Friday, December 26, 2014

Grunge Baby

                               Hello fashion...people...whatever... During break I've been descending even further into my Nirvana/Hole obsession. It also works because I think, no matter what music period I'm into, I've had a mire grunge style; the torn jeans, fuzzy sweater, messy hair.

                                     I made this vest also by myself! Yay! I was inspired by my new love and the punk book I just got. because its hand made. Basically. :P

                                 I have so much love for this book; the vintage pictures of the movement are absolutely gorgeous, despite being almost exclusively in black and white; my favorite modern, inspired looks are the ones by Rodarte and Margiela.
                                  I got this vintage coat today at the Village Discount. I managed to look beyond the horrifying Mount Everest of self help books and find it. The jacket is faded pink leopard print.

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