Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 Couture Review

                      Until look 6, the clothes were extremely bland and predictable; grays, tweeds, blah blah blah. But 6 was a gorgeous aquamarine sheath dress, with big blue baubles all over. Very wintery, though not very warm-y. 8 was hideously robotic. It reminded me of when on TV or a movie they'll parody fashion shows, and have the most ridiculous outfits possible. 9 was a pretty sky blue dress, very long and fluffy. Like a cloud... made of sky? 12 was a shimmering, languid dress. Relaxed glamor. Most of the looks after this, until 23, were almost obnoxiously typical; as if Chanel is trying to say ''Hahaha! We can make the same clothes over and over again, and label happy rich people will still buy them!'', or just rip offs of Dolce and Gabbana looks, with all the gold. But I loved 23. It took a little from Chanel's ready to wear Western themed collection, with the fraying and fringe. But it also had an extremely obvious fall/halloween inspiration. Finally- a fun, not predictable, take on classic Chanel! 24 did not work at all; if the coat was just the bottom part, then I would love it... but the bushy Cookie Monster fur? It looks ill fitting! 25 had the color and drape of a garbage bag.
               27 had the layering and fluffiness of 9, but was silver/gray and much shorter. And it had ostriche feather cut off sleeves, which made it so couture, so museum worthy. 28 was worrisome; did she get stuck in a computer chip cyclone? Finally, at 41 (I know I know) we got a decent look. It was a deep red Christmas color jacket and skirt set. This collection's shades and colors were well fitting for its season. 43 was a gorgeous fall leaf color dress, extremely glittery and shimmering. I also liked the almost ''galactic'' looking sleeves. And the skirt's texture was so artistic. 44 unfortunately was quite ugly. The shape was too exaggerated, and it looked more like a structure than a dress. 58 was a chic, thick, simple wool jacket and skirt (and shorts underneath) in orange/red. It was  simple, but in an artistic-Calvin Klein-way.
                  Look 59's tweed was in a terrible office carpeting shade. Not special and not pretty. 60 was plain strange; it looked like the main inspiration was a pumpkin! The shoulders, the print, and the shade were too much all at once. I loved 61 (despite it being worn by Kendall Jenner who is only on the runway due to nepotism and chance of birth)  for its ostriche feather sleeves (they just scream fabulous) and its print's combination of winter and fall. Look 66 looked like Cousin It. 67 was pure snow princess (why didn't Chanel do the wardrobe for Frozen?) and just plain couture. Shining silver prettiness. So feminine and so elegant.
                  This collection was not a favorite of mine. There was far too much filler, shapes far too exaggerated, Dolce and Gabbana inspo, and just general plainness. The highlights were the orange fall looks and silver looks.

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