Friday, January 25, 2013

Dior and Chanel Spring/Summer Collections

         I was so excited to see TWO new shows of my two favorite designers. The Chanel show was the best by far. All of the looks were gorgeous, but my favorites were the ones with feathers. The light green and light pink high low dresses were absolutely gorgeous, and it impressed me how well the meshed with the classic Chanel style, while still not being either white or black. That takes a lot of design talent, and Karl Lagerfeld smashed it. The bridal gowns were just the most beautiful bridal dresses i've seen (please still be making them when I get married, Chanel!). The incorporated feathers also. The first segment of the show were the tweed dresses, with drop shoulders. I loved the flap that came down. I just love how he made the classic Chanel look modern! Some of his designs have been, in my opinion, pretty bad, such as a dress I saw in W Magazine that looked like someone took craft mesh and embroidered flowers through it, then wrapped it around the model. But these looks were amazing, and really changed my mind about where he's taking Chanel. I still am not too happy about his remark about Adele, but I don't think he's too bad anymore. My opinion of this show? PURE GENIUS. Oh, and Grimes was there. In a quirky yet elegant and wonderful outfit.Anything that includes Grimes is inherently awesome.
      The Dior show, though, was incredibly dissapointing. The designs were not very creative, they didn't go with the classic Dior style, not Bar jackets or dresses. It was nothing like the famous Fall collection that Raf Simons did. One dress looked like it was wrapped around the model (you can tell by now I don't like wrapping models in things) and cut out a piece of fabric. I adore Dior, but this show really disappointed me.

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