Saturday, February 2, 2013

Glamour Magazine

            When looking for a good fashion magazine, it's hard to find something just for you. Some people love Vogue, and others can't stand it. I think everyone in fashion has a favorite magazine. For me it's definitely W Magazine. But I have been reading a lot of Glamour magazine, and I'm pretty impressed.
    Glamour really is, well, glamorous.It's very feminine and girly, but at the same time isn't too shallow. The famous Do's and Don'ts are the best part. The Do's almost always make sense, and they can always figure out a way to make even jungle print pants look okay. The Don'ts are real pictures, done in a very humorous way. And what I like about the Do's and Don'ts is that they aren't like posts on Perez Hilton, but they're just bad outfits! Like, they aren't a Don't because the celebrity's ''fat'' or ''ugly'', it's just that that dress looks bad on everyone, no matter who you are. Like Jennifer Lopez's ridiculous Versace dress from long ago? Dear god!
      The makeup is super creative, and is usually taken from recent fashion shows, like Dior or Chanel. The most recent one is a combo of neon eye shadow and rhinestones. And their so pretty to look at! The celebrity covers are really nice too. There not super edited so they don't look themselves, but they're still glamorous! (duh).
        Be glamorous!

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