Monday, October 13, 2014

Stella McCartney Spring 2015 Review

                             Like Simone Rocha, I have always admired Stella McCartney's designs SO MUCH, but have never gotten around to reviewing any on this blog. Well today, I shall start!
                          I really loved look 5. The way it wrapped around the neck at the top with the belt buckles wasn't too ''tough'' looking, and the dark blue simplified the look. 6 was a little too plain and baggy, and unlike 5, the belt buckles really stuck out, since the dress was pure white. I didn't get the holes in 7 and 9. They just weren't exciting, and the outfits still looked plain. After this there were a few sloppy looks, but 15 was amazing. The denim was so blue that it didn't look too cheap (as very expensive clothes trying to look ''down to earth'' often do), and the four little fuzzy lines and zig zags were cute additions.
                       Look 21 was gorgeous. Short, dark black, and silky. I have never seen a black outfit this feminine, this girly and fun. 23 had a kind of ''inside a seashell'' look to it, shimmery pink with a little blue on flowing, light fabric. 25, disappointingly, was quite ugly. The hot pink/blue plaid dress looked like a garbage bag, and the jacket was torn up like an over-filled one. Many of these looks were very ''pajama-like'', and distressed in the most unflattering ways.  They honestly just looked tattered. 33 was a very airy slip dress, with cut outs that weren't too big. I really loved the combo of black with the holes; they made the dress look even more light.
                  Look 35's sweater would have been really pretty, with the little blue branch shapes on white, but the illusionistic parrots looked out of place. 39, I'm sure, was my most favorite of this whole collection; all the different prints were put together like a rainbow. 40 had kind of the same idea, but was shorter and the prints were in more darker and cloudy shapes. It was such a wonderful collage.
                   What I loved about this collection was how perfectly ''spring'' many of the looks were, while still being very different from each other. I didn't like the sloppiness of other looks, and the ''grungy'' or ''distressed'' looks just looked torn up.

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