Friday, December 7, 2012

Alexander McQueen

      I recently watched a video of an Alexander Mcqueen fashion show. I had seen a lot of their stuff in Vogue and Teen Vogue and all that (and I loved it!) but I never really looked more into it. What I found was AMAZING. It was totally unique and like nothing before. And it was wearable! Yay! It wasn't clown like or goth like or anything. And finding unique designs nowadays is soooo hard. Everyone seems to copy each other and never really do their own thing.
     It was really interesting though, seeing the influence from Dior that the outfits had. The dresses made me think of a much less elegant and prissy and more edgy version of Dior. Which is awesome! Everyone, whether they admit it or not, has an influence when it comes to design. Art comes from all those things we glean from the world, and then we mix it up with our own creativity and create something completely new with it. It's like a cake. A cake is not just a cake. It's frosting, and milk, and butter, and if you put fruit in it there's the fruit, and the flour...... You need all those ingredients to make it your own.

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