Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dec/Jan Issue of Teen Vogue!!!!!!

             A few days ago my mom bought me the this issue! It didn't come in the mail for some unknown reason. Darn. Anyway, I loved it! They always seem to have a feature about skinny jeans (in the past metallic have been in) and this time it was red skinny jeans. You might've seen Taylor Swift in those. Then the photo set about the suits for women was okay. I liked the shoes by Miu Miu, but the stuff didn't look very interesting. Just stuff I've seen before. The photoset Candy Girl was by far my fav, though. The dresses were the definition of gorgeous, with dresses from Valentino, Chanel, Vera Wang (I used to not like Vera Wang, but the gorgeous dress in this photoset changed my mind completely. That's the power of one dress!), Diane Von Furstenberg, Dior, and Christopher Kane. The Gucci dress was the only one I didn't like. I think Gucci is one of those brands that isn't really art. People just like it because it's so expensive. I mean, Dior and Chanel and Valentino are super pricey, but their appreciation is not JUST from their price. There's actual art and design that goes into them.
           Now, I refuse to ignore the elephant in the room. ONE DIRECTION WAS IN THERE!!!!!! The one I got had Harry on the cover ( they should have done a cover with all five in my humble opinion), looking sharp and posh as always. I'm a huge fan of 1D, but I also love how fashionable they are! They like fashion! They're not afraid to! YAY. The article was fun, as it strayed away from the normal interviews with them, that are all about dating and the same questions over and over. I think the people running the shoot could have gave them some more unique outfits, though. Harry's always in a blazer! A nice Armani suit would be just as cute. I fell in love with Niall's cover. That sweater was so cute! I'm an avid knitter, so I love to see a well made sweater.
         Get this issue. Even if your not into 1D, you'll love the clothes inside.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent

                So, Yves Saint Laurent is like my latest obsession. I like the old stuff (as I usually do with any designer. but Lagerfeld has done some cool new stuff with Chanel. ugh i mentioned Chanel again) most. I design a lot of clothes in my notebook. I even have a folder somewhere. Gotta find that. Anyway, but his stuff really reminds me of a lot of my own designs. He would go all out colors and floral insanity, and then do a super low key suit. And unlike designers like Chanel or Dior, you can't just say what his designs are, or what his style is. Like with Dior, it's the Hour Glass. But with him, he goes all over. Some of the stuff is a bit to loud for me (and that's saying something) but most of it is Calm Quirkiness (I love my made up phrase!).
           I kind of like that. He kept people guessing. When someone would try to pinpoint his style, he'd make something completely new. I think it's fine when a designer doesn't keep to one style, but what I don't like is when certain a designer, well, leaves this world, and another takes their place, and makes stuff that is totally not that designer and doesn't try to keep that designer's inspiration at heart. You can't help but put some of your own style into it, but when you completely abandon it like that? (CHANEL SNEAKERS? REALLY?).

Knitting and Fashion

           Okay, so I have been a huge knitter. For about 3 years. I have a lot of experience (never succeeded with intarsia though), and I love it. But lots of people don't get it's part in fashion! It's been around for so long! So long, in fact, no one seems to be able to track it's inventor. Women (and sometimes men) have knitted for their children and loved ones so much. I wish we could weigh all of the knitted items in the world, just to see how much is actually knitted.
          I just don't get why people see it as just another craft. People see it as this super feminine oppressive thing. (AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOMETHING THAT'S SUPER FEMININE???). These people are Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs, if you ask me. By saying something is stupid because it's girly, and that girls that don't do sports or something boyish are somehow oppressed, your saying that things that girls do are stupid, but guy stuff is the only cool stuff! Gee, that's feminist! Being told I shouldn't do something, Wow, how empowered I feel!
           Anyway. Knitwear is very important. We can make beautiful knitted items, like Intarsia sweaters and all sorts of stuff. If you go into a cute little independent knit shop, you'll be amazed at what you find. Sure, they have tons of doilies and doily patterns (which are amazing. but some people hate them, so i'm giving you that as a disclaimer), but they also sell all sorts of types of yarn, like Alpaca, Baby Alpaca(which is extra soft and thick because the babies are healthier), ox, Possum, old water bottle, sea shells, banana, metal, and all sorts of yarn. And almost all knitting stores have handmade knitwear on display. This stuff is pure art, cables used in ways you'd never imagine. People even create new stitches sometimes!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hollywood Mirror

