Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dec/Jan Issue of Teen Vogue!!!!!!

             A few days ago my mom bought me the this issue! It didn't come in the mail for some unknown reason. Darn. Anyway, I loved it! They always seem to have a feature about skinny jeans (in the past metallic have been in) and this time it was red skinny jeans. You might've seen Taylor Swift in those. Then the photo set about the suits for women was okay. I liked the shoes by Miu Miu, but the stuff didn't look very interesting. Just stuff I've seen before. The photoset Candy Girl was by far my fav, though. The dresses were the definition of gorgeous, with dresses from Valentino, Chanel, Vera Wang (I used to not like Vera Wang, but the gorgeous dress in this photoset changed my mind completely. That's the power of one dress!), Diane Von Furstenberg, Dior, and Christopher Kane. The Gucci dress was the only one I didn't like. I think Gucci is one of those brands that isn't really art. People just like it because it's so expensive. I mean, Dior and Chanel and Valentino are super pricey, but their appreciation is not JUST from their price. There's actual art and design that goes into them.
           Now, I refuse to ignore the elephant in the room. ONE DIRECTION WAS IN THERE!!!!!! The one I got had Harry on the cover ( they should have done a cover with all five in my humble opinion), looking sharp and posh as always. I'm a huge fan of 1D, but I also love how fashionable they are! They like fashion! They're not afraid to! YAY. The article was fun, as it strayed away from the normal interviews with them, that are all about dating and the same questions over and over. I think the people running the shoot could have gave them some more unique outfits, though. Harry's always in a blazer! A nice Armani suit would be just as cute. I fell in love with Niall's cover. That sweater was so cute! I'm an avid knitter, so I love to see a well made sweater.
         Get this issue. Even if your not into 1D, you'll love the clothes inside.

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