Friday, November 2, 2012

Night And Day Vintage Shop in Chicago!!!

So today I went to this uber awesome vintage shop called Night And Day Vintage on Belmont. They are the first vintage I have been to (and i have been to a lot. believe me) that has tons of stuff from the 20's that isn't outrageously priced. They even have a whole rack of vintage swim wear! I fell in love with this one Jansen wool swim suit from the 20s, and it had this tiny swimmer in the bottom left corner. I just am in love with the 20's! haha. They have a lot more cool stuff. I didn't see any Chanel, but they have tons of stuff in the Chanel style, i.e. Little Black Dresses and  all that. They also have a great selection of hats, many of which are those tiny hats that fit right on the top of your head and have mesh on them. THOSE ARE SO COOL!
            The music is really vintage-y in there, too, which really sets the mood. And Night and Day doesn't have that whole ''don't touch anything!'' vibe, which I hate. I mean, if your a clothing store, people need to touch stuff! The prices are not super cheap but they are fair. I just love the whole flapper style, and this place is brimming with that stuff.
      So go there! It's really cool!


  1. What, you live in Chicago? (I decided to read ALL your blog posts)That's cool because I live in Chicago. Kewl.

  2. Oh yeah! I have to admit though, I get so jealous of NYC! Bucktown is my favorite neighborhood. The eighties clothes are EVERYWHERE! Have you ever been to Ragstock?