Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hollywood Mirror

      So since I was really little I've been going to this store. It's like a store of everything (except food). Most of the clothing is vintage. They have both men's and women's clothing. On the left side they have a huge section of toys and Halloween costumes, which for some reason you can buy all year round. Huh. Anyway, all of the toys are just tiny cheap mini lions and bells and hippie bracelets and all that. In the back they have a shoe section and a dress section. The back wall has a ton of old prom/wedding dresses, which are super fun to look at. The shoes are cool. I found a pair of vintage Charlotte Russe heels, which actually fit (i didn't buy them though). There's lots of neon signs and circus stuff, like a life size fake lion, a giant dolphin, and then there's glass cases filled with old Barbie's and super old, like I mean ancient, baby dolls. 
         I really can't list all of the stuff in this place! The store is pretty big and they have just as much clothes as they have quirky toys and just plain weird stuff. Which makes it awesome! If your looking for a vintage prom dress or super unique Halloween costume, or want to get someone a strange yet uniquely awesome Birthday present, this is the perfect place to go.

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