Friday, November 21, 2014


Clothesclothesclothesssssssssss! Bee-oo-tiful clothes! I haven't done a clothing post in such a long time, so I have three outfits to catch up with, and some new designs I sketched up (now i want to be a designer! yay career confusion!). Here's an old dress of my mom's that had lived on various closet shelves for over 20 years because no one realized how easy it was to repair! And, yes, I did the repair!

                               This is an Emmanuel Ungaro 80's dress, with some fabulous shoulder pads. I think the pads are subtle enough to not look too SUPER CAREER WOMAN POWER SUUUUUUUUUIT!!!

                                   This is a gor-juice flapper dress I purchased at an estate sale. I love how colorful it is, and it has an odd 60's look, since many of the hippies resurrected vintage 20's- 30's looks from thrift shops.

                                   My gorgeous, fantabulous, cutey patooties wittle tiny kitty cat princess best friend; she is perfection materialized (even though she scratched my hand yesterday!

                                   Sketchbook of moi. My favorite models and Diana Vreeland:

                                 The December issue of Vogue is even better than the last; I loved the articles about costume designers, like Sandy Powell and William Ivey Long; I very seriously recommend reading Long's story in the 2014 Met Gala Vogue Special Issue. He moved to the Chelsea Hotel just to meet Charles James!

                                   How the beading on the Divine dress:

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  1. Outfits are pretty!!

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