Sunday, October 5, 2014

Christian Dior Spring 2015 Review

                              Raf Simons has made many of my most favorite outfits in the world, but lately some of Dior's recent collection have been a bit plain. This one fortunately had some very elegant, obviously ''spring'' looks, but also some filler and odd looking shaped dresses.         

       This collection started out with a lot of plain looks; black dresses, white dresses. 6 was ugly. Normal top, and then some wacky blimp shaped skirt? No thanks. I really loved 7, though, with its pure white color, wide skirt, and little black and white roses. Very couture. After this there wasn't much but filler (black jackets, plain white jumpsuits, strange shapes), but 17 was short enough to not cover too  much, and the wide sleeves, print, and white color made it look so comfortable. Almost like you could sit down and tuck your legs inside. The jackets of 18 and 19 were too boxy, and just with the shape would look over sized for the wearer. 23 was a pale, pretty shade of blue with a classic beyond classic signature Dior curve in the jacket. I want Elle Fanning to wear this!
                        The first thing I got excited about with 25 was the embroidered pockets; They look like the same plant and shape, but one side is just hot pink and the other is yellow, blue, and pink. I also loved the shape, the way it hangs off the body but still keeps the curve of the bodice. It also made the whole pinafore/overalls trend bare-able. After this was more filler and plain colors, and 32 had an ugly color combo with metallic blue and black. It reminded me of a cheap t-shirt. Thankfully, 34 was a vibrant, floating sleeveless robe/long vest in  shimmering hot pink with white flower embroideries. Spring in the most celebratory way. I also liked 35; it was a cute little pink jacket with a perfect ''Dior curve'' and purple embroidery on the bottom half of the coat. 39 was way too ''sporty'' ; sports gear is fine as an inspiration, but when it gets literal, it also gets really bad.
                         Look 42 was way, way too long. It looked like a baby wearing her dad's shirt. I can't really explain 46's color, but it was a kind of white metallic, almost silver. Very long, with long wide sleeves. I loved it, but I don't think it fits in spring. It was more Snow Princess. I didn't get 49 and 50 at all. They look just like coats, and are very long, but have no sleeves whatsoever. Why?
                      I loved this collection's pretty spring looks, and interesting shades. The filler and weird shapes did bog down the fun a bit, though.

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