Monday, September 15, 2014

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2015 Review

                                      Is there anything better than dusty pink roses? Well, of course, there are ostrich feathers... but you know what I mean.
                                 1 and 2 were a bit meh, but 3 was so light, simple, and pretty. I especially loved the white flap on the chest with the little gold flower. The color and shape was casual, but the flap made it formal, like a beauty competition sash (the award going to both the dress and the model). 11's light blue and white checkered coat was very spring- long, but short sleeved. I especially adored the pants. 60's style high waisted and hip hugging, with a cute little blue belt. 14 was a bit of a boring repeat of the ''tiny skirt with long sheer part'' trend. Many of the next looks were boring little lacy pieces, until 21.
                             Look 21 was a pure white dress with black roses falling over it. And the lopsided skirt was so chic (whoopsie). 23 was a sharp, very classic pitch black coat/cape with scattered white roses. It looked so soft! 25's dress had an almost garish amount of lace. It made the dress underneath disappear. 27 and 28 were big copies of the zebra-themed McQueen dress Lena Dunham wore in Vogue. Look 32 was a favorite; baby blue with tiny multicolored flowers scattered at the bottom, with a few at the top. 33 was way too macrame. The flowers looked childish and the mesh...eck. 38 was a definite favorite; pale white with teeny tiny red flowers and green stems all over... the Easter dress of my dreams! With 39, I actually didn't like the ostrich feathers. The dress was white with a square pattern, and the feathers looked unnecessary.
                              Look 43 was a glittering, gold, batch of GLAM. The skirt had  just enough ostrich feathers, and the stomach revealed wasn't outrageous at all. Just the right amount of what is usually wrong. 44 was another explosion of glam, but very different. Silky white and straight, with (okay what is with these little things?) ostrich feathers and subtle silver beading at the top. Novice flapper. 51 and 52's color combos didn't go together. 53's dress-with-a-dress has been done before.
                                This collection produced some of my favorite looks of fashion week, but it also had a bit of lacy filler and boring fabric with punched out lace patterns. But it was a fabulous celebration of all the great things about spring, and the gorgeous portrayal of femininity that la Renta has always been known for.

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