Saturday, January 19, 2013

Da Eighties (i live in in chicago, have to use a ''da'' sometimes)

     My latest obsession is everything that has to do with the 80's. The clothes, the hair,the earrings, and best of all the music. No matter what you say, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is one of pop's best songs, ever. And her clothes in there are amazing. Especially in the beginning of the video. Lots of people look down on the 80's, but c'mon! Big hair brings you closer to the Lord! Anyway. And that dress Carrie wears in The Carrie Diaries? When she's catching the cab? OMG! Who doesn't scream in glee at the sight of polka dots? No?
         And the 80's gave us the Baby Sitters Club! Sure, I still haven't gotten through any of those books, (workin' on it) their really interesting. They make me want to babysit. Yeah, they have boyfriends, but it's refreshing to read a girly novel about girls being independent, making there own money, and not having lives that revolve around guys.
          Why would I put all this stuff about music and a book series in a fashion blog? Because the whole thing about the 80's was a style. Big colors, big clothes (shoulder pads!) and booming loud AMAZING pop music. BTW, I desperately need some purple-orange triangle earrings.

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