Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Katy Perry's Style

So I am a huge fan of Katy's music. I love color and cupcakes and cats and fireworks, so Perry's style would naturally be loved by me. One of my favorite things Katy does is her changing hair. It's so pretty and strangely every color (or combination) works on her. Like you know how some brunettes could never look good in blonde, or vice versa? I guess it's just a special power of hers.
       I also love the outfits from Shock and Awww that she wears. Shock and Awww was created by Shawn and Claire Buitendrop, who actually got VIP tickets to one of Katy's concerts and gave her some outfits they made for her. And now she wears them! I love how she started their career like that. So many people give artists gifts, but how many artists don't just ignore them? The designs are also super awesome and my favorite so far is the Shock and Awww dress with butterflies across it and going over the shoulder. The designs are totally unique and creative. I mean, almost every designer has an influence and an inspiration. I can definitely see some inspiration from Alexander McQueen in their stuff. Using another designer to inspire your work is not a bad thing, it just means that you can combine multiple  design ideas and create your own thing.
       Anyway, Katy Perry's outfits aren't exactly what you'd wear to school, but they really show off her fun and pop singer personality. I love flash and music and loudness and color and neon and cupcakes!!!! Katy Perry makes girliness hip and cool, which it always has been. I also love how she takes her cat with her by way of someone in a purple cat costume (in case you were wondering the cats name is Kitty Purry). But this is a fashion blog! I shouldn't be talking about purple cats(which are totally awesome)!

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