      So since I was really little I've been going to this store. It's like a store of everything (except food). Most of the clothing is vintage. They have both men's and women's clothing. On the left side they have a huge section of toys and Halloween costumes, which for some reason you can buy all year round. Huh. Anyway, all of the toys are just tiny cheap mini lions and bells and hippie bracelets and all that. In the back they have a shoe section and a dress section. The back wall has a ton of old prom/wedding dresses, which are super fun to look at. The shoes are cool. I found a pair of vintage Charlotte Russe heels, which actually fit (i didn't buy them though). There's lots of neon signs and circus stuff, like a life size fake lion, a giant dolphin, and then there's glass cases filled with old Barbie's and super old, like I mean ancient, baby dolls. 
         I really can't list all of the stuff in this place! The store is pretty big and they have just as much clothes as they have quirky toys and just plain weird stuff. Which makes it awesome! If your looking for a vintage prom dress or super unique Halloween costume, or want to get someone a strange yet uniquely awesome Birthday present, this is the perfect place to go.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Katy Perry's Style

So I am a huge fan of Katy's music. I love color and cupcakes and cats and fireworks, so Perry's style would naturally be loved by me. One of my favorite things Katy does is her changing hair. It's so pretty and strangely every color (or combination) works on her. Like you know how some brunettes could never look good in blonde, or vice versa? I guess it's just a special power of hers.
       I also love the outfits from Shock and Awww that she wears. Shock and Awww was created by Shawn and Claire Buitendrop, who actually got VIP tickets to one of Katy's concerts and gave her some outfits they made for her. And now she wears them! I love how she started their career like that. So many people give artists gifts, but how many artists don't just ignore them? The designs are also super awesome and my favorite so far is the Shock and Awww dress with butterflies across it and going over the shoulder. The designs are totally unique and creative. I mean, almost every designer has an influence and an inspiration. I can definitely see some inspiration from Alexander McQueen in their stuff. Using another designer to inspire your work is not a bad thing, it just means that you can combine multiple  design ideas and create your own thing.
       Anyway, Katy Perry's outfits aren't exactly what you'd wear to school, but they really show off her fun and pop singer personality. I love flash and music and loudness and color and neon and cupcakes!!!! Katy Perry makes girliness hip and cool, which it always has been. I also love how she takes her cat with her by way of someone in a purple cat costume (in case you were wondering the cats name is Kitty Purry). But this is a fashion blog! I shouldn't be talking about purple cats(which are totally awesome)!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Van Cleef and Arpels

     Van Cleef and Arpels is a jewelry company. Not just any jewelry company, at least I think so. What I love about their jewelry is that real art and expression goes into it, and it isn't just known for being ''expensive'' (although it is. very.) I don't really like Tiffany's. Like if someone gave me a Tiffany's necklace (unless it was Harry Styles) I, quite honestly, would sell it. I just think Tiffany's is known for it's price, and that's why people like it. Not for being particularly beautiful or artistic. Get a platinum chain, add some diamonds, that's it. That's my humble opinion.
      Van Cleef and Arpels is completely different. They do what I like to call ''Calm Quirkiness''. It's artsy and cool and, well, quirky, but it isn't something a clown would wear. They use flowers, actual humans, plants..... SO MUCH!!! My very favorite is this brooch that is a ballerina, but then her tutu (I like calling it a skirt) explodes into all these leave shaped colors. It's absolutely beautiful. It's art!
       Chanel jewelry (oh man I honestly found a way to stick Chanel in here) does a good job of this also.

