Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Premiere of Glimmer Girl

                                     Hurrah! I changed my name! Isn't that fab? It's a play on ''The Glimmer Twins'', the nickname of Keith Richard's and Mick Jagger's 50+ plus years of music partnership.  Anyways, this post, unfortunately, isn't going to include much fashion. But I shall begin to comically update you on the daily failures and miniscule triumphs of my life *cue loud obnoxious stereotypical female comedian voice*
   1.) I Did A Presentation.
                So. I wanted to get into an art program for teens. Long story short, I was presenting on The Velvet Underground, and another gal was presenting on Lou Reed. What ensued was me searching desperately for images in my presentation that the previous girl hadn't used (SHE EVEN USED THE ONE WITH LOU, MICK JAGGER, AND DAVID BOWIE! WHY JESUS! WHY!) as I was presenting, dropping my notes, and stuttering out some jargon about rock and feminism.
2.) I Bought My Boss A ''My Last Day'' Present, When It Wasn't My Last Day.
            My boss is the nicest. Seriously. So, I went over to a fancy schmancy organic store for cookies. Then as I presented her with this FABULOUSLY THOUGHTFUL ORGANIC AND EVERYTHING FREE treat, she informed me that I had a full other week to work. Oh god. Luckily we all laughed it off, and one of the other librarians jokingly threatened to eat them.

                               That's about it for witty anecdotes. I recently picked up these snazzy rock mags. Because as we all know, as a homeschooled girl who usually (literally!) sounds like a 3rd grader, I know how to rock. Oh my no. Anyways, this magazine has some incredible pictures (Fran Lebowitz and Andy Warhol as party guests) and features some of the funnest music writing ever, especially from Lisa Robinson, one of .few and COOLEST girl music journalists around (she also helped found Rock Scene). And you also learn about Mick Jagger's exquisite abilities in makeup.


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