Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lazy Shooting Stars and Art Deco Hands; a Schiaparelli Spring 2015 Review

                   Yay! A new set of couture collections!
           The first look of this collection wasn't a big deal, and the hat wasn't very unique. It was a Shriner's hat; not a couture hat,  not a Schiap hat.  You could get it anywhere. And the suit was boring and cream color; the decorations looked like water stains. 3 was a favorite, especially since it included signature Schiaparelli bows, but this time embroidered into a Willem de Kooning-esque cats cradle. The background fabric of shimmering white/cream framed it perfectly. 5's pants were way, WAY too wide and baggy, but the top...FANTASTIC! A semi-sheer dark purple sleeveless blouse made out of star shaped fabric. The best part were the ties at the top that trailed behind the model, like lazy shooting stars. 7 repeated the boxy/baggy pant issue, and the blazer was too short. More of an accessory. 9 was a decent shade of blue, and I usually love butterfly patterns, but the fit of the dress was lackluster. Its a couture collection, for gosh sakes!
                  12's skirt had been done before, and the blazer was far too fitted, to the point of looking uncomfortable. Look 13 was a chic Woodstock/70's beach look. A blush pink halter with a matching floor length dress. The waist and hips were tight to the body, but the skirt popped out. 14's coat and shorts were beautiful, in their dark black sparkling mystery. The back of the coat also had a cute criss cross pattern. 15 (finally!) was a jumpsuit I liked. Aquamarine blue, with surreal white and red blobs sprinkled about. And for once, it was fitted to the body, and not constrictive  at the same time. Unfortunately, 16 reminded me of a cheap 80's prom dress from a vintage store's blowout sale.  17 again used 15's surrealist spirit, this time with a tight mermaid-style pea green dress with a matching head wrap, with a swirling ribbons and art deco hands print. The rest of the prints on dresses were plain, and the last look just didn't work; a burnt gold blazer with a train? Too much!
                I liked this collection a lot more than previous Schiaparelli + Marco Zanini collections, but was disappointed with some  of the plain filler and ill-fitting pieces.

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