 That is a link to my favorite Chanel necklace. I love how it captures that 20s-30s idea of, just, well...wonder about space. We had this absolute fascination with Space, because back then we really didn't know much about it. If you start really looking at jewelry and fashion from this era you'll see it.
     And yet again, it's Calm Quirkiness. It's art, it's expression of wonder and it captures the ideas and imaginations of the 20s 30s era.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why do Models Need to be so skinny....?!

Okay. I am constantly looking at new styles, fashion shows *on youtube haha* and all of the models look unhealthy and abnormally skinny. To the point where they aren't even all that attractive. I mean, people are all sorts of different shapes! They get pimples! They get worts, weight, saggy skin, and wrinkles. They aren't perfect. No one is.
      Many models with Chanel obviously have serious eating disorders. Like to the point that anyone on the street could diagnose it. I love Chanel and the style and all that. But one of the main things that Coco Chanel got rid of was the corsets. She made clothing for a normal woman's body, that would fit her without altering her body in any way. I mean, she was a Nazi moron idiot, and I will gladly say I, quite honestly, hate her as a person, but the style of her clothes are great and as far as I know, Karl Lagerfeld isn't a Nazi. But he did call Adele fat. Oh well. BUT THE CLOTHES ARE NICE. THAT'S ALL I LIKE ABOUT CHANEL!
   I just don't get why models have to be so skinny. Skinny does not equal healthy, and being anorexic can be just as or more dangerous than being overweight. The human body needs food. Not tons and tons to the point you puke, but enough to enjoy yourself and be healthy. And I think we can all agree with that.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nylon Magazine!!!!!

Nylon magazine is so cool! It is most definitely not your typical fashion mag, because along with super famous designers like Marc Jacobs and Gucci (which are awesome!) the feature new designers, most who are just out of college. The also feature new artists, singers, actors, movies, and all sorts of randomness. The lay out is so neat and clean. It has a really artsy and quirky feel to it, but it doesn't seem hipsterish (hipsters...YUCK). There's a ton of pink in there, too, which is a huge perk for me.
       The fashion spreads are cool and quirky also, but they aren't crazy. They also have a lot of Marc Jacobs stuff. Marc Jacobs is awesome, because his designs are cool and crazy, but not so crazy that people will think your a clown. Sorry that was off topic. Anyway, Nylon just mixes things up so well that you really get exposed to all sorts of designs, from Ostwald Helgason to Chanel.

Night And Day Vintage Shop in Chicago!!!

So today I went to this uber awesome vintage shop called Night And Day Vintage on Belmont. They are the first vintage I have been to (and i have been to a lot. believe me) that has tons of stuff from the 20's that isn't outrageously priced. They even have a whole rack of vintage swim wear! I fell in love with this one Jansen wool swim suit from the 20s, and it had this tiny swimmer in the bottom left corner. I just am in love with the 20's! haha. They have a lot more cool stuff. I didn't see any Chanel, but they have tons of stuff in the Chanel style, i.e. Little Black Dresses and  all that. They also have a great selection of hats, many of which are those tiny hats that fit right on the top of your head and have mesh on them. THOSE ARE SO COOL!
            The music is really vintage-y in there, too, which really sets the mood. And Night and Day doesn't have that whole ''don't touch anything!'' vibe, which I hate. I mean, if your a clothing store, people need to touch stuff! The prices are not super cheap but they are fair. I just love the whole flapper style, and this place is brimming with that stuff.
      So go there! It's really cool!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Dior is Cool (that was a dumb title but it is very interesting. i promise)

Dior is one of the most awesome clothing brands in the world. At least I think so. The couture is so amazing and the designs are out of this world cool. Even though I love Chanel, sometimes I like designers that are the same quality as Chanel, but a lot more detailed and colorful. The classic Chanel style is skinny and slim, like The Little Black Dress, or her women's suits (one specific pink suit is my favorite). But the classic Dior figure is the Hourglass, which is way different from Chanel. Both are awesome. Dior also, like I said, is more colorful. Reds, greens, pinks... and florals. Chanel did do a lot with the Camellia flower (Coco Chanel's favorite flower), but most of the time the flower was black or white, to fit the outfit it was used with. Dior lets you be a little more quirky, but it's still couture.