Monday, January 5, 2015

Listen to The Music

                             This Christmas break was heavenly- I was really horrified at the beginning, just because I thought I would become a useless blob with no homework to do (lucky for this nerd, I had extra credit art history homework!), but I actually left the house almost every day. On NYE I went down to the Wicker Park Reckless Records with my gift card, and used my checks from my museum internship for these gor-juice shoes! (I unfortunately was forced by my mom not to purchased taxidermed toads playing a xylophone; I know, I know; my life is horrible)

                                   I almost got the much cheaper version of this Stooges record, but I found out that this one had two vinyl records, one mixed by David Bowie (one of Iggy's best friends) and the other by Iggy, along with a little booklet about the record's history and effect on the Stooge's career. I loved learning in it that Raw Power was what Kurt Cobain called his ''favorite album, ever.''

                                 Oh! MY BELOVED STONES!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting their last album of the 60's for so long, and there is literally not one song on here that I don't whole heartedly  love.

                                  I know I'm female and if I wear a Nirvana shirt I'm just a stupid poser who's favorite song is the only one I've ever heard, which is Smells Like Teen Spirit (WHICH WAS INSPIRED BY SOMETHING KATHLEEN HANNA, THE LEADER SINGER OF ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS RIOT GRRL BANDS, SPRAYED ON KURT'S WALL), but Bleach is my favorite album.

                                   Hole satisfies every auditory  and aesthetic need of mine; Courtney, in my opinion, is right along with the other 90's ladies of style, like Kate Moss. And, um, every song in this album is incredible. ''Plump'' and ''Doll Parts'' are my faves.
                               Do you remember my UFO sweater from a long time ago? This is it, but the other side which I decided to show my affection for Hole on.


  1. I love Hole. Live Through This is one of the best albums I've heard.

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