It made no sense! 23 was a cute black sleeveless tunic-like dress, and the sheer fabric looked very elegant at the bottom. Many of the looks near this one were just odd pieces with strange straps and annoying super sheer parts
                 I really loved 33's top; it had this gorgeous burnt gold shade (almost brown) with a cute little ''R'' on the left shoulder. Unlike some gold looks, this one wasn't SUPER SHINY, so it didn't upstage itself. 34 was extremely strange; what shape exactly was the top? It looked like a big knot! 35 was the burnt gold shade I love so much, but this time it was a nice long coat, with a slightly cinched in waist that made it beautifully curvy, but at the same time subtle.
                 I loved the light and airy pieces from this collection, and my new favorite color (burnt gold!) was very unexpected and delightful. But the strange shapes and odd looking top parts of dresses just looked out of place. This collection is worth looking at for its standout pieces.
              (on a completely unrelated note, I plan to have some outfit posts up soon; I just found an adorable purple skirt suit and a Mondrian (unfortunately not by Yves!) dress, that I can't wait to show you!)

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