Friday, July 18, 2014

Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture Review

                          Dior is well known for the shape of their dresses and jackets; its almost their signature to make shapely clothes. But look 1 of this collection was way too much. I mean, the top is THAT skinny, and then ba-bam, jumbo skirt? Not a good look on anybody. Look 2 was much better, with a top that transitioned well into a big skirt. I also liked the contrasting sleeves and minimal floral embroidery. And the skirt was just plain Dior. I hated 3; who in their right mind would wear this? The shape was too distracting for anyone to notice the wearer. Again, stereotypical ''CRAZY FASHION OUTFIT.'' After this we had a few super plain looks and more ugly shapes. Look 9, luckily, was a stylish, feminine belted white jumpsuit, with simply gorgeous pink flower embroidery; pure, light, and airy. Ten was too ''boho'' for me. It looked done before and hippie -ish. Eleven was a simple, long white coat with a kind of pop out skirt. Simple looks with fun shapes or details are the best; the wearer can be interesting along with  the outfit.
                      Seventeen had the same pop out skirt element, except  the -outs were slightly separated. The dress was pink and poufy, very Miu Miu. Look nineteen was another look I loved, though very different. Super long and pitch black, it had the simpleness of Dior looks that I love, along with a flattering  drape. And oh, how I love round sleeves! 20 was too simple; really, no buttons even? Twenty one through eight were also quite bland, and twenty three through five were particularly shocking; those took no thought at all! I could get a fur coat anywhere that looked like those! Looks 29-33 were boring. Just teeny little white dresses, some embroidery, and mismatch sleeves. Look 36 was a super cute, long pink coat with little plants and birds(?) all along the border.
                     I loved look 38 even more; it was a fantastic long black jacket with spring flowers all on the border. The black color made the flowers pop. After this the jackets were pretty meh, but 44 was a cute little (or long, rather) white fringed number, with one blue dot on the right side. Extremely glamourous, while at the same time fun. 47 was too wall paper-y for my liking. The collar in 49 was way, way too big. The collar is important, but it should never take over the outfit; and on we trudged further through too-big collars, the very worst offenders being 55-57. It just looks plain obnoxious, over sized, and frankly, ugly, PEOPLE! But oh my goodness... 58!!!!! Unique, pretty, stylish, the full package. I loved the two parts of the dress, and how the outer layer of the skirt splits off with little thistle or wheat type plants in blue and red on it. The way it elegantly floated through the air wasn't all that bad either.
                  I really didn't like 61. It appeared very sloppy and ''geometric.'' The shapes fashion should be focused on are bodies, not actual ''shapes.'' The remind me too much of geometry *shudders violently*. Although I am sure some designer could combine the concepts of geometry with fashion;  this was not one of those occasions, unfortunately. But the collection finished off with a pretty, very  pale orange pastel  dress, with four lines coming out of the middle as if to hold up the skirt. I love subtle detailing the draws attention but doesn't overwhelm.
                  This collection was worth looking through, and it did have quite a few standout pieces. But some of the looks were just so ugly, and that was a bit distracting.


  1. I agree with you on (super nearly) everything- some of the collection was lovely, but some of it... *the geometric #61*


  2. Confession: 29-33 were my favourites. *hides under desk*. The shapes were simple, but looked sleek and modern. The slightly sheer panels were hot, 32 was a gorgeous colour, and the orange shoes were life. I agree with you on 58, it was stunning and different without being pretentious. I found the rest of the collection disappointing.