Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why do Models Need to be so skinny....?!

Okay. I am constantly looking at new styles, fashion shows *on youtube haha* and all of the models look unhealthy and abnormally skinny. To the point where they aren't even all that attractive. I mean, people are all sorts of different shapes! They get pimples! They get worts, weight, saggy skin, and wrinkles. They aren't perfect. No one is.
      Many models with Chanel obviously have serious eating disorders. Like to the point that anyone on the street could diagnose it. I love Chanel and the style and all that. But one of the main things that Coco Chanel got rid of was the corsets. She made clothing for a normal woman's body, that would fit her without altering her body in any way. I mean, she was a Nazi moron idiot, and I will gladly say I, quite honestly, hate her as a person, but the style of her clothes are great and as far as I know, Karl Lagerfeld isn't a Nazi. But he did call Adele fat. Oh well. BUT THE CLOTHES ARE NICE. THAT'S ALL I LIKE ABOUT CHANEL!
   I just don't get why models have to be so skinny. Skinny does not equal healthy, and being anorexic can be just as or more dangerous than being overweight. The human body needs food. Not tons and tons to the point you puke, but enough to enjoy yourself and be healthy. And I think we can all agree with that.

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