Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Me, Poetry, and A Seriously Wacky Hat

                            I feel terrible for how ''often'' I update this blog, which isn't that much. I've just been studying a ton lately, and I'm homeschooled, so most of my school assignments are online, which makes any extra use of the computer feel like my eyes are melting out of my head. And lets face it; Shake It Up reruns are totally worth 2 hours of your life.
                        I spent today with my mom, Christmas shopping and seeing David Bowie Is (my second time, her first). I also got my first Betsey Johnson piece, this hat:

                                Collage is my new favorite craft; this one is of roadies and musicians from a torn up Creem magazine. Oh, and Snuffalopagus and Twiggy.

                                  Me as a stick figure having one of my ever frequent bouts of nausea"

                                  I just made this one tonight. Its a collage of all my favorite models, such as Twiggy, Lauren Hutton, and Veruschka. I put a poem in the middle of it:
                                     I am
                                    the girl you know
                                    blazing me through the pages
                                    of fancy free
                                    woosh and swing
                                    clean and fresh
                                    or POP
                                    and happening.
                                    You see me,
                                    never, ever to understand me.